PETA Who? Celebrities Who Proudly Rock The Fur

March 29, 2013  |  
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While much of Hollywood would rather go nekkid than wear fur, these 15 celebs reserve their right to remain fully clothed in fur – and are completely unapologetic about it. We already know how PETA feels about this, so what are your thoughts on these proud fur wearers?

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Kanye West

Kanyeezy’s distinct personal wardrobe includes everything that would make a PETA activist cringe: leather skirts, wool sweaters, and of course fur coats. His 2012 Paris Fashion Week collection boasted crocodile skin and fox fur clothing, bags and arm sweaters, as well as ‘Astrakhan’ – the fur of unborn lamb.

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Kim Kardashian

And PETA is no more agreeable with Kanye’s baby mama Kim, who’s also been known to wear many different types of fur.

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Joan Rivers

79-year old Joan Rivers has been wearing fur longer than many of us (OK, most of us) have been alive.

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Fur is fitting for a queen… a Queen Bey that is.

Tony Yayo

Rappers have never been very sympathetic to animal rights causes (except for Waka Flaka Flame – he famously (and adorably!) did a PETA ad choosing “Ink, Not Mink”). Tony Yayo, an avid chinchilla fur coat collector, once bragged in song, “I got so many minks and so many leathers the crib is surrounded by animal protesters.”

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June Ambrose

Celebrity stylist June Ambrose obviously has no problem rocking a fur stole, vest or coat from time to time. She’s often been photo’d wearing them.

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Paris Hilton

Getting floured by PETA activists back in 2006 definitely hasn’t stopped Paris Hilton from wearing fur on the regular.

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Jennifer Lopez

Based on what I’ve seen, Jenny from the block must really love minks, foxes, rabbits and chinchillas – as coats. Even her Sweetface clothing line incorporated animal furs.

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Amber Rose

Back when Amber Rose was sort-of a style icon, she rocked fur with a fierceness.

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P. Diddy

P. Diddy (or is just Diddy now?) may change his moniker often, but his taste for fur remains the same.

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Lady Gaga

Considering that Lady Gaga wore a dress made of raw beef, her wearing fur is actually kind of boring in comparison…

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Kelis so strongly supports wearing fur that she once called PETA “the death of fashion.”

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Mary J. Blige

Mary J. Blige has been a fur wearer for years.

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Patti Labelle

Miss Patti LaBelle has worn a number of extravagant fur coats over the years, this one included.

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  • TJW

    My thoughts are that these are soulless, vapid, hateful, poor excuses for people.

  • Marguerite Guineheux

    Can’t imagine why anyone would wear fur I this day and age. Stupid evil vain shallow people