The Streets Are Talking: Is Nivea Pregnant With Lil Wayne’s Baby?

March 29, 2013  |  

Rumor has it that 31 year old R&B singer/baby maker Nivea is with child once again. And the streets are saying that it’s Lil Wayne’s baby. Well, maybe it’s not so much the streets as it is Nivea herself. Supposedly, at Nivea’s recent birthday celebration, someone overheard her telling another guest that Wayne was excited about the new baby. If this is true this will be Nivea’s fifth child. She has three from her marriage to The Dream and one from Lil Wayne born in 2009.

You may not remember but Nivea was actually with Lil Wayne before she married The Dream. Back in July 2003, she told Sister2Sister Magazine how Wayne proposed to her around Christmas time in 2002:

[He said] ‘I got your Christmas present with me and you’re gonna love it. It’s gonna make you smile. He got down on his knee and he was like, ‘I know I’m young, but I’ve been through enough relationships to know and understand the meaning of what love is.’ He was just perfect. He told me that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me and he loved me. It was snot and tears at the same time.”

She went on to tell the magazine that if she didn’t marry Wayne, she would die a single woman. But that’s not exactly how it went down. When Wayne called off their engagement in December of 2003, to rekindle his relationship with ex-wife Antonia Wright (Toya), Nivea moved on and ended up marrying The Dream in 2004. The couple had a daughter in 2005 and twin sons in 2006. They divorced in 2007 when The Dream claimed that he “didn’t want to   take this person [Nivea] and treat them a certain way based on what I was changing into, based on being bitter.” 

Severe side eye.

After that, Nivea reconnected with Wayne, though he had gotten his ex girlfriend, Lauren London pregnant. After Nivea gave birth to their son Neal Carter in 2009, the couple got engaged again. And broke it off in 2010. On her Myspace page, she confirmed that Young Money singer Shanell Woodget was the reason behind their split. “Mood: betrayed Wanting everyone to know that Shanell (the background Slore that sings with Lil Wayne) is a piece of trash and not to be respected!”

Man what a story. This is certainly a VH1 movie…


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  • Nay De’ville

    I don’t think all men sleep with their baby moms,but I do think if you put yourself in a situation you know you can’t hardly control Mr.Temptation always beats you every time.Men lie Women lie just be aware of the consequences that multiply.

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  • Mrs. Urban

    Wow…people still use Myspace


    Wow! I wonder what that kid will look like?

  • IllyPhilly

    Are these adult age girls’ (they can’t be women, sorry) blind, dumb, and deaf?

  • State the obvious

    LMAO!!! I’m not the type to watch reality shows but reading about the absurdities that come up everyday on sites like this, I can empathize with reality show fans.

    Some people are just f#cking crazy and watching/reading about them is entertaining as hell!!!!

    Baby mamas have to be some of the dumbest women on the face of the planet………………….

  • Cha Cha

    Eweeeee, Gross!

  • vexed

    Why are these women getting pregnant outside of stable, committed relationships…and much less with lil wayne! OH GOSH THIS IS DISGUSTING THESE GROWN A$$ WOMEN KNOW WHERE BABIES COME FROM!!!!! we need to stop unofficially celebrating this ‘BABY MAMA’ nonsense we love to condone in our culture and make it the EMBARRASSMENT it is, maybe that might curb the statistics…..PLEASE, PLEASE RAISE YOUR STANDARDS!! LORD!!!

  • This is a mess. Everyone involved in this situation needs to SLOW DOWN.

    Nivea is doing a great disservice to herself, her present children, and future children by behaving irresponsibly. She is not doing the work necessary to truly determine whether or not a man is fit enough to wed, let alone have a child with.

    Why would you get yourself involved with the likes of Lil Wayne, have a child, and in a short time think you are emotionally and mentally ready chose a proper man to marry? She is not doing the work to heal and start anew, which is why she finds her self in the same situation. With the same emotionally unavailable, uncommitted men.

    Lastly, does anyone know the concept of planned parenting? Or are you repeatedly bringing children into shaky relationships for sport?

    Everyone involved needs to SLOW DOWN and reevaluate things. There are children involved.

    • Cha Cha

      Ditto! and Ditto! and Ditto! People just having children all willy nilly with no thought or pre planning involved. I don’t care how much money you make… just because you can afford to bring a child into the world or six or twelve, doesn’t mean you should. No one will ever convince me that you can spend enough quality time with children that are spread all around the city living in different households… People just equate children with finances… They require a lot more than just Air Jordans, BMW’s and Versace… You should actually be spending time with them, teaching them, making sure they are emotionally grounded and ready to become upstanding members of society… Ok, I can go on and on about this subject… and I needs to get back to work!

      • Not to mention they may be producing another generation of folks that think this behavior is acceptable. I hope the children involved grow up to be smarter and look for security in their relationships.

  • Sagittarius81

    If this is true, then Nivea is one again a dumba$$! SMH

    • Taj

      Yes, someone needs to remind her and others that those child support checks run out once they turn 18.

  • ButWaitTho89

    With all of this bed hopping, I’m going to need somebody to have enough sense to use protection. How do these women keep laying down with Wayne knowing that he’s “rawing” this chick, that chick, and ole girl over there too? Are they so thirsty that they’ll put their lives on the line for a child support check? Forget a baby, somebody’s gonna catch something that Clorox can’t get rid of. But y’all love this type of fvckery so carry on.

    • Kenedy

      Such a mess…at this point, that baby will walk out of that vajayjay, no pushing will be necessary

    • IllyPhilly

      Yes, they are. Nivea was hot for one week then back at Burger King the next. She need all the checks she can get.

  • Mzlacoey

    This is a HOT FUNKY MESS!!!

  • nick

    With the way he talks about women i wonder how any of these women can take him seriously?!?! He’s built himself a little Harem smh

    • He DOES have a harem, huh? SMH…


    Baby factory?! This is the problem with these men and their baby mama/s….even though he might have moved on, he still banging her/them. I cant!!

    • Ms. Kameria

      And the sad thing about it is they (the baby mamas) really think (or hope) someone else would want to marry them with all of those kids… different men….

      • TRUTH IS

        Delusional. Another man will just view her as that…a baby factory. She spoil things for other black women who might have one kid or none at all. Pffff

    • H Town Psych

      Really it is just a way for men to have multiple women. They never stop sleeping with the “baby mama” and she never really moves on. That is why I am trying to avoid men with kids… which is hard to do these days

  • Laaaawwwwddddd today!!!!!