You’re Not Alone, Weirdo: Random And Awkward Things Everybody Does But Never Talk About

March 28, 2013 ‐ By IndigoBlack
"Confused Woman"

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Have you ever done something awkward, laughed at yourself and then wondered if you were the only person in the world who behaved in such a way? You’re not. While some people like to pretend like they have all of their stuff together, we all do some very random and/or funny stuff from time to time. Make that every day. I was highly inspired by the awesome Tumblr page, ThingsWeAllDo and added a few of my own quirks. So if these things sound like something you’ve done before, pat yourself on the back. You’re not alone.

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  • JudithNYC

    It’s official: I am a bitter old curmudgeonly battle ax. None of the things listed sounded weird to me, much less funny.

  • lgj

    I canNOT believe what the writer put in #4 and got away with!!! “…whatever, you know when you get around black folks, they expect you to share…” I am a white person and I’M insulted by this! Where was the editor when this piece was being reviewed for print?????????

  • Lana

    8,9 and 10 are totally me. I do 12 when I’m at home. Another thing I do which was not on the list is ask myself if I locked my door and try to be remember what I did before heading out instead of simply going back and check.

  • With the exception of the Hypochondriac, this list describes me perfectly!! Yay I’m not alone!!! lol

  • Lena Justin

    Being lactose intolerant, I had to laugh. My job ordered pizza today which I shouldn’t of ate, but I told myself I only live 5 minutes away so an hour later I rushed home without telling no one.

  • britchick91

    This article is too funny .I can relate to a lot of them esp number 11 & 12 lol

  • whats up with the adds on the side of the page just playing. its annoying damn

  • iHM

    I don’t think I’ve ever danced in the dressing room, but I’m not opposed to the idea, lol. The one that most describes me is picking up stuff with my toes. I’m pretty good at it, and it freaks all of my friends out, except one guy who does the same thing I do. I also get a little freaked out in the shower sometimes, especially when washing my hair because I can’t always keep my eyes open. Silly me. And I didn’t know checking yourself out in a mirror was “weird”! I thought everyone did that!

  • Nina

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  • Ty Pett

    Hilarious! I didn’t think any would apply to me but 9 outta 10 did. I don’t feel so bad now, I’m clearly not alone

  • This was probably my favorite blog! I think i do all except the mirror thing bc no matter how many times i check I’m never gonna have a big butt lol. The shuffle thing i was doing as i was reading this lol

  • Ann

    Yeah, only a couple of these were familiar, but most of them – no. My iPod is never on shuffle…the only weird thing is the thing is full, but I still only listen to the same 20 songs or so. Like the same playlist, over and over.

  • Just saying!!

    Lmaoooo omg I do all these things (except I’m not lactose intolerant)!! I check for murderers when I’m in the shower, stay looking up illnesses I might have on the Internet (google can be a curse too lol) and always put shuffle on my iPod just to keep skipping songs. I don’t go to the gym but every now n then I’ll check out my butt in the mirror if I walk by one. This list is the truth!! Lol

  • MsLadyE

    I loved this list! I love to dance, so I’m liable to “bust a move” anywhere. Once I was at a restaurant with my cousin and one of my favorite songs came on (Justin Timberlake’s “Rock Your Body”). I got up and started dancing in front of the table. So I can totally relate to dancing in the dressing room, because I’m guilty of doing that too.

  • QueenDJG

    The “putting the ipod on shuffle” thing is a big one for me. I do it all the time. I actually almost messed up my ipod cuz i skip songs on my ipod too much

  • sabrina

    This was such a fun list! I pretty much do them all except 7 (I’m not lactose intolerant.)

    But number 11 is the TRUTH! Throughout my life, I scared myself into thinking I had lockjaw, an STD (was just a UTI), was pregnant, had a brain tumor, had something wrong with my boobiez, had a tapeworm, had a sprained ankle, was gonna go deaf, was gonna go blind…there’s probably even more but I can’t remember them all. Thank God these were never the case lol

    • Kenedy

      Lmao!!! For me the one about getting 5 minutes extra of sleep & waking up 30 minutes later? I’ve done that and woken up 3 hours later! At that point I as like…F it, I missed everything there is to miss, so I might as well just stay in bed