14 Behaviors Women Let Men Get Away With Too Often

March 28, 2013 ‐ By Julia Austin


Women are understanding and accommodating by nature. We evolved to be that way, as caretakers of the children. But sometimes, we get confused about our roles, and we let our men behave like children, therein cheating ourselves of someone who really fulfills the word “partner.” Here are 14 behaviors women let men get away with far too much!

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  • bob

    Treat him like a child (see above suggestions) and that’s exactly what you’ll get.

  • CarlaKah

    I have dealt with everyone of these 14 things and I call them dealbreakers now. It took me 7 years to get here though, without being angry at men anymore or myself. I am 27.

  • Crossroads

    God made man and it was good………God made woman and it was excellent…… (: ……….
    The world would be a harder and more cruel place without them……..

  • Akiko

    This should be titled “14 Behaviors Women Like Me Let Men Get Away With Too Often”.

  • Akiko

    This should be titled “14 Behaviors Women Like Me Let Men Get Away With Too Often”.

  • sabrina

    OMG this was the story of my life with my ex-boyfriend. But I learned to not EVER accept this behavior again because it truly is unacceptable.

  • vanelle22

    You know I always asked myself that. If I didn’t have my own place or my own car would he want to be with me? And if I ask myself this doesn’t necessarily mean its an automatic yes. I always over analyze things because that’s just how I am.

    I had a good conversation with my friend not too long ago about my smothering my guy as far as taking care of this and that when he is short and so on and so on. She told me she was in a relationship with a female (she is gay) and how she (my friend) was paying the bills and her girlfriend was doing small jobs here and there. My friend asked herself….is this how she wants to spend the rest of her life? no. Because she knows there is more out there, and by staying in this relationship she nor her girlfriend could accomplish the things they “needed” to better themselves as individuals. So her and her girl broke up, my friend moved out of state to move in with me (she was on old roommate from college) to get a better job and now she has a good career, as far as her ex she is in school about to become a nurse.

    I think what womens biggest fear is, is that when you have a guy and you try your best to help him to get a good job and this and that. You realize that it isn’t working because he is lazy or don’t want to work. So you break up with him……and months later you find out he is working and got a new girlfriend taking care of her and bills and so forth. I know it would crush us to see something like that especially when us women try to aide our man…….but we can’t dwell on things like that because if it wasn’t meant to be it wasn’t meant to be.

    • Veronica

      @ vanelle – A real man would never let his woman carry him through life. I learned this lesson the hard way when I was dating a bum!!! I too asked the question, would he be with me if I didn’t have this or that – and to my disgust the answer was NO!!! For years I took care of him while he laid around. He always had a reason why he couldn’t work and I never could seem to get ahead even though I made good money. I came to my senses and left. Immediately my circumstances started to improve drastically but he is still the same bum.. living on welfare and all!!! The moral of this story – when you are with the right person (or in your friends case – the right situation) – YOU GROW. A man (or a woman) can totally destroy you (be it financially/time-wise- wasted years/ etc.) if you are not careful.

      • Vanelle22


        I soooooo love you for this. You are absolutely right. Thank you for your insight. I had the same feeling about it all!

      • Ladybug94

        Amen, been there done that.

    • Ladybug94

      That other woman that he chose to work so hard for probably held him accountable and set boundaries of what is acceptable and what is not.