Gentlemen Uncensored: Sex And Patriarchy, Part 2

March 26, 2013  |  

If you caught the last episode of Gentlemen Uncensored, you’d know there was a bit of unfinished business. The fellas jumped into a discussion on sex and what you should do if your sex drive isn’t matching your partner’s, but somewhere along the way the convo got a bit sidetracked by bigger overarching issues like traditionalism and patriarchy. Check out the next part, as TMor gets the guys back on track and tries to offer  up real solutions to this very real issue.




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  • WOW!!

    Maybe just maybe Carlos is learning something.

  • Cali

    thank goodness for Tmor, he the onliest one makin’ sense up in hea…

  • Meyaka

    Tmor…. Thank you. If he doesn’t get to speak more,I’m outta here.

    • wifemamaboss

      I agree. I like the other married guy too. They need a few guys like those two.

  • Nina

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  • koitu

    oh Tmor…..impressed..

  • koitu

    superiority is based on inferiority. Carlos you stupid is showing……too late to do damage control.

  • Yay!

    Thank god for Tmor! He brought the good sense back to the convo. What he said was exactly right for both men and women. I’ll keep watching.

    • Love

      I love Tmor! And Chris.

  • hollyw

    LMBO I like how Carlos trying to backtrack now from his earlier ignorance, naaah brotha, WE REMEMBA!!

    Talking about the superiority of a man doesn’t mean the inferiority of a woman, smdh that doesn’t even make sense! He seems to have no self-awareness or how his sexist ideals still ooze out of his edited statements lol, as well as no real concept of loyalty. Try as he might, he just cannot see a woman as more than the sum of her parts, b/c he has repeatedly described her as such in these scenes. What does us bleeding and your pen|s have to do with us having your back and you not having ours in the same way??

    I was with Ainsley on Part 1, but I dislike how he’d give (or already has given) a woman a pass for sexual deeds…it shows he devalues himself and/or his esteem of women in general…but I’ll stay tuned.

  • FAMURattler85

    I give TMor’s response 2 thumbs up.

  • UdonNo

    these dudes is foogazy– why not get a REAL representation of all types of brothas that sisters meet on a daily. aint no sister gonna meet a dude who wears a fedora — wheres the dude with the fitted –or the dude you see everytime you leave your house, or the UPS dude? throw some guys like that in there and then u will see some real ish. these dudes look like they came outta madame noir’s vision board ! hahaha

    • FAMURattler85

      I agree, there should be more “everyday dudes” included in this discussion.

    • TeahMonae

      Really? When I got out I see plently of brothers that dress/look like the ones in the video. Guess it depends on where you are.

      • hollyw

        I was thinking the same thing, these ARE the everyday dudes in my neighborhood, or when I go out. Buppies (Black Urban Professionals)…

    • Cali

      I think if you were being filmed, you’d wanna look your best too. We don’t know what they all do for a living – maybe they’re “everyday dudes” who are dressing to impress for the camera. I mean dayum, if they were bumming people would complain about that! lol

      • UdonNo

        u moron. so jeans and a hoodie is bumming? say that to mark zuckerberg— yo moron.

  • Chiyoko

    I’m so glad Tmor finally got to speak. His tone, his experience, his (apparently not-so) common sense brought the conversation back to basics. If this series continues, I really hope he gets to speak more.

    • emjay

      LOL it looked like he was asleep back there like he didn’t even have the energy for that mess

  • By definition, in order for a man or anyone to be superior, someone needs to be inferior. Just like you can’t have an upper class in America if there is no lower class. Men and women are not the same TRUE. But they are equal, both play different roles in a relationship that are EQUALLY important.

    • love

      I like how you worded it.