It’s Hard On These Sesame Streets: Mr. Gordon Leaves Partner Of 40 Years & Marries Next Chick

March 30, 2013  |  

Remember Willie Dynamite, the pimp from the blaxploitation film? No? What about Gordon from Sesame Street? Of course you do. Well, turns out that Gordon, whose real name is Roscoe Orman, might be less like Mr. Gordon and more like that pimp Willie. Orman spent 40 years with Sharon Orman though the two never married. (No word as to how she got that last name without being married to him.) In 2010, after 40 years and four children, Sharon found pictures of a younger woman on Roscoe’s phone.  That woman was Kimberley Lamarque the woman who would become Roscoe’s wife after just two years.

Ain’t that something.

Since then, Sharon has said that Roscoe has had no contact with either she or their children. As you might imagine, Sharon is not happy about his disappearance. Here’s what she told The New York Post:

“I want people to know he’s been living a double life,” Sharon told us. “I gave up my career to raise the kids and never cheated on him. I am the one who made him a ‘Sesame Street’ dad. This is what I get after 40 years? You can leave me now?”  

And she does have a good reason to be upset. Sharon says that she as evicted from the New Jersey townhouse they once shared. Now, she’s arguing that she’s entitled to spousal support and has filed a complaint to that affect in the New Jersey Superior Court. She says she was named his wife on mortgages, deeds and tax filings. Sharon has no savings and no financial clout to start over.

Isn’t this a tragic story? As sorry as we feel for Sharon, it’s a shame she didn’t think to one ask for some type of ring or commitment or to stack that Sesame Street money while they were living together for four decades.

What do you make of this story, does Sharon deserve spousal support?

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  • mahogany74

    Palimony, as defined by Wikipedia. This entry also discusses the Lee Martin case.
    Unlike alimony, which is typically provided for by law, palimony is not guaranteed to unmarried partners. There must be a clear agreement, written or oral, by both partners stipulating the extent of financial sharing and/or support in order for palimony to be granted. Palimony cases are determined in civil court as a contract matter, rather than in family court, as in cases of divorce.[2] In the State of New Jersey, palimony cases are tried in Family Court.


    This is just sad, and goes to show that men can be cold, calculating and manipulative. Out of respect, he should at least give her some financial support. She gave up her livelihood to raise his children. This man has not contacted his children…he is just lousy.

    On the flip side, we see this story all the time…women staying with men, having their children and no commitment from the man. There is no way I would have stayed with a man beyond 2 to 3 years without marriage. That is just plain silly!

  • Here’s the stitch though, she stayed with this man for 40 years had his babies supported him emotionally physically spiritually and because he caught a case of late mid-life crisis and a whiff of some young tale she’s assed out and has nothing to show for wasting over half her life. Not a ring not alimony hell not even property.

  • This story does not make sense! I don’t get it. 40 years????

    I am hoping she’s a bit delusional and perhaps they weren’t in a relationship that long, and she is just bitter, and decided to concoct this story upon hearing he was getting married.

    I say that, because I can’t see anyone committing themselves for 40 years with no marriage.

    Lastly, Kimberley Lamarque isn’t THAT young. Google her. She’s also a pastor, motivational speaker, and life coach….

    Somethign ain’t jiving about this story….

  • Bren

    No pity from me. I feel sad…about the fact that she gave him 40 years with no papers only to have him marry another chick after 2 years of dating. One knows her worth and the other one doesn’t. Ladies, when it comes to your health, safety and well-being, YOU HAV EVERY RIGHT TO BE SELFISH! All that sacrifice she made and she has NOTHING, not even a simple marriage certificate to show for it. She didn’t have to have a wedding. Just get the gosh darn paper so that if a spouse pulls a stunt like that, he’d have to pay! DUH!! Sorry Sharon, but YOU’VE BEEN HAD!

    • Cinnamon71

      Amen, Bren! All she has to show for her 40 years of shacking up is 4 grown children as proof of a relationship. As I said before, he’s not obligated to provide for her and the children because they don’t live in a common-law state and she didn’t marry him. What if he died without a will? She would be in the same predicament. As soon as she had the first child, she should have pressed for marriage for the sake of security for her and the child or moved on with her life. Instead, she just got comfortable because she thought he wasn’t going anywhere since they were together for so long. Please, if people are getting divorced after 40+ years, what makes you think a man who has no papers will stay?

