True Life: I Monitor My Man’s Finances

March 29, 2013  |  
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Nothing tests romance more than mismanaged finances. But typically people regard their money as personal business. At the same time, you know the way a man manages his money can potentially ruin a long term serious relationship or marriage. We asked our Facebook followers when they start monitoring their partners and how they spend their money. See what they had to say.

Nancy: The way they handle money says a lot about them. I’d keep a cautious eye out.

Shamika: Oh I definitely keep an eye on it. Financial problems are one of the major reasons for break ups. If you have a financially irresponsible partner, that can cause all sorts of problems.

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Shaleith: Watch like a damn hawk

Trina: Not monitor but pay attention. if he would buy expensive labels and lavish meals but barely saves any money that’s an serious issue if we’re considering ever being together in a household


Petagaye: Yes I started a month after my boo and i started dating because he sometimes spend without caring how much he’s spending.

La-Shawn: If he comes to you asking for money, then he made it your business.

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Bella: I observe it, but don’t speak on it if we are not at that point where we are exclusive with each other.

Winkie: I don’t pay it any mind until I start thinking of them as a potential life partner.

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Elexis: No I don’t I don”t care really as long as he knows HE WILL GIVE ME MONEY or we will not be dating seriously ever

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Latasha: I would say it’s none of your significant other’s business unless you are making serious plans to live together or marry. If it doesn’t directly effect your way of living. You gotta let them breathe and do what they wanna do with their money.

Valarie: You definitely should know their credit before you get married.

Channel: Observing each other is important. However it’s also important not to become his mom.


Nita: No romance without good finance. I could not date a guy who is frivolous with his money. It’s a terrible red flag that can’t be ignored. Next thing you know he will be borrowing money from you. No Bueno


Melanie: That’s important to know before you get married. I don’t want someone who will pay for a new pair of Jordan’s before he pays the light bill lol. He should know my spending habits as well.

Sharai: My mom always told me to watch where his money goes and how much goes where. She told me men don’t change their habits just because they’re wearing a ring


Kokoa: Never. How my man spends his money is his business. Same as how I spend mine.

Raven: No I don’t. I think that’s invasive and I don’t want someone counting my money. Now if they are asking for help or asking you to supplement some income or kick in on a bill then it’s time to pay attention.

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  • It’sMe

    I didn’t pay attention at first while I was dating my husband, but I wish I had. He made partial payments on our bills (which were in my name) and was constantly buying himself new clothes with MY money. I left, trying to rebuild my credit while he’s mooching off one of his relatives.


    I don’t. Men are quick to label you as a gold-digger. I have never gotten to the point where I need to. For some reason the men I’ve has serious relations with are very miser and barely want to spend $ to see the world spin.

    • TRUTH IS


  • Ms. Kameria

    I understand helping someone with their finances as far as advice, being a Financial Adviser, Accountant, etc….. but to maintain and “monitor” someone’s (especially a man) finances, I don’t understand. What kind of adult can’t control their own money?

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