‘We Refuse To Be Part Of The Problem:’ Michigan Radio Station Pulls Rick Ross and Lil Wayne Songs From Its Rotation

March 28, 2013  |  

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Within the past two months, both Lil Wayne and Rick Ross have found themselves in hot water over troubling rap lyrics. The first offense came from Wayne after he compared sexual acts to be performed on a woman’s body to the heinous murder of Emmett Till in song, “Karate Chop.” This week Rick Ross in under fire after being featured on a new song with Rocko entitled, “You Don’t Even Know,” where he raps about having his way with a woman after slipping a molly in her drink.

“Put molly all in her champagne, she ain’t even know it. I took her home and I enjoyed that, she ain’t even know it,” he says in the song.

Many have expressed their disappoval and outrage since the song’s release and now one Michigan radio station is taking a stand against rappers and their out of control lyrics. 103.7 The Beat announced today that they would be pulling both Rick Ross and Lil Wayne’s music from their rotation because they refused to be a contributing factor to the growing problem of offensive rap lyrics and their negative impact on our country. Their statement reads:

“Many would say both rappers have taken their lyrical content too far and offended too many.  The family and estate of Emmett Till have released a statement of disapproval over Lil Wayne’s disregard and disrespectful lyrics. Though his record label issued a statement of apology, the rapper has yet to do so.

In the case of Rick Ross, a petition has been started over his blatant disregard for women and the issue of date rape. The U.S. Department of Justice estimates that over 300,000 women are raped or sexually assaulted per year in the United States alone. That is a disturbing number and should not be taken lightly. His lyrics not only condone the behavior, but he boasts about it in the song.  While some feel it’s only entertainment, many feel it sends and encourages the wrong message.

Several individuals and organizations have taken a stand and so are we.  Effective immediately Muskegon’s WUVSlp 103.7 the Beat has pulled ALL Lil Wayne and Rick Ross music from rotation.  We pride ourselves on playing music that is non-degrading and non-violent. While we believe in freedom of speech, creative writing and individualism, we refuse to be part of the problem by spreading messages that could harm or end someone’s life.”

The Miami rapper has since come forward in an interview with Q93.3, offering an explanation for the lyrics, expressing that he does not condone rape.

“It’s certain things you can’t tweet. There’s certain things where you want people to hear your voice. I wanna make sure this is clear, a woman is the most precious gift known to man. It was a misunderstanding with a lyric, a misinterpretation. The term ‘rape’ wasn’t used. I would never use the term ‘rape’ in my records. Hip hop don’t condone that. The streets don’t condone that. Nobody condones that. So I just wanted to reach out to all the queens that’s on my timeline, all the s*xy ladies, the beautiful ladies that have been reaching out to me with the misunderstanding. We don’t condone rape and I’m not with that,” he said.

What do you think of the 103.7’s decision to pull Wayne and Rick Ross’s music out of the rotation? What are your thoughts on Rick’s explanation?

Turn the page for footage of Ross explaining the lyrics (beginning around the 4:40 mark).

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  • Knight1014

    That’s my Homestate and my Hometown. So THANK GOD!! They should be banned from other Stations in Michigan like Grand Rapds 94.9FM and WSNX 104.5FM, then Lansing WQHH 96.5FM, all Stations in Detroit. Plus, here in Chicago WGCI 107.5 and Power 92.3FM. Those two Murdered Hip Hop. I don’t care if Lil Wayne been around since late 90s but that was when Hip Hop dying anyway, so those two can rot in hell. Bring REAL Hip Hop/ music back.

  • I heard that lyrics from Rick Ross and my reaction was “That’s effed up!” Rick Ross is already under fire for rapping about a lifestyle he knows nothing about, hopefully these lyrics are just him talking about yet something else he knows nothing about or hasn’t done but this is crossing the line.

    As I’ve gotten older (not much I’m only 25 lol) I’ve noticed that I pay attention to lyrics a lot more. I looooove me some Travis Porter because when I go to the club I need something that’s gonna get me dancing and have fun on the floor, but I listen to their lyrics and there are some songs of theirs I choose to skip because I just can’t sit there and listen to them be so misogynistic. I know, I know, you can say I shouldn’t straddle the fence, I’ll give you that. My point is that I’m mature enough to listen to the lyrics of the song and know the right and wrong about what’s being said verses a child hearing it and thinking it’s cool to treat women like objects or make chasing money the sole purpose of their life over everything.

