Justin Timberlake’s 20/20 Experience: A Quick Success Or Calculated Opportunity?

April 1, 2013  |  

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In case you need a “Reminder”: “men lie, women lie, numbers don’t,” and while HOV may have been talking about himself – the same can be said about Justin Timberlake right now. It’s been seven years since he introduced us to “Future Sex/LoveSounds” and now he’s made a strong comeback with his new album, “The 20/20 Experience.” In a recent interview on the CNN special, The Justin Timberlake Experience, Timberlake’s manager Johnny Wright revealed the triple-threat (y’all know you like him on SNL) took twenty days to make the entire album.

Talk about a quickie! Heck – bills are due in thirty days and this man has sold shy of one million albums in half that time (album dropped on March 15) which begs the question, why the rush?

JT is undeniably a strong talent, but why did he decide to spit out an album so quickly after multiple movie projects and marrying longtime girlfriend, Jessica Biel just a few months ago? Is he that tired of being a newlywed, or was there a third party pushing him? According to The Hollywood Reporter (THR), Justin made a deal with concert giant Live Nation that may have forced his vocals.

According to sources, Live Nation reportedly gave Timberlake $20 million back in 2009 on promises of a future tour – and as some years have passed since the deal, it may be time for the singer-turned-actor to uphold his commitment. This might explain why the creative process took only 20 days, with the album premiering just three months after announcing it back in January 2013 (he released “Suit and Tie” that same month).

And what about this newfound friendship with Jay-Z? Did they really have so much fun collaborating that they felt the need to go on the ‘Legends of Summer’ tour together this year? A source for Live Nation told THR:

“Live Nation always envisioned an arena tour for Justin Timberlake. After their successful studio collaboration, Justin and Jay-Z approached us, and we are thrilled to promote their stadium tour.”

That’s a very interesting statement considering Jay-Z made his own deal with Live Nation back in 2008 for a cool $150 million that would give him $5 million annually to support his label endeavors, $25 million upfront and an estimated $10 million per album (three album minimum requirement). In return, Jay left Def Jam and has touring commitments of his own which might not make this newfound bromance genuine.

Maybe it’s all a coincidence. Or maybe Justin did make a quick album to fulfill his obligations to Live Nation. If he did, are you mad at him, or does it not matter? Do you like The 20/20 Experience?

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  • mac

    Honestly…it sounds like a 3 week effort. I was pretty disappointed with the album.

    I was telling someone it sounded like leftover songs from Future Sex Love Sounds, and who knows, maybe I was onto something.

    Some artists take years to record an album. It’s actually kind of insulting to throw some rushed product at your fans, knowing they’ll eat it up regardless. But the almighty dollar is king, I guess

  • York


    I guess to appropriately answer the question, it doesn’t matter…but dang, the dude just can’t have a successful album without the conspiracy theories, can he?

    I thought the whole purpose of working is to support yourself, and signing contracts is considered a business transaction for those who support themselves…this is just too much investigation for me.

    ::turns up “Let the Groove Get In”::

  • Anonymous

    It doesn’t take that long to make an album once you’re ready to focus and the songs/music are written and ready to be sung. *shrugs*

    • mac

      Really? Please tell me more about your career in the music industry.

  • I think that since Timbaland and Justin have worked so closely together for almost the last ten years, and Timbaland just signed on as Roc Nation’s in house producer, that might be where the JT/Jay-Z connection came from. As far as the album, I LOVE it! It’s refreshing to see artists still able to pull in numbers like that in this viral day and age. Big ups to him for that, wish I could see him on tour, but I refuse to give the Carter’s all my money! My cousin told me she paid $325 to see Bey this summer, and I told her for as much as I love Bey, I ain’t giving that heffa half my damn rent, NO BUENO!!

    • Music

      I agree! I wanted to see Bey as well but if I’m paying between $300-500 for her concert, I better get to go backstage, meet her, shake her hand and have a conversation with her.

      • Girl, she gone have to come live with me for half the month to make up for that, I just don’t see it! LOL… I mean, if you got it, by all means, do you, but I’m not breaking that kind of bread on someone who doesn’t even know that I exist! And that’s not even the price to meet her, that’s just the general floor admission to be able to stand in front of the stage