STILL Can’t Believe Ya’ll Procreated: Lauren London Talks Co-Parenting With Lil Wayne, His Health And The State Of Her Career On “Wendy”

March 27, 2013  |  

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Lauren London on the big or small screen like that in a big role, and that probably has a lot to do with the fact that she has a three-year-old son at the house that she’s a doting mom to. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably already know that the gorgeous actress brought her son into the world with the help of rapper Lil Wayne. The shock over their choice to procreate together (more or less, the fact that she wanted to get down with the get down with him) has come and gone, and clearly, London is back to work, but it doesn’t mean people don’t have questions about it all. Well, really, just Wendy Williams does.

While on The Wendy Williams Show with Brandy and Jay Ellis to promote season 6 of The Game, in the short time that London was on the couch, Williams asked the actress about her new character, Keira Whitaker, a child star who is a “hot a** mess” on the show, but she really spent more time inquiring about her “baby’s father” (Wayne) and how having the baby at a time when her career was hot might have affected it after she had him. She made it the central topic after London brought him up as a reason why she doesn’t engage in after-hour shindigs with the cast. Here was their exchange, which starts around the 2:55 mark in the video below:

Wendy: Lauren’s baby’s father is the rapper Lil Wayne, and you two are no longer together, right?

London: No. We’re great friends though.

Wendy: You’re friend’s And you co-parent?

Lauren: Yes, of course.

Wendy: And is it difficult being a single parent in Hollywood?

Lauren: I think it’s difficult being a single parent period. For me, with my job, luckily I can bring him to work–

Wendy: –Cause I remember early in your career you were in a few projects and then you fell off the map. Then you had the baby. Do you feel as though you lost traction?

Lauren: You know what…No, because life happens. As an actor, your depth as an actor comes from life experience. And I think it just gave me life experience.

Wendy: How is Lil Wayne doing health wise?

Lauren: He’s great! His album comes out today! He’s really good.

Wendy: More money for you, girl…

Lauren: I make my own though.

Wendy: Isn’t that nice?

Lauren: Yes, my mother taught me well.

So glad to see that London handled such a line of questioning with class, because she could have been mum about it all, or acted a fool. Much respect, because we know how Wendy’s mouth can get. Check out their interaction below and let us know your thoughts!

By the way, did you check out the season premiere?

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  • Nina


    with other single black, white girls and men in your city.. It is

    my favorite club for mixed love….

  • really

    why do people still go on her talk show, then again watching her talk to white guests vs. black ones there is a real difference

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  • Little Ms. Know-It-All

    I’m sorry, but who is Lauren London kidding? She is barely with her son because busy messing around with Trey Songz and leaving the kid with her mom.

    Wayne was mad at her for spending Christmas w/ Trey and leaving the baby with her mom. They were spotted in VA (Where Trey is from) out and about and hitting the clubs.

    When Trey’s little brothers graduated last May, she was at the graduation party… Where was her son? With his maternal grandmother…

    • Chey

      wtf? You ackin like you know these people or something…

    • Candice

      I feel what you are saying. However, she does need a little time to herself (hanging with friends) you don’t stop living because you have a child. And to be honest, if Wayne was “so” upset about it he should be keep the child when she going out. If what you are saying is true then both of them wrong and not just Lauren London

      • Candice


  • Atin

    I’m not a big fan of Wendy. I think Lauren handled it well, and she very ladylike.

  • word

    I would be embarrassed to be lil wayne’s child’s mother…

  • TeahMonae

    If I was a celebrity, I would be terrified to go on Wendy! You never know what’s gonna come out of her mouth!

    • Nikki

      I’d be like Bey and refuse to go. That woman probably rehearses what she is going to say, just to be sure she catches you off guard.

  • NikkitaMichelle

    She handled Wendy appropriately so good for her.
    But, girl ATL was a million years ago. Quit playing like you weren’t living off of those child support checks waiting to get onto the Game.

    • Sean

      Umm you must forgot she been on Tyler perry movie, single ladies and other stuff like that. And on top of that she gets royalties. So yeah I’m sure Wayne money is helping but let’s not act like she don’t or can’t make her own money.

      • Nonya

        She had a couple cameos on Single Ladies but i don’t remember which TP movie she was in. I don’t really like the way she acts cause it just seems like her character always has this attitude or chip on her shoulder.

        • sabrina

          Madea’s Big Happy Family!! I don’t even remember her acting in that film. I just remember Teyana Taylor sholllll was annoying with the whole “Byraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnn” thing.

          • &.

            She was also in “This Christmas” with Chris Brown. She’s been in other movies besides ATL.

    • Me, Myself & I

      Nothing wrong with her living off of those child support checks it beats living off the government & as long as it (child support checks) helped her to get back on her feet to also take care of her child & I wish her nothing but success in her career.

  • Trisha_B

    We all knew she was gonna bring up Wayne, even Lauren knew that. But to say something about money, making it seem like Lauren is a gold digger is so disrespectful. Its not like we hear wayne being dragged to court by lauren & others for child support or custody, so why would Wendy even make that statement? Smh. Brandys face was hilarious when wendy brought up wayne…Lauren & wayne are good at keeping the baby out of the public. It is possible to be a celeb & have people not know what your child looks like. She said she wants her kid to grow up normal, out of the limelight & shes doing that

  • kickash

    This is typical behavior for Wendy she’s so annoying. But Lauren handled that interview well. People know when they are coming to an interview w/ Wendy she’s gonna try it w/ these lil comments you just gotta be quick on your feet and shut her down.

  • Dani

    Smh Wendy knew better.. I competely understand that’s her job and she loves it when people go off on her. But she should at try and draw a line somewhere. But go London for not falling for Wendy’s tricks and making an butt out of yourself.

  • GirlSixx

    LOL.. Leave it to Wendy to TRY IT!! (‘more money for you”) Lauren handled it well though.

    • Nonya

      She just said what EVERYONE was/is thinking; what’s the big deal.

      • bigdede

        Exactly, because we haven’t seen Lauren in a real role in a long time. Even before she had Wayne’s baby

        • Darienisabadgirl

          Thats a lie. She was in 3 Movies before she got pregnant, and she has done tv shows and a movie afterwards

      • Pivyque

        Right lol Outside of Toya and Nivea, it’s just hard for me to believe that someone would like Lil Wayne for something other than his money. I know that he may be a great person and completely different from his rapper persona, but…he’s not attractive at all to me…lol

        • Trisha_B

          “He’s not attractive at all to ME” keyword me. What you view has nothing to do w/ how Lauren views someone. Lauren knew Wayne way before he blew up. & I remember seeing pics of them together at basketball games, around her new new days. Personality makes up for looks. Idk how many times I came in contact w/a beautiful man, only to talk to him & actually see how unattractive he is. Im sure if it was about the money, that baby would be all over the internet & hear about child support fight every other month. Just b/c shes not a A-lister & isnt in every movie, doesnt mean she cant support her own.

          • Pivyque

            Ok? After saying all of that, you only reiterated my point, which was that he is not attractive at all to ME. Prior to me saying that, I recognized that he could be a better person than his image showcases.

            ” I know that he may be a great person and completely different from his rapper persona” <– Maybe you missed that part, hmmm? Carry on, please.