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  • Nettrice

    Say whatever you want but if you say offensive things you shouldn’t be paid for it or get airplay. There is no excuse for saying (explicitly or otherwise) that you can put a “molly” in a woman’s drink, take her home and pleasure yourself while she is unconscious. Or compare the beating of a woman’s body part to a heinous race-based crime. The only thing to do is apologize and never do it again.

  • Chanelly

    Rick Ross claims that “a woman is the most precious gift known to man” yet he continuously degrades the Black woman in EVERY song that he releases. By all means, exercise your freedom of speech BUT don’t call yourself a BOSS if you have to contradict what you believe in to make a dollar!

  • brad

    anybody that doesnt wanto play lil wayne and rick ross shouldnt hafto. who even cares why?

  • Grantv

    Sorry, I wasn’t able to finish reading this article about respect for women because it was surrounded by pictures of women’s breasts and bunz.

  • M.E.A.H

    Drew Smith …. Devil’s Advocate…he will never lose an argument … because he will always argue to the opposite point…he debates…not out of a true belief of his own words but on principal of winning the argument, and the joy and self satisfaction of winning and being the smartest one in the room…but in the end he is the one with no COMMON SENSE

    • Drew Smith

      I missed this one — I apologize. Additionally, I’m sorry if I happen to think differently on certain topics and argue my point accordingly. But, that doesn’t make me a Devil’s Advocate. Many times, people choose to toss out these blanket statements indicting men, or defending ideals (e.g., this post) for which they can’t even present a decent argument when I ask a simple question as to their reasoning. Yet, I’m a misogynist and lack common sense because I… CAN present a decent argument at ANY point in time? That defies intelligence. Furthermore, why can’t someone challenge the seemingly groupthink component that governs this site? How in the world is it a bad thing to be in a position where effectively articulating your point is required? I sure hope you never have to make a presentation with an idea to further the business at your place of employment, because you WILL be asked to defend your position — repeatedly. Unfortunately, name-calling and pouting isn’t in the drop-down list of available options. I wish you the best.

  • Good For them….side note do you ladies even care to listen to faithful fans? Not the haters but the ones that click several times a day who are totally frustrated with all the adds that make it very difficult to navigate the site. I know you have to pay the bills but now you’re seeming plain greedy…please make the adds less annoying!

  • @facebook-100000550272303:disqus Since you appear hysterical,i`ll refrain from answering you.

  • scandalous7

    gotta start somewhere

  • Rick Ross is too old to be still rapping about selling drugs. There is enough Black men in Jail for believing the Drug dealer Hype . Wayne should be ashamed , he has a daughter who most likely listens to his music. Rap is Dead. The beats are Hott , The lyrics are wack.

  • Just saying!!

    I can’t read all this right now but YYEEEESSSSSSSSSS!!!! Is all I have to say. Dont know much about Rick Ross but it doesn’t sound too good and I’ve been waiting forever for someone to take a stand against Lil Wayne!!! Out that fool in check! He’s BEEN a disgrace!!

  • CarlaKah

    Ugh this not a misinterpretation we speak English, Sir. The situation you are describing is a date rape- situation. If you do not condone rape. Do not boast about dropping drugs in a woman’s alcoholic beverage without her knowing it. I would like him to call that misinterpretation if/when his daughter/sister/mother/other female family member or friend tells him this happened to them. I bet some paws will be itching then.

  • Keisha Samoht

    See they should have had a female DJ question him. It would have made him uncomfortable as ever, he would have been stuttering & stammering trying to clarify the lyrics. Im not talking bout them dainty DJ’s im mean the ones who dont take no mess going at him hard asking questions that would get him to the point that he would storm out the studio.

  • justice

    Hooray for this station to finally take a stand on behalf of the Queens who are used as a toilet when these rappers want to get paid..thanks..

  • Now THIS is what I’m talking about. Kudos to them and I hope that others will follow their lead.

  • yeyeye

    “a woman is the most precious gift known to man” – I was a gift to man?

    • guest

      … read your bible.

      • yeyeye

        I don’t have one, you can mail it to me at: 12345 Not your same religion ave., biblelessville, Ca 12345.

    • CarlaKah

      lol my point exactly

  • If the station doesn’t want to be part of the problem why did they allow the songs on the air in the first place? That’s not being pro-active at all. Sounds more like the station was catching a lot of criticism from listeners THEN decided to pull the songs.

  • FrankyG

    Whatever happened to real HipHop. You know what, whatever happened to all the rap-stars acknowledging REAL HipHop. I’m talking about Bboying, Graffiti Art, Djing, Mcing, and the Knowledge. It wasn’t born to make people rich or have money it was born out of necessity for unity among communities All people to unite, what the hell happened to that.

