Will The 21-Year-Old Drama END?? Janet Hubert Talks What Really Caused Her To Leave “Fresh Prince” And Squashing Beef With Will Smith

March 30, 2013  |  

After thrusting herself back into the spotlight with a scathing open letter to Wendy Williams, Janet Hubert has a few more things she wants to get off her chest. In an interview with theGrio, she finally set the record straight for those who keep asking about why she had to leave The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, says that she would love to reunite with all the cast (even the replacement Vivian, Daphne Reid), why she wants to stop all the animosity between herself and Will Smith, and why she hopes the way he has treated her and others in the past won’t affect the legacy of his children. Eh, you read that right.

Hubert says the contract NBC expected her to take, which required her to do no work outside of the Fresh Prince and therefore would decrease her income was an outrageous one. And when they wanted her to go public and say that the contract was something she allegedly came up with, she said “Hell no.” Things went downhill from there:

“It was a negotiation that should have come back like most do. We were a very successful show and I felt like I was an integral part of that, and felt valuable, but you cannot feel valuable in Hollywood.”

How things between Hubert and Smith (and even Alfonso Ribeiro) got so ugly after her departure from the show:

“I think what happened, because the audience was so on my side at that time, that Will probably felt like he needed to go out, and he needed to tell a lot of lies. Alphonso went out to a college and told a lot of lies, but the problem is I have proof that a lot of that didn’t happen.”

Feud reports between Hubert and Smith beefed up once again when TMZ published a photo of the cast of the Fresh Prince meeting up and Hubert was not present. On what she wants to say to Will Smith:

“I would say to him, we need to heal this. You’ve done some things, you’ve said some things, that were totally untrue and you know that they were untrue. I’ve said some things that I probably should have never said. But you’ve never heard them come from my mouth. Especially the TMZ thing last Christmas; my Mom passed away. So there I was again in the media getting beaten up…and you get tired. I’m tired. Aren’t you tired Will?”

And she says that she feels for Smith’s children, because she sees how people attack them in the media. She goes on to explain why she hopes his past behavior won’t have a negative impact on the way people view his children:

“My heart breaks from some of the comments that people make about his children. And for the damage that you may have done to someone else, your children may suffer… for your legacy.”

Hmmm, for Hubert’s sake, I hope these two can mend things because 21 years is too long to hold so much anger in your heart. Plus, it’s just a tired conversation in general. How long ago was that sitcom!?

See her conversation with theGrio in full on the next page: 

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  • j

    It’s funny to me how many people still believe that rich people like smith are big time jerks, I’m not saying that what she is saying is real, but I could believe her when she says that will and the other dude yerked her around when she was In the show. It’s not the first time it happened

  • APharoahInMyOwnMind

    She really needs to get over it. She seems like a really bitter woman.

  • kierah

    No she can’t make it right. She’s talking about stuff Will did 20 years ago when he was his 20s. We are talking about her remarks in 2013! She’s sitting there saying that Will’s kids are cursed because of things that only SHE alleges that he did.
    Chile, drank some sweet tea and set the hell down somewhere!

  • Guest

    Forgiveness doesn’t always lead to reconciliation and sometimes it shouldn’t and it also doesn’t mean pretending that something never happened. With that said, I agree she should move but it doesn’t mean she doesn’t get to speak her truth!! We have adapted an attitude of just get over it in our society or face verbal attacks and criticism. Well if things were so easy to move past and get over, we wouldn’t have broken hearts, acts of revenge, jealousy, resentment and mass shootings!! So please let’s stop being dismissive of someone’s feelings and maybe suggest instead that they seek some type of professional help to help them move past it and let it go for good!!!! You just don’t get to tell people how they should feel about something that affects their life and the life of their loved ones!!!

    • RMfag

      Society is a shithole, its time youve learned that.
      Its only okay to be screwed over when youre not very liked or well known…..

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  • Jacquiline Perkins

    to tell the truth after she i stop watching the show and will smith was so silliy…..it became boring

  • Nikki

    She’s hurt, that’s all…

  • It was a well known fact she was difficult to work with. And she held on to a 20 year feud. Let it go already. She isn’t relevant other wise.

    • RMfag


      • fresh prince where are they now etc… Specials with the cast, look backs on what it was like filming this. Will Smith’s E hollywood story, and she admitted it herself.


  • Rosemary Davis

    Two wrongs don’t make a right, things were said that they both probably said out of anger and now regret this should have never went on for 20 yrs if thats the reason why she said she left Fresh Prince then why not say that years ago people leave shows every year because of contract disputes.Now the way to settle this is for them too meet face too face and hash this out sometimes the person wronged has to be humble and be the bigger person in order too set matters straight and once this is done all of this crap can be put behind and people like Wendy Williams want have it to talk about anymore so Auntie Viv be that big person you are the oldest talk to Will I bet he would meet you half way

  • JusMyView

    Regardless of what the situation is, it is time to move on. I love Ms. Hubert. Her portrayal of Aunt Vivian was flawless. She demonstrated a poise, an intelligence and a beauty that is still rarely seen on film and television. If what she is saying is true then her best way to get a little payback would be to work at being successful in spite of the show or Will Smith. Success is the best revenge. This should be beneath her right now. I am sure she can find work. Just leave that drama in the past and look towards rebuilding your brand. Talking about this only tarnishes it.

