NeNe Vows To Stand By Her ‘Little Sister’ Porsha Stewart And Seemingly Hints That She Peeped Kordell’s Game Early On

March 26, 2013  |  

Source: Twitter


Earlier today, the shocking news that retired NFL star Kordell Stewart filed for divorce from his wife, Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Stewart broke. While most of the general public did not see this coming, in a rather vague tweet, Porsha’s co-star NeNe Leakes seems to be hinting that she noticed something sketchy about Kordell from early on. She also expressed that she is standing behind her co-star during this difficult time.


While we’re not exactly sure about which aspect of Kordell’s character Leakes is referring to, or if the character comment was even in reference to him at all, we do know that she was very disapproving of the way that Kordell tried to control Porsha.

“I really like Porsha, and even feel like a big sister to her […] It appears that Kordell is talking to his daughter and not his wife! Porsha can’t seem to do much without getting permission from Kordell […] I will never talk to Porsha about her relationship again, but if she ever wants to talk to me, I’m here!” Leakes wrote in a blog post earlier this month.”

In other Kordell and Porsha divorce news, a representative of the retired NFL player released a statement to Hip Hollywood regarding his impending divorce. The statement reads:

“This is a personal and private family matter for Kordell and his family. This was a very difficult decision for Kordell. I hope everyone understands. Kordell’s ongoing concern has been and remains his son’s best interest.”


Good thing Porsha has the support of NeNe and her family to help her though this challenging time.



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  • i love that NeNe has her back! i do not understand people’s dislike of porsha. what has she done to you? nada. she’s a beautiful woman,that’s why.

  • I think Kordella got tired of women….hhmmmm

  • I think Kordella got tired of women….hhmmmm

  • Dez

    dang…and she had her mans back 100% (from what we saw on the show). damned if u do damned if u dont. wish her the best….i really started liking her as the season went on.

  • kierah

    He took her back to “Williams” with a quickness, didn’t he?

  • MissRealuminatti

    Kornell should start dating Walter.

  • guest5

    Porsha is def. a “blonde” but she does seem to have a good heart. She put up with more from Kordell than I ever would’ve. Porsha needs to discover her own purpose in life and maybe NeNe can help with that. Greg is certainly putting in work to get back with NeNe. lol.
    Let Kordell marry a true blonde; that’s who they turn to anyway. But a bet that “blonde” will have a nanny! SMH. Shame how Porsha did everything asked of Kordell and he is still not happy! Sad….

  • ShayShay1

    Good thing they did not go ahead with thier plans for a baby.

    • MissRealuminatti

      God has a way

  • He saw the show and didn’t like how he was portrayed in RHOA and didn’t like how she portrayed the marriage and he went awol and decided to file for divorce – simple.

  • My thoughts are that “reality shows” only exasperate shaky relationships and/or marriages. If you live your life in a fish bowl, be prepared for the cracks in the bowl to give way! Is fifteen minutes of reality TV fame really worth it?

  • Ms_Mara

    “Irretrievably broken sounds like an affair or some other kind of betrayal. Very surprising that HE was the one to file. But from seeing how controlling he was, maybe it’s for the best.

  • mrs. chef

    She needed to leave her daddy any way. She needs to find someone her age and that she can agree with on where her life is going, Kordell first marriage didn’t work now this one. The common denominator in each is, Kordell!

  • NeaJ

    She should take comfort in knowing that she no longer has to wake up next to his hammer-head shark a** anymore!

  • dddooonnnttt

    Holla ‘Aint No Prenup!’ ‘ Aint No Prenup!’

    • GirlSixx

      Yeah no prenup Buuuut they haven’t been married 2yrs yet. Don’t sleep on Kordell.. something is definitely up he ain’t no fool. She will walk away with something but NOT HALF..

      • I know he is being awfully cocky so there has to be something up, so she needs to go get a good high priced attorney and get him. Be fair, but don’t walk away with nothing.

        • MissRealuminatti

          I hope she don’t hire Phaedra to represent her!

          • You tried it! rofl

            • MissRealuminatti

              She represented me when I divorced Mr.Realuminatti. It was a hot mess!

          • texastea

            U right. I don’t think Phaedra is all she seems or wants to be as an attorney. Don’t think she is on Geragos, Allred, Mesereau level.

      • dddooonnnttt

        I don’t know. It seems that would apply if she was the one that filed, but we’ll see how this plays out, cause somethings fishy for real. *puts popcorn in the microwave*

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  • “Everyone thinks I have a picture perfect life…..and I do.” I wonder what Porsha’s opening phrase will be next season.

    • MyrtleUrkel

      I can be anything
      Take a look
      It’s in a book
      A Reading Rainbow

      • Kai

        Lawd!! Take me now!!! You just brightened my day!!!

      • T

        OMG, I just spit out my drink reading this LOL….

      • Lmao too funny

      • guest2

        Levar Burton was the ISH! LOL! They don’t make good t.v. shows for kids like they use to…we has so many good shows! 80s babies!!!! lol.

        • texastea

          Yeah. And Kordell probably done had a piece of Levar Burton too!

      • I keep coming back to this….too funny

      • I keep coming back to this….too funny

      • I keep coming back to this….too funny

      • I keep coming back to this….too funny