    I guess true colors are shown when fame becomes who you are.

    I’ll say it, I’m white as hell, I did have money growing up, I had most of the things given to me. Doesn’t mean I didn’t work hard to get to where I am now, I just had an easier start and you don’t see me going around talking about how much money I had.

    All mainstream artist spewing crap like this (not just rappers) need to have their asses handed to them and I’d step up first to be the one to do it.

    They both have the power to be voices of change for our nation, and look what they do.

  • stories like these always take me back to an old episode of A Different World when the kids locked themselves in a radio station in protest of a popular hip hop song being banned…until they actually listened to the lyrics and decided the school was right to ban it. wish kids today had that mindset.

  • CROS1

    Everyones entitled to there free speech and radio stations are entitled to tell the artists to go find anothe radio station. I applaud this radio station finally one that actually took a stand. Hope there are more to follow….

  • Candacey Doris

    Good for them! I can’t stand Rick Ross and I’m sorry Lil Wayne fans, but i can’t stand him either.


    How can person so obese backpedal so fast? He’s full of crap. Never liked the lil’ pot-bellied slug

  • Kendra

    First of All this song/Rocko mixtape has been out for over a month. I am not the biggest fan of Rick but I will say this. When I spoke to someone last week who regularly uses the drug he spoke about she told me that there was a bottle of Ciroc at a well know celebrities party that contained the drug. I grabbed my heart and took a huge gasp because I was very surprised and her response was, “Well it is not like the people who drunk it didn’t want it in there”. What everyone should be aware of is the amount of people that truly enjoy this drug. I live in a city (ATL) where Molly is sooo popular, its scary. So hearing him say those lines was no shocker nor did I take it as he raped someone. These women are on it more than the men are. Sad but true. U.E.O.N.O is simply street terms.

    • Kendra

      And another thing, Molly for those that don’t know has no similarities to Date Rape, At one point an ingredient in it was on the shelves at stores to induce sexual behaviors for those that had problems. The did take it off of shelves though. From what I hear i makes you feel sexual and You are aware of everything you are doing on the drug.

      • So why would he need to slip that into her drink without her knowing if it was “cool”? Let’s not confuse people knowingly and wanting to take a drug to a man slipping it into a woman’s drink without her knowledge and bragging that she had no memory of what she was doing. That’s sick.

        • Kendra

          He never said she had no memory of what she was doing, (YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE DOING ON THE DRUG).. from my understanding of the song, and knowing the effects of the drug, he was stating the sex was great because of the drug. There have been no reports to state that the drug is similar to date rape or that you are not conscious of what you are doing on the drug. This drug simply makes you more aware of what you are doing, and gives more confidence. REMEMBER this drug was once legal to induce sexual behaviors, AND IF YOU DON’T WANT SEX ON THIS DRUG YOU WILL NOT HAVE SEX BECAUSE YOU ARE FULLY AWARE OF WHAT IS GOING ON…… nothing close to date rape. SO understanding the drug is the first step before assuming rape. I simply think he should have thought about what he was saying and reworded it, I do know he did not mean rape in any manner, only those that do not understand the drug will feel that way, which are thousands of people that are unaware of the things that go on in the night/street life.

          • Surely you aren’y that dense. I don’t know if you pop molly’s or what but the lyrics are such:
            “Put molly all in the champagne / you dont even know it /I took her home
            and I enjoy that / she aint even know it,”

            If you think its cute to slip sh*t in someone’s drink to induce a sexual response more power to you. I can assure you however, it is is a felony and quite dangerous and irresponsible to be exploiting.

  • truth

    Look at Michigan radio pretending that they have a say, more then likely this is a Clear Channel owned station that has a radio director in a different state who is really calling the shots. Turn off the radio, and the same 10 crappy songs that they play all day. its all bullshit!

    • knight1014

      Like 104.5 WSNX Grand Rapids and Power 96.5 WQHH Lansing are the worst. They don’t even play nothing 90s anymore, they play same crap every hour.

  • Drew Smith

    Is it Rick Ross’ fault that he feels he can — literally — say whatever he wants? Is it Lil’ Wayne’s fault that he feels as though he’s not a human? Nah, people — these fellows have been empowered by (in a most ironic turn of events) many of you, your boyfriends husbands, sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, cousins, etc. That’s the truth. You can’t take popularity; it’s something that has to be given to you by the people. Don’t become angered at what you (in general) created. I don’t begrudge these dudes one bit for pushing it as far as they can. There’s no telling when their respective stars will fade, and I’m all for getting after it as much as possible until that happens. You see, it’s entertainment. That’s it. Entertainment. And, they’re only responsibility as entertainers is to do just that: entertain. You can take ideals like moral and cultural responsibility and toss it out with the evening’s garbage. Good day.