      • She should of required marriage before children were even thought of. If he didn’t step up to the plate she could have given 40 years of her life to someone who gave a damn.

        • Cinnamon71

          Oh, I agree with you, Cheekee! I don’t believe in having children out of wedlock. She shouldn’t have been playing house to begin with. All I’m saying is maybe since the firstborn may have been unplanned, she should have gotten her head out of the clouds and started thinking more about the future and strived to get married or move on. That mistake was on her by not raising her standards and settling on being happy with just being a live-in baby’s mama for 40 years instead of being a wife.

          • Precisely! I’m all for woman deciding on whether marriage is for them or not. Just do not go into a long term relationship with a man treating it like it has the legality and safety net of a binding marriage. It doesn’t. If you want those benefits of being married then you need to get your azz to the courthouse. No sense crying now because he used the best years of her life and can dump her like yesterday’s news with out giving her a shiny red penny.

            We have to stop treating relationships, marriage, and having babies like they are some casual loosey goosey non-serious commitments. They aren’t there are real and true financial as well as psychological ramifications not to mention health consequences if your partner is passing his peen around willie nellie.

            I don’t care if you’ve been with a man 4 months or 40 years never give him all your power. He will respect you more and cherish you more if he knows that your love comes at a price and that price is respect!

  • Dear Porcha Stewart this is what could have happen to you!! Aint you glad that blockhead is out of your life!!

  • 2Ja2

    In most states after 10 years it is a common law marriage, but still not wise for her not to legally protect her time investment before 40 years expired. It does show that men really do know who they want to marry and who they want around but leave their options open!

    • 2Ja2

      By the by, googled the wife (was going to say new but she is only) and she seems very well spoken and accomplished–has her own website.

    • KamJos

      NJ is a state that does not recognize common law marriage, so she’s outta luck there. :/

  • Cinnamon71

    Unfortunately in this day and age, for men it’s a “buyer’s market”. They can remain a bachelor as long as they want, play the field, and “upgrade” after years of marriage or cohabitation. With that being said, we as women need to be able to provide for ourselves before, during, and after a relationship/marriage/divorce. Women can no longer rely on the men’s lifetime promises of providing. We need to have the ability of putting away a “rainy day fund” and keep ourselves apprised of household finances and dealings. Surely she had to have known the pitfalls of “playing house” instead of marriage for all of those years. I agree that a man knows the kind of woman he wants to marry and the woman he wants as a booty call, side piece, jump off, etc. Now if she and/or he didn’t want marriage from the beginning, that’s on them. They made that bed and lied in it. If a man doesn’t mention/propose marriage within 2-3 yrs, then it’s time to make a decision to either move on or potentially be the long-term girlfriend until something better comes along for him.

  • Elena M

    Look up Lee Marvin (actor) he did this to his ex friend of 25 years. She got a good lawyer and he had to pay her just like she was a wifey. Why anyone would stay with a person that long especially with kids and not be married is mind boggling too me. But she was not the one he saw as his wife. To leave her destitute is really shameful. She was not a smart woman. You don’t live with a man married or not and not have some $$ saved for “just encase” he leaves you especially when you not working.

  • Elena M

    The actor Lee Marvin did this to his ex after 25 years. She got a good lawyer and half of his earnings. Rather you r wifey or not, a woman should always save. I’ve seen this happen to way too many women. If kids are involved, and the man is unhappy he will stay until the kids are grown. @40b1bab7365a45f9166b8afe37af6783:disqus my grandmother also told me the same as yours and I never forgot, she also told me to keep extra $$ that was mine alone. As a matter of fact she told all of her children this, both male and female.

  • Candacey Doris

    They did have a common law marriage (technically?) so she might get something. Can’t believe she went 40 years without getting a ring though. Who knows how many women there were on the side.

  • Bella

    Firstly, most of you guys need to jump off your high horse and stop acting like having a ring on your finger is the next step you HAVE TO take when you’re in a relationship. Marriage is not for everyone. Even MN published an article about it several months ago not that it makes a difference but still. Simply being in a long-term relationship is enough for some folks. A ring may symbolize love, trust and honour, but it’s the person wearing the ring who has to inhabit those tools in order to make ANY relationship work, marriage or not. You’re so quick to call her foolish, but think about it: after 40 years, the only way you can imagine one of you leaving is if the Grim Reaper comes knocking. She doesn’t necessarily have to save – she’s a housewife. People are waaaaay too quick to judge these days.

