The Odds Can’t Be In Everyone’s Favor: Celebrities Who Are Just Plain Unlucky In Love

April 4, 2013 ‐ By Meghan Williams

Unlike those celebrities who are allergic to being single and boo up with the first man they can find, these women seem to genuinely just want love with their true soul mates. They want the prince charming. The fairy tale. The happy ending. But sadly, they just haven’t gotten it. These are the women whose relationship success we’re rooting for, because God knows they’re trying hard enough for it.


"Garcelle Beauvais PF"

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Garcelle Beauvais

There’s no worse feeling than betrayal, and after discovering that her husband of nine years had been having an affair with “some sl*t in Chicago,” as she called her, for five of those said years, Garcelle had to be feeling pretty crappy. And considering that this was her second marriage (her first ended no better), I’m sure that didn’t make things any easier either.

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  • Otis Django

    POOR Garcelle Beauvais. Figured she got a white boy and hit the jackpot.

  • Molli

    porsha stewart got what she deserved, good on Cordell. I remember one episode when she just had to pour salt on the wound and said something about Kenya not knowing how to hold down a husband, yada yada yada…KARMA

  • Molli

    errr….Jennifer Williams was anything BUT classy! she was wannabe pretentious, euw.

  • Don

    A few of these women were devoted wives and girlfriends and simply got screwed over and I feel for them. Some of these women (like so many other people to include men) just made some bad choices and are hurting themselves for thinking they have to have a man with a certain status. I mean, they do not have to completely settle for less. However, there are plenty of good, non-celebrity men out there.

  • Tosh112

    Call me crazy, but Jennifer Aniston is far more beautiful than Angelina Jolie… I just think Jennifer has a “Halle Berry” problem where her relationship personality can’t be overcome by her beauty. That’s the only rational reason why she can’t keep a man.

  • hollyw

    Errm, I could’ve seen Sandra Bullock on this list if it hadn’t been that her failed “dating” of Ryan Reynolds didn’t have anything to do with the fact that he was still married to Scarlett Johansson…her bff. That’s like putting Angelina on here and saying she was unlucky before, hope it works out with Brad! Not.

  • Jacquiline Perkins

    let’s not forget Taylor Swift ……..

  • tracy

    Ladies unless you have a man who beats you for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And who does not come home at night, or emotionally abuses, continually cheating on you, etc. DO NOT LEAVE HIM. Advice from a wise grandmother of mine. No man is actually that good and the women who think so LIE

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    • mac

      i’m not sure I’m reading this correctly.

      So you should stay with a man based on what he doesn’t do, rather than what he does do?

    • Annie

      My ex-husband was as good as I said. He was unfailingly loyal, handsome, loved me, and cooked for me. But…. he was also emotionally unstable, perpetually unemployed, and a bit looney. Eight years in, I left his crazy butt alone while I was still young enough to pick up the pieces and find someone else. Some stuff ain’t worth the hassle just for the sake of having a man.

  • Keisha Samoht

    how y’all forget Ciara and Bow Wow?

  • tracy

    I dont think Eva should have divorced her husband so quickly, she should have forgave him, it was only text messages, thats stupid to divorce for that. She did not catch him actually having sex. And Jen was stupid too because she should have had babies for fine hotty Brad. The difference between the lucky and unlucky women is that those of us who are “lucky” just tolerate more from men and we do not give up and throw in the towel. We realize that real relationships are not easy and that they take work. These women LEFT the men in half of the instances.

    • You a d*mn fool if you think a woman ought to have a baby or two JUST to keep a man. Look at the current black generation . . . . that CLEARLY isn’t working. You a bigger fool if you think your husband guilty of at LEAST emotionally cheating should get a pass because you didn’t catch him slipping it in. Having a man who is a worthless piece of ish just to say you have one is a sad, sad testament to the patriarchal male dominated culture. To be alone living with integrity and self-respect is ALWAYS a better choice than tolerating bull ish!

    • respect yourself

      Honey if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything. Remember that. Eva should have left because text messages lead to something. If you condone that then hey what’s a Skype session or a lunch or more. I’m not a Jen Aniston fan (I honest hate her) but I understand her perspective. She was at the height of her career and wasn’t ready to give that up just yet for a family. Also, let’s not think that just because these are celebrities that we know everything about their relationships, there very well may be other factors.

    • more

      A TEXT IS NO BIG DEAL TO YOU? He willingly gave this women his number and now they are texting? i suppose STD are cool with u. TEXT LEADS TO SEX

  • Peaches

    Call me crazy but with the majority of these woman and heck most women who have less than stellar dating pasts, its not so much that they are unlucky. Rather that they have made some really bad decisions.

    • ImDone

      I can’t bring myself to Facebook/”Like” this site for one reason…….underneath the nice logo and pic lies an undeniable SCORN of the ‘real’ Black Woman. On this site….the things we all face; weight gain/loss, aging, relationship challenges, and of course – The Struggle – are the things more MN Editors (than not) take a gossipy taunting undertone when chronicling the “REAL” struggles that celebrities too, face. (gasp!) How can I represent to my conscious-minded FB friends to suggest a site that thrives on pain, drama, and struggle of our sistahs? I’m tired of posting my 2-cents in the comments too. At best; when I keep it TOO real; all’s the editors do is block my comments. I live too close to MLK Jr.’s gravesite to keep running up electricity reading ‘$#/stuff’/!t’ like this. As long as Sistahs down even one Sister (you know…..the ones who prove imperfect despite their riches and fame) ——- we will continue to be down lower as a whole than we could be if we supported editors who UPLIFT us. L8R!

    • more

      In today society men are raised to treat women like jump offs. Belive it or not there are more good women then there are men. Want proof? go to any pediatrics clince in ur city and tell me how many women single women u see caring for her child alone?