    • Of course they are where they are because of public support. Which is why it would stand to reason that if that same public support is with held because they’ve crossed an arbitrary line then really its no harm no foul correct? I mean if the only moral compass they have to not mock a civil rights casualty or to glorify dangerous drug use and raping is to have their record sales affected then lets do exactly that.

      • Drew Smith

        (Re: no harm, no foul) Agreed on that point. I hear you, but I’m not in the business of withholding support due to an arbitrary line being crossed by someone who’s job is to provide entertainment. Sometimes, that entertainment goes left; that’s par for course, in my opinion. It appears as though you feel differently, and I respect your opinion, and wish you well in whatever action (or inaction) is to follow.

        • It stops being entertainment when you condone dangerous behaviors that harm people. Which is why I never liked most rap. Talking about drug selling and use and killing your enemies and “lovin and leavin dem ho’s” has never been my forte but I gave them “creative” passes for just telling their “truths” (side eye at Rick Ross’s poser azz) but have we no level of decorum and respect? Is there no line as an artist of any kind of integrity that we don’t believe they shouldn’t cross? I say hell yes! Drugging and raping a woman has got to be near the top of the list of things that just aren’t ‘cool’ to glamorize. Equating the brutal murder and lynching of a little black boy to a sexual act isn’t close behind.

          Let’s have some standards in what we consider entertainment shall we?

          • Drew Smith

            “It stops being entertainment when you condone dangerous behaviors that harm people.” <— That's how you feel regarding the matter. It's still entertainment to me, and to many others. I am no more affected by the lyrics I hear in a rap song than I am the violence, s3x, rape, drug abuse/use, etc. in virtually every movie that comes out these days. Are you equally offended by that form of entertainment, or is your disdain for the collective unpalatable limited to only rap? Personally, I don't think rappers should be vilified merely because they use rap as the medium through which to tell a story. Again: it's entertainment.

            You can embark on a crusade to standardize entertainment if you like, but I kinda dig the aspect of being able to do and like what you want without being subjected to others' opinions of what they deem appropriate. Freedom's awesome that way…

            • Correct me if I’m wrong but don’t these rappers sell their lyrics as being the truth about their life? Don’t they present that they are really doing the ish they are rapping about? I mean who would buy a download or record from some lame who wasn’t smashing the broads they claimed? Didn’t have the money they were bragging on? Weren’t pushing the whips they say they got? Weren’t as street and gangsta as they promise they are? Not very many ardent fans I can tell you that. So excuse me if I and obviously others don’t think it’s entertainment for some dude who says his raps are a testament to his life brags about drugging and sexually assaulting a woman. IJS . . . .

              • Drew Smith

                I can neither agree, nor disagree with you regarding rappers’ lyrics, because I don’t know for a fact. I do, however, know that Lil’ Wayne and Rick Ross are not goons. It’s actually well-known, but no one truly cares. Rick Ross was a corrections officer. No one cares. He’s Ricky Rozay these days, and that’s just fine. You may not be able to grasp the concept of saying you did things that may not have done, but it’s quite frequent — especially in rap. It’s kinda the way it goes. And, if you REALLY think that these cats need to do much more than acknowledge a chick’s existence to get her to get naked and act right, then that’s another story…

    • Pinoche

      You must be a dumb ghetto savage.SMH

      • Drew Smith

        There should actually be a comma between two adjectives. Here’s an example: You must be an uneducated, hourly employee who should never be allowed to procreate and have ugly, retarded kids with fat, lazy women. FYI

    • SMHgurl24

      I absolutely agree that the problem comes from us. Every time someone brings attention to these people, they get what they want. The only thing we really can do is mold the expectations of what we want in the future and we do that by ignoring what we don’t like and praising what we do. People make the mistake of thinking that these artists are going to be around forever and they’re not. This is nothing but a fad that will soon die out like the rest of them. The only people who can teach morality are ourselves. We decide whats tolerable and what isn’t and what we don’t like we ignore.

  • IllyPhilly

    About Time! I hope more folks catch on quick, fast, and in a hurry.

  • Taj

    There is a petition on Change website if anyone wants to sign.