    • MLS2698

      And if the Grim Reaper comes calling, she will not be able to have rights to the body or make any decisions because she is NOT THE WIFE. Now, judge THAT!

    • kierah

      If you choose a kind of life without certain protections, calling foul when it doesn’t turn out in your favor, really isn’t going to win you any fans.
      No one has to get married, but for goodness sakes, know your rights either way. It’s irresponsible not to do so. For your own good, do what is necessary to protect yourself.

    • Bren

      Um, getting married may not be for everyone but there are certain rights and privileges she would have as a spouse that she can’t have as a babymama. You can defend all you want to, she’s a fool.

    • Sure marriage isn’t for everyone. Oprah I gotta say doesn’t need to be married. Halle Berry don’t need the marriage, Tina Turner I’m sure is straight. Its for those women (and men) who are putting trust and faith in their boyfriend/girlfriend babymomma/daddy to provide for them that need marriage. While you are home not adding to your retirement, keeping house and raising kids they are acquiring pensions, 401k’s, stocks, savings, property etc. that your azz isn’t entitled to at all. So, when they kids get of age they dump your azz and keep it moving while you try to pick up the pieces of your shattered life wondering “why they do me that way I thought we were shacking for life.”

  • ring

    tragic for her and in bad taste for him…minus points for not seeing his children. HOWEVER….someone who is clearly not committed to you is a free person to do as he pleases…what is the lesson here? is quite obvious.

  • Guestvirgo

    One of these days these type of women will learn, if there is no wedding, there will be no co-habitation period!!!! It’s non-negotiable and if that means it’s the end of the road for us,then that’s what it means!!! I hope she gets something, but for the life of me, I can’t understand how she allowed herself to be a live-in for 40 years!!! Wishing this sister all the best!!!

    • Cinnamon71

      Exactly! Don’t lower your standards for anyone! Don’t put the cart before the horse and then get mad when you don’t progress and get anywhere. I don’t know how she didn’t see this trainwreck coming. Hate to be blunt, but he isn’t obligated to provide for her…and all of their children are probably of age by now so he doesn’t have to provide for them either. Yes, these type of women need to always have a back-up plan.

  • DeepThinker

    This 75 year-old baby mama needs to take several seats. She is not going to get a corn out of this trifling kneegrow. A is for arsed out.

  • Natasha T

    Sorry, I can’t be with a man for 40 years and have 4 kids by him without being married to him, yeah she played herself on that one, what a dummy!

    • Cinnamon71

      I agree. If she was good enough to have his children, then she should have been good enough to have been his wife. These type of stories make me mad. People really need to analyze and think about the future instead of focusing on the present.

  • Island Girl

    In the State of New Jersey there is a Common Law Marriage Certificate you can apply for after being with the same person for 5+ years….if she has this document she stands a chance of getting something from him. If not….then she needs a REAL GOOD lawyer….but like others commented: why would you be with someone for that long without demanding a marriage or something??? Just doesn’t make any type of sense

  • VirgoStarr

    I am lost…how can a woman remain with a man for 40 years as his girlfriend? I hate to sound cold, but she played herself. She failed to set a standard with this man from the beginning. She played wifey and in the end, she has nothing. 40 years is a long time to be boyfriend and girlfriend. Now she want to announce to the world what type of man he is? Please. Take your loss ma’am and move forward with your life. I empathize with her, but I’m on the outside looking in and for a man to be with a woman THAT long unmarried, only to leave her and marry the next woman after a short time? There’s more holes in this story than swiss cheese.

    • kierah

      This message was brought to Sharon by the words “Dumb” and “Dizzy”.

      NJ is not a common law marriage state. In 40 years, she should have peeped that.

      The way he’s treating her and the children is fugged up, but DAMN Lady! A 4 decade girlfriend – who does that?

      • “Nah marriage is just a piece of paper. We don’t need that to prove our love” Some dumb azz women actually believe that BS. Your post had me crackin the hell up!

  • AskASista

    Nope she does not deserve anything. If you stay with a man and have four children with that man and never secure your life you really should not expect to get any thing. Shaunie ONeil had the right idea when used Shaq’s money and made all of those secret investment’s.

    Isnt he Mahria’s father in law? .

  • minerva

    There’s a reason why they were living in New Jersey, to wit: “Common law marriage NJ is not permitted. The state of New Jersey does
    not allow for the creation of common law marriage as a relationship in
    which a couple lives together without participating in a formal/lawful
    ceremony. Unlike other states in the U.S.; however, New Jersey does not
    allow a couple to acquire marital rights by living together for a
    specified period of time. As such, a couple will not be required to
    pursuit a legal action to end such a bond if said relationship was
    created in New Jersey.”