    • Donna

      Amen !

  • klynn

    People forget that this is a free country, and we all have the rite to say how we feel about any issue. I don’t like Will Smith, never have; however I do know God will have the last word no matter what the situation is. If it makes her feel better to vent then she has that rite. Ihope it helps her heal from the wounds so many others have felt living in the world of “hollywood”, Some individuals simply have a price and less self respect. Look to the heavens for peace Ms. Janet, there is where you will find it. This battle is not yours, it’s the Lords.

  • Meyaka

    It will stop when media outlets stop promoting her . She needs to let it go,as she said “you reap what you sow”.

    • RMfag

      When will Will and NBC reap what theyve sowed? Possibly never.

  • sosaidred

    People try SO hard to stay relevant. Let it go. Just. Let it go.

  • MLS2698

    But that one episode when they were at the dinner table and Will’s character said, ” who are you?” to the new aunt Viv……..too much ( NBC had to be holding a grudge to let that happen, too). They made a joke of her in front of the whole world. But I still would move up, move on to better things. Forget it, Miss Janet. Because you don’t know if all involved are truly happy, anyway.

  • LN

    As someone who was publicly embarrassed/wrong by someone in my professional field, I can empathize with Janet — but only to a point. She needs to stop sitting around and waiting for this apology because it is NOT going to come! She is investing all this time and emotional energy in people who have MOVED ON. This seems to be something that is never far from her mind. But I’m guessing Will Smith, Alphonso Ribeira, Tatyana Ali and the rest of the cast, barely think about this at all! She needs to do herself a favor and let this go so that she can move forward.

    She was even on CurlyNikki’s blog a few years back, using it as an outlet to challenge Wendy Williams. Taking to a natural hair site to air your grievances is just so desperate to me. She is tarnishing her own legacy at this point.

  • she looks bipolar if you ask me..

  • Just saying!!

    Why is she desperate. He just wants her name cleared. People seem to have something negative to say whenever they have a reunion and such so who can blame her for being tired of the bull.

    • AJ

      Exactly! I don’t think she appears desperate at all. I think Will is an ego maniac that wanted everyone to bow down to him and when she refused, she got the boot! When people see Janet they immediately associate her with the show so questions get asked and she answers. If you have ever been bullied on the job by a superior – you would understand her frame of mind.

      • xxdiscoxxheaven

        She admitted that at the time she was pregnant and difficult. Her kids are grown. Maybe she should grow up a little too.

      • Ben

        Here are a few facts for your perusal, as your post did not trouble itself overly with them:

        *She was a supporting character who went out of her way to be condescending and rude to the show’s star, and was stunned that said star didn’t like her a hell of a lot in the offing.
        *She filed a lawsuit after the show moved on without her and 100% lost it.
        *She wrote a lame self-published book which noted that in addition to her job loss and ruined career, her ugly divorce and personal problems with renters in her house were everyone’s fault but hers.
        *She keeps talking about a feud that only matters to her.
        *She has a son who isn’t going to be the next Jaden Smith, put it that way.
        Bottom line is, she’s a loser.

  • AJ389

    Why doesn’t she stop all this mess? Will has gone on to do his thing in so many other areas, he has a wonderful wife and beautiful, talented children. When will was doing Fresh Prince, Tre was a baby, he’s a grown man now. Life goes on, stop it Janet, you’re just making yourself look old, bitter and jealous while Will is not thinking about you.

    • RMfag

      How do you know? Because he’s rich?

      • AJ389

        Wtf are you talking about? I didn’t say a thing about money. You sound like a hater all over the message board. Look, don’t come at me with no ignorant isht. Push on……

        • RMfag

          You seem pressed, more pressed than NBC tbh.

          • 3880

            U need 2 get 2 the bottom of ur self hate issue. What’s the REAL problem? Got ur azz kicked cuz u couldn’t fight back, so u try rectifying that by directing b*llsh*t @ ppl more intelligent than u? Why don’t u go get Keyshia Cole, J.Hubert and ev’ otha b*tch wallowing in misery & self pity, huddle up in a closet & pray. Y’all some attention starved fruit loopy mofos. Lol!

  • ThaVoiceoftheVoiceless

    I understand that they did you wrong, but that was over 21 years ago. It’s time to move on. No offense, but it really makes her look desperate and bitter that she is still talking about it.

    • Unseen Forces

      Smith was blessed from the Gods of Hollywood…in this case Q Jones, Benny Medina and NBC for his loyalty.He was not going to side with an unknown like Hubert when the Gods were rolling out the red carpet. Much of what he has is to the detriment of others deemed “unworthy” of such esteem. Hubert is fighting the system….Hollywood is clannish, clandestine, and wicked, she is on the outside of the system and not on Smith’s level….untouchable….but I give her her props for trying. “for we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and wickedness in high places” …..maybe she sees something about the Smith children most people don’t …..she was once an insider. You don’t know why she is fighting so much….have u seen her in anything significant lately…it looks to me like she was blackballed. She didn’t play the game Smith was willing to play.

    • Judith Johnson

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      • RMfag