  • OliveValleydotnet

    This is great and I hope more stations follow their lead. A lot of the music I hear on the radio has garbage for lyrics so mainstream music could change a lot if there were consequences for that like no air play.

  • Pivyque

    So, ross is saying that he doesn’t condone rape just because he didn’t say the word rape? So, what is he implying by slipping something into her drink and “enjoying her” without her knowledge? Did he just watch her throw up while he laughed?? I’m confused. What did we misunderstand?

    • Keisha Samoht

      the fact that he got caught and called out for it too quickly for him to have a prepared statement from the executives of his label, or what company owns his label…

    • Keisha Samoht

      the fact that he got caught and called out for it too quickly for him to have a prepared statement from the executives of his label, or what company owns his label…

  • Guest360

    “Misinterpretation”? Honey you don’t have to say “rape” when what you actually said is the very definition of rape. I applaud this radio station for choosing not to deal with this foolishness and hope other stations follow suit. There is no limit that these fools won’t cross and while they’re sitting in their mansions living a life that’s in direct opposition to what they rap about, you’ve got people in neighborhoods emulating their music and trying to get where they are. It’s destructive and it’s time for a change.

    • Pivyque

      I just said something about that! I hope more stations take a stand!

    • Ashe

      Girl, I feel ya! Of course you can’t say “rape.” But does he even know the meaning of his own lyrics? He never did offer up an explanation as to what the lyrics meant, he just kept saying “I didn’t say rape.” So proud that this radio station took a stand, because some of these rappers are out of control.

      • Drew Smith

        If you don’t mind me asking, exactly who gets to decide what constitutes being out of control?

        • Aaron

          It’s certain things that shouldn’t be said at ALL! I’m sick of people hiding behind the first amendment.

          • Drew Smith

            You stated your opinion that certain things should never be said at ALL, which oddly enough, you’re entitled to do because of the 1st Amendment. If you intentionally employed irony, you should think about writing. If not, well… shucks.

            • Aaron

              And I’m pretty sure you buy everything these clowns come out with BUT as long as it’s not affecting you, then you don’t care. Hope you don’t have kids who want to be like them (rappers) instead of doing something more then flashing money, macking hoes, and staying high. Good job there sir.

              • Drew Smith

                After further review, you certainly should NOT think about writing…

                I started to write you back, but I have no doubt that my message will go right over your head. That’s disinteresting.

                • Aaron

                  Uh huh but agree with Raven who just said that same thing I said about kids in different words. Hmm…

                  • Drew Smith

                    Aaron, the words she used were precise, well-structured and weren’t written from a place of perceived anger; as such, they warranted a response. Your words were accusatory, vague and quasi-sarcastic; as such, they didn’t warrant a response.

                    • Aaron

                      Yeah just wasn’t lengthy and straight to the point. She used an example and I doubt you even know what case she is talking about, BUT Google can help you with that. You question was, “Who are we impose what we deem to be fit topics?”. WE are the consumers, the ones that give men like these their status and fame. IF 100,000 buyers take a stand against their lyrics, you think that won’t be felt? No everyone in this nation has a computer or smart phone. If the radio is their only source of music, how would they know about a new single if radio doesn’t play it. Harmful and cruel things like the stuff they are talking about should be taken off the air. It may take a village to raise a child but if the village sucks then it’s on you. Stop putting the responsbility off on others and be accountable for what you can and cannot control.

                    • Drew Smith

                      Aaron, you communicate like an agitated woman. Stop using words like “sure” and “doubt” when referencing another man and who he is, or what he knows. It shows a lack of composure on your behalf; thus, rendering the remainder of your message obsolete. That’s for your information moving forward…

                      You will NEVER control what a true artist creates; that’s why they’re the artist, and no one knows who you are. Act accordingly. You don’t like lyrics? Awesome — don’t listen to them. I assure you that a “consumer” of an artist’s material will not jump ship and be anti-artist on accord of a couple of lines in one rap song. It doesn’t work that way.

                      If a person doesn’t have a computer or a smart phone, they’re virtually invisible as a potential consumer. That point sucked.

                      Everything’s harmful and cruel these days. Who cares? Don’t listen, read, or watch the harmful and cruel things then. I swear this country is getting completely watered down. You do NOT have the right to NOT be offended.