    Good luck, girl. I wish she’d taken steps to protect herself but I really do feel for her and hope she gets some satisfaction in court.

    ps Remember when he was “Ty” the pimp ( replete with red velvet pants, big-brimmed hat and pimpstick) on All My Children and turned out all the doctors’ wives of Pine Valley? Pimp hard, Ty!

  • Ms. R

    Since they weren’t married, the best Ms. Orman could probably assert is a common law marriage since it appears that she was held out to be Mr. Orman’s wife. However, NJ has not recognized common law marriage since 1939. In the alternative, she could probably look for relief under contract law. It is definite uphill battle for her. I wish her the best.

  • Anonymous

    My grandmother always told me to never move into a situation with a man where I could not afford to pay for everything by myself. I wish that other women would’ve learned this too. I feel bad for her but how do you stay with a man for 40 years and not marry the man?

  • oh well, he deserves everything this young trick bout to do to him!

    • Cinnamon71

      He thinks he’s brand new because he has this young girl at his beckon call. When she takes him to the cleaners, I bet he’ll be running back with his tail between his legs.

  • ariesdollface

    i can’t muster up the energy to feel sorry for this woman. if she wanted to be treated like a spouse, she should have demanded that he make her one. she didn’t. & now she wants the world to be angry with him?! why? he didn’t MAKE her stay, quit her job, or birth those babies. she made all of those poor choices. women have got to learn to demand the respect they are due…apparently the side chick knew to do this. to this woman, take the child support & keep it moving.

    • There is such a thing as “common law spouse”.. I think she fits the bill here..

      • NJ is not a common law state

        • Rene

          it doesn’t matter. she would still get almost the same benefits of a spouse. b/c of their relationship.

          • kierah

            Case by case basis means she could get the same benefits as a spouse. The judge may not see it her way. Their children are grown. The way these high profile cases are going these days, she’ll be lucky to get a bus pass out of this deal. Maybe she can plead 40 year stupidity.

          • Fidel Cashflow

            She made a conscious, purposeful decision to be the long-term girlfriend and not the wife, for 40 years.
            Life is a series of decisions, and we all have to deal with the consequences of our decisions, good or bad.

          • Norman Ebanks

            Rene, New Jersey “Ain’t” California!

            • Guest

              Lol there sure are a lot of law students/ graduates/ attorneys on this timeline.

          • Nope. Not in New Jersey. You get zero spousal rights. Now, she might get ‘some’ things if there was a reasonable expectation that they were purchased jointly, but that’s not because she’s being seen as his spouse—the same situation would apply for other relationships.

    • wow!

  • Alecia Murphy

    I’m starting to think Sesame Street is really a real-life soap opera. First the Kevin Clash mess and now this?
    I agree that this situation is sad but what I wanna know his how he can live with someone for 40 years, have a life and a family with this person, and suddenly meet the next girl and marry her after 2 years?
    Something doesn’t add up.

    • tashya

      Because the other woman demanded he make her his wife!

      • ring


      • Stanley 001

        It could also be just to make his ex mad.

      • Bren

        Emphasis being on the word “demand” meaning that his wife knew her worth.

    • Alecia, It happens all the time, believe me. That’s why it’s not a good idea for women to live with men. They really do know what they want. You think because you are living with him, screwing him, he’s spending some money — he loves you (not you reader) lol?
      Let me tell you young girls this—He knows who he wants to marry. Don’t think playing wife is going to make him change his mind. The truth is, and you may not like this, but—-Men know from the beginning if you’re the one, and if you don’t believe that —Believe this—He at least knows if you’re marriage material after living with you for a year, but if you keep on doing it—Then You’re The Fool.

      • Cinnamon71

        I agree. Get married first before you “move in” with him.

        • You don’t have to get married first, in fact it’s a mistake to get married before you know if you’d be happy living with someone. You simply don’t create a life that’s dependent on him and his money/possessions and that stays true once you do have a ring on your finger.

          • Bren

            Well at least if you get married and you want out, you can walk away with alimony.

          • Fidel Cashflow

            Wrong! Statistics have shown over and over that couples who live together before getting married have a higher divorce rate than those who didnt live together first.

            So then, so much for your theory. I hope nobody takes that advice.