Boy, You Know You’re Lyin’! Ten Things Men Fib About

March 31, 2013 ‐ By Brooke Dean

Let’s face it, everyone has lied at one point in his or her life. And while one sex may argue that one gender lies more than the other, let’s just concede that men and women lie equally, just about different things …or about the same things in different ways. For example, women may lie about how many sex partners they’ve had by making the number smaller – while men lie about how many sex partners they’ve had by making the number bigger — flip sides of the same coin. I’ll get into what women lie about in another post, but for today, let’s explore a few of the top things men lie about.

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  • courtney

    oh lighten up. most of us are smart enough to know that all men don’t lie about ALL these things…this was a general list. gimme a break.

  • Ladybug94

    They definitely will lie about their age, how many kids they have (even saying they take care of their kids financially, when they don’t), their job (some men), and what a good man/catch the are.

  • Diso98

    I don’t agree with the point about not watching pron. Obviously the writer doesn’t believe it but there ARE (shock horror!) men out there that aren’t interested in watching any. And I’m not just referring to prudes or religious types.

  • mac

    *blank stare* A man gets a side eye for not watching p*rn?….. Oh.

    Women get confused and think if all the men they’ve been with share
    certain characteristics, then it must apply to all men. Don’t project
    onto everyone else based off the men YOU date

  • Judith Johnson

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  • Keisha Samoht

    Self love… playfully busted him out lettin him kno i knew he did it frequently .. he got embarrassed n dodged me for like a week…

    • Drew Smith

      Why’d you have to bust him out? I wouldn’t have gotten embarrassed at all. I’d have been like “Well, you just don’t do it for me sometimes” and kept watching Game of Thrones. Sheeeeeit.

      • Keisha Samoht

        Well i would have until he did over the phone that wasnt on mute… i didnt say it like bluntly; i told him w/o tellin him… ergo him dodging me… O___o i kept mouthing: i kno he is NOT…

        • Drew Smith

          I hope you’re not dating him anymore. He’s a certified jackass.

  • sabrina

    OMG the height lie is REAL!! These guys need a reality check forreal…and my tall behind will definitely give it to them.

    • Brit

      I can’t tell you how many guys tell me they’re 5’9 but they’re really 5’5! You can’t lie to me, we are eye-to eye lol

      • Ladybug94

        Exactly. I know a few. lol

  • Akiko

    Men will also lie about what they think if it means less of a chance with a woman who they are interested in.