Movie Villains We Love To Hate: 11 On-Screen Bad Guys And Girls We Absolutely Couldn’t Stand

March 26, 2013  |  
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While some people watch movies and quietly root for the villain (no lie, I thought Bane in The Dark Knight Rises was bad a**!), many of us do the complete opposite–we watch these cocky, disrespectful, distasteful and often violent characters with disgust. Some are so good at being bad that we equate the actors with these characters for a long time, and some are eerily effective, to the point that you watch the character, act like you know them, and scoff at the fact that you dislike them so much. If you ever say, “UGH!” when you watch these movies, or shake your head at these characters a few times, then you’ll probably agree that they were villains you loved to hate.

Sanaa Lathan in The Family That Preys

If you watched just 30 minutes of The Family That Preys and viewed Lathan as Andrea, you were probably just as sick of her as we were. She was a conniving cheater, dogging out her hard-working and fine man (Rockmond Dunbar) for the town’s stuck-up socialite and trust-fund baby. And in the end, she revealed that *SPOILER* the son her husband thought was his blood was a product of her affair. She didn’t even look remorseful at all! Who else wanted to reach through the screen and shake her real good???

Michael Ealy in For Colored Girls

Nothing is more annoying to watch than an abusive man who is constantly paranoid about his woman leaving him. But wait, there is something annoying: watching an abusive man *SPOILER* throw his children to their deaths from a high-rise apartment building as a form of revenge towards his woman. Michael Ealy, who had always been so delicious in most films, gained weight, a beard and a horrible attitude for this role, and he aced it. Because to us, Beau Willie was the scum of the earth.

Danny Glover in The Color Purple

What would a list of villains be without the miserable and abusive character of Mr., aka, Albert, in The Color Purple? He originally went after Celie’s sister Nettie in a predatory way, and when she runs away, Mr. settles for Celie. He ends up mistreating her, beating her, bringing another woman into their home (Shug) and verbally abusing her. When Celie eventually stands up for herself and seeks independence, he of course tries to come back around and make amends. Probably because she put that voodoo on him (“Until you do right by me, everything you even think about gonna fail”). Too little, too late.

Tupac in Juice

Don’t get me wrong, I loved looking at Tupac as Bishop in Juice, but everyone knows his character was something evil. They were the Wrecking Crew! They were all they had, but once Bishop had that thirst for the “juice,” he went from robbing folks, to killing his friends and his enemies alike. He turned into a sociopath with a killer Gumby fade overnight, so much so that he was cold-blooded enough to go to the funeral of the best friend he shot!

Mo’Nique in Precious

Every mother gets on their child’s nerves at least once, but you should kiss the ground your mother walks on if she’s nothing like Mo’Nique’s character of welfare receiving, fried chicken eating, pan and TV throwing Mary Lee Johnston. Her  brand of verbal abuse was like nothing most viewing audience members had seen before, and it didn’t help that she looked a hot mess 99 percent of the time. I think I was officially ready to watch her fall in a ditch when she threw Precious’ newborn son on the couch when Precious tried to return home after giving birth. Eeeeeeevil.

Tiny Liston in Friday

Just because Deebo was a villain in a comedy doesn’t make him any less ruthless and worthy to be disgusted at. Looking like a 7-foot-tall oversized bully in his plaid button down riding a stolen bike, Deebo was any hardworking person’s nightmare. He would knock you out for what you had, and steal what he needed rather than work for anything. And being a woman beater with skid marks in his drawls was the last straw! Watching the chubby but very cute Ice Cube take down this Goliath-looking mug was a joy to see…

Dean “Big Brother” Almighty in School Daze

You probably didn’t expect to see this name, but I was personally not a fan of Dean (AT ALL). He was cocky and color-struck, treating the Gamma pledges like crap and doing the absolute no-no: forcing his girlfriend (Tisha Campbell-Martin) to sleep with Gamma pledge Darryl (Spike Lee) in order to prove her love. Sadly for her, Dean used her decision to give it up to the Gammite as an excuse to finally dump her, pretending that SHE had betrayed him. Who else wanted to slap that part out of his head?

Nino Brown in New Jack City

As cool as Nino Brown looked in his colorful attire and gold chains, there’s nothing cool about a ruthless drug dealer who leads an even more ruthless drug ring (“Rock-a-bye-baby!”). He had no qualms with stealing his boy’s woman, and later killing him (Gee Money was my crush, damn you Ninooooo!), using little children as shields from rival bullets and just taking part in other shady things. He gladly watched people in his community succumb to drug use, and it’s only fitting that an older member of the community had to take him out…

Lawrence Fisburne in What’s Love Got To Do With It

Moving in with Ike Turner was the worst thing a young Anna Mae Bullock could have done for herself, because once they fell in love and got married, all hell broke loose with the success that came with it. From threatening her in front of other people, beating her while under the influence, cheating on her and giving attitude as her status started to take off more than his own, Ike Turner was insufferable. And what makes this character all the more scary and hard to watch was the fact that it was based on real life.

Thandie Newton in Beloved

She wasn’t out here trying to kill folks, but in the adapted film version, Beloved was as crazy as crazy gets. She was out here trying to put a spell on Paul D to make him have sex with her (mind you, Paul D was in love with her mother, Sethe), and turned the world of her mother and sister, Denver, upside down. She tore up their home, kept Sethe from working, took all the attention away from her sister, and was just a terror with her shrill baby voice. In the end, she turned into a spoiled, fat, overgrown child who in her return to life made the lives of those around her miserable. She wasn’t necessarily a “villain” if you go by the textbook definition, but she was definitely a huge annoyance.

Brian White in I Can Do Bad All By Myself

I’m not a fan of Brian White in real life, but I definitely wasn’t a fan of his character of Randy, the boyfriend of April (Taraji P. Henson), who happens to be very married and with children. The character was always trying to boss April around, and he was just an a** to her friends and family, including her niece and nephews, and very fine house guest Sandino (Adam Rodriguez). But what was the icing on the cake was the fact that he tried to sexually assault her niece Jennifer and then lied about it. April of course let him go, but tried to electrocute his behind before he hit the exit.

Which villains would you add to the list?

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