                      Are you talking specifically to me with this village stuff? I’m not putting any responsibility off on anyone. Fortunately, my “village” is comprised of highly educated and gainfully employed family and friends who are also stand-up citizens. My kid, my nieces and nephews and my friends’ kids are all kicking butt in sports and school, are respectful and love having fun and being kids. And, guess what? They even know some rap songs! *gasp*

                    • Aaron

                      You couldn’t break my composure if you tried, but we go to insults cause you can’t get me to think as you think. I was talking in general but you took it upon yourself to take it to heart. Good job

                    • Drew Smith

                      Aaron, knock it off. There’s no “we” — you’re a man, and these are women with whom you’re identifying on a blog. I’m sure you’re happy, but you aren’t one of them, and you will never be. Men don’t “go to insults” over bullsh*t like words on a blog. I KNOW you can’t think as I think; we’re different species, buddy. Have an excellent night.

                    • Liza Ricardo

                      So your educated and well written response to Aaron is to boast of a family full of educated and gainfully employed people thereby inferring that Aaron is in noway of your ilk? That sir is called obfuscation and not a proper mode of discuss for ANY issue. Now your free speech, we have a right to do what theyhell we want argument is, to use the ultra right stance of if you dont like it then turn a blind eye and say who the hell cares? Wow what an unshakable, novel and well thougt out argument! (I am sue you will recognize that as sarcasm given your immense powers of observation). So no one should care if every white person says little black boys in hoodies eating skittles are an inherent menace to society because the mere fact they are black means we should fear them and shoot first and ask question later. Free speech so who the hell cares, no one will be influenced by that right? If we are bombarded with messages that kids need to be molested and the man boy love association should have a presence at every school in our country because it everyone right to sleep with who or what they want, then who cares because its free speech and we should not feel offended by those ideas at all right? need I go on? You do understand the process of both inductive and deductive logic right? Oh I could say take my word, it comes from a Harvard educated lawyer but what does such a boast accomplish?

                    • Drew Smith

                      Liza, if you are a Harvard educated lawyer, then that is an epic indictment of a once proud institute of higher learning’s ability to vet people who wish to matriculate. Your message is virtually illegible.

                      From what I could muster, however, I’ll respond with this much: Aaron is not of my ilk; not in any way, shape, form or fashion. He argues from a position rife with pathos, which doesn’t suffice in this forum, as there isn’t a jury present to decide what the price tag should be for pain and suffering. Logos and ethos reign supreme here, and all logos considered, he hasn’t the wherewithal to properly engage in worthwhile debate.

                      Finally, not a single individual the world over has lived their life in such a way as to be in a position to decide what constitutes moral responsibility for others. I love the idealism from all the people who’ve chosen to respond on this thread, but you’re also the same ones who’ll easily accept an invite to the VIP section of the club from Wayne or Rick if given the opportunity. That may not be you specifically (as you appear to be a tad mature, if you will, for that scene), but I trust that with your extensive educational background, you get my drift.

                    • Read a book

                      You sound like the textbook definition of a sexist. How apathetic and thought-deprived you are.

                    • Drew Smith

                      I’ll take being called a sexist on the chin, as you can barely burp in public these days without being dubbed as such. Apathetic is an excellent word, but you misused it in this context. As for being thought-deprived, take a look at my comments, then proceed with getting serious. There’s no way I’m thought-deprived. Hell, I have to dumb it down for the vast majority of you people just so you can understand enough of what I write to give me a down-vote. Don’t just read a book; grasp the f*cking concepts within it!

                    • knowyourrights

                      Please, stop the misogyny, and you might find that there’s a whole other half of the population that you can learn from. (Hint: your mother belongs to this side of the population ;).)

                    • Drew Smith

                      I’ve learned a ton and continue to learn a ton from my mother and 4 older sisters. Thanks for the lesson, though…

                • CarlaKah

                  You sound like the type of guy who will blame the date raped lady for even drinking champagne at that party while wearing something provocative. Say nay if I’m lying.

                  • Drew Smith

                    “Nay.” Furthermore, that’s just silly, Carla. Come on. I’m REALLY going to blame a victim of a crime??? Is it now fair for me to weigh in on what I think of you based upon your comment?

                    • CarlaKah

                      Go ahead, weigh in! I told you what you sound like, when reading your comments out loud. That is my opinion as a woman who has dealt with boys and men that speak and write in this way. At least 8 people agree with me… Now IF you consider yourself to be different, I suggest you act accordingly.

                    • Drew Smith

                      Well, CarlaKah, my thoughts go as follows: You are obviously quick to pounce on a man and draw absolutely absurd conclusions based upon what you THINK a message states, which makes you combative (read: VERY angry black woman) and virtually undatable as far as accomplished men go. You probably already know that based upon the type of men who can tolerate you for longer than a month. Moving on…

                      You didn’t even try to comprehend my message(s), which — if you actually read — never once mentioned anything about placing blame on a woman. I didn’t even elude to that — and I’m excellent at eluding to, insinuating or otherwise implying conclusions. Instead, my message(s) was rooted in the freedom of speech and the freedom to entertain however one sees fit. I suppose you did what you could with what you had in the way of intelligence, though. (<— derision, FYI)

                      Now, as for your 8 little minions who clicked a "^" — they probably did so because your name is CarlaKah and mine is Drew Smith, which likely make us woman and man, respectively. Apparently, the mere aspect of being a woman and commenting practically guarantees up-votes, unless you write something intelligent that goes against the grain. The long and short: I wouldn't put too much stock in the up-votes of mindless drones. But, feel free to eat your pretty, little heart out… Good day, ma'am.

                    • CarlaKah

                      At first I wanted to stop reading at “very angry black woman”. You calling me that, proved my point. Only certain types of men deem it necessary to call a woman of color ” very angry black woman”, because it invalidates whatever her statements were. Moreover it shows how you generalize black women in general. After all I am angry so I’m probably unreasonable and dramatic right ? Sorry but I will not entertain your misogyny anymore. You could also allow yourself to understand that you aren’t the only one on this site who can read, write, analyze and discuss.

                      You do not know my relationship status nor if I care about money of status when allowing love in my life. You do not even know where I live so it is funny how you have (not) figured me out.

                      I responded to what I had read of your comments so far. Use that information however you feel like. As I, a calm woman, have freedom of speech too. Also, I read your comments when they were relevant. I will not go over them again. There is no point in discussing this any further with you. You have shown just how damaged and negative your thinking is towards (black) women who disagree with you (or “lack the necessary intelligence” to comprehend the problematic statements that you typed and sent my way). If you have payed attention you will have noticed that I addressed you as an individual and not as a color. Learn from that.

                      I hope you find the peace your are obviously looking for. I know you won’t find it on this site. My accomplished family wishes you a good day as well.

              • knight6945

                @Aaron, I agree but the problem is that there are so many young parents, even Teen Parents nowadays still supports these 2 clowns hard. Which it’s very sad.

            • knowyourrights

              First amendment does not protect racist, sexist, discriminatory language (ie hate speech)… it does not protect speech that serves no other purpose than to attack others.

        • I believe that he can say whatever he wants and should. Afterwards, he should put on his big boy pants and accept whatever backlash, consequences ect that come with it. Furthermore, there is something to be said when two of the young men in photo’s with the Stubenville rape victim, abusing her, are young black men and then Rick Ross has a lyric about putting something in a young lady’s drink. As a whole, we should be telling artists that these are sensitive subjects and should be handled tactfully and not just in a way to make money. It takes a village to raise a child and our “village” sucks.

          • Drew Smith

            Agreed on all points — in theory, though. At the end of the day, we can tell artists anything we like, but if that doesn’t fall in line with their creative direction, who are we to impose what we deem to be fit topics upon them? I didn’t even want to bring up the topics of children, as it’s a huge one. But, yes, our “village” sucks like sh*t. Good talk, Raven.

            • skry

              Aye. You can’t tell an artist not to do what they truly feel they must, but you’re not bound to like or play their music either.

        • COMMON SENSE constitutes what is out of control.

          • Drew Smith

            Common sense is a “what.” I asked “who…” The latter refers to an actual person.

          • Having multiple kids with bum-ass men is considered “common sense” in the blk community.

            • I have no children and a very good husband so if by chance you are aiming that at me, yuh missed. He’s giving the definition of rape and and knowing half of these fools they’ll just follow, claiming “Rick Ross said…………”! So telling me he’s an artist with lots of money means jack squat to me, I will neither fund nor tolerate their BS. Reason number 1 as to why I will not pay for anything they sell and I will continue to change the channel. “Multiple kids with bum-ass men”, lmfaoooooooooooooo

              • No that statement was not directed at you personally.Just making a correlation b/w your statement,and a reality all too prevalent in the blk community.

            • Here you go… LMAO

        • CarlaKah

          rape victims for one??

        • Just saying!!

          We (the people) do!!

        • Society gets to decide!

      • Drew Smith

        If you don’t mind me asking, exactly who gets to decide what constitutes being out of control?

      • Keisha Samoht

        exactly! Yeah u didnt say rape but you may as well have because you most certainly did give a very in depth description of it…

      • knight1014

        Hip Hop just ain’t the same and it’s going to get worse anyways, that’s why we need to support Underground Hip Hop (Real Hip Hop). Mainstream Hip Hop is getting ridiculous which it’s why so many youths are so out of control.

    • I think that Drew Smith person is just playing Devil’s Advocate and it seemed to work…

      • SheBe

        Exactly. I think his original point was missed entirely.

  • Good! There has to be a level that even they won’t cross. I hope this inspires more stations to do the same.

    • Drew Smith

      Cheekee Baby, I trust all is well on your end. Why does there need to be a level they won’t cross? Is that not censorship, and against their right to free speech? Who are any of us to be so cavalier as to decide what is acceptable (non-illegal) behavior from someone else?

      • karmellkreem

        He still has the freedom to say whatever he wants – the radio station just won’t be playing it, and that’s their right. If the act itself is illegal, one should make a song about it.

        • I agree. Freedom of speech is all well and fine but Lil Wayne and Rick Ross need radio play in order to keep having the platform they do to spew this crap. I would gladly support any radio station that decides they don’t want any part in broadcasting that reprehensible nonsense. I wish more would take that stand. Enough is enough already.

        • Drew Smith

          Fair enough, but understand this much: A radio station without music, appearances, drops (e.g., “This is Jay-Z and you’re listening to the Hot 7 at 7 on 95.5.), new features, collaborations, concert tix, backstage contests from the hottest artist out won’t be in business for very long. It’s a two-way street, to say the least. And, a radio station in Michigan??? Get serious. Call me when Power 106 in LA signs up.

          • memphisrusty

            Scuse me punk? Detroit is the 4th largest radio market in the country. Granted this station is in Muskegon, which has about 11 people, lol…

            • Drew Smith

              Point: Punk

      • I’m all freedom of speech just like I’m all for radio stations determining that they won’t play that filth. They are free to say what they want just better be ready for the backlash.

        • Drew Smith

          To you it may be filth, but it’s obvious — from the money these fellows are making — that everyone doesn’t share the same opinion. And, what’s the real impact of backlash? More publicity to “explain” what they actually meant, and premiere new music. Bring on the backlash.

          • Backlash that they will turn off a certain percentage of their audience/fanbase and ultimately sink into irrelevancy. One can only hope that it happens sooner rather than later.

            • &.

              He has his first amendment rights but anything that is harmful towards another is actually against the first amendment, in which rape is.

              • I agree.Just like”MISANDRY” against the blk man is harmful,yet blk women gleefully indulge and/or benefit from it.

                • You’re just full of these lines… Do you regurgitate them naturally or do you need to stick a finger down your throat? I hope it’s the latter, it will give you less time to both talk and type. Get a brain & stop watching so much television! And while you’re at it, dude-get a life!

                  • So you disagree?It would be nice to bring something of substance to refute my statement.But like most blk/w,you resort to insults instead of facts.Misandry in action!

    • Drew Smith

      Cheekee Baby, I trust all is well on your end. Why does there need to be a level they won’t cross? Is that not censorship, and against their right to free speech? Who are any of us to be so cavalier as to decide what is acceptable (non-illegal) behavior from someone else?

  • thank god!!

  • Sagittarius81

    I wish they can do the same in here Chicago. God, I miss Pac and Biggie!

  • Sagittarius81

    I wish they can do the same in here Chicago. God, I miss Pac and Biggie!

    • Keisha Samoht

      nah Wgci and Power 92 might have to be pushed into doin that.

      • knight6945

        Maybe WGCI but Power 92? nah, that’s not gonna happened, that’s why I haven’t listened to those stations in last 9 years. I don’t know why Power 92 hasn’t done Throwback Thursdays anymore like they did 5 years ago. They need REAL HIP HOP BACK. I’m talking Rakim, Gang Starr, Big L, Fat Joe, Nas, more 80s/ 90s more Underrated Underground Rappers, Plus More East Coast/ Chicago Rappers like Common, Twista, EC Illa,

        • Keisha Samoht

          Yeah Wgci might cause they r clear channel owned; so they more than likely will listen to them….

      • knight6945

        Plus that’s why I only listen to V103/ Soul 106.3, otherwise my CD Underground/ Hip Hop mixtapes all day (Hip Hop Era from 1980s to 1997/ Underground (all years to present). No Hip Hop/ R&B stations for me anymore. WGCI used to be tight until like 8-9 years ago when Southern Hip hop became so popular. Ugh!!

    • Keisha Samoht

      nah Wgci and Power 92 might have to be pushed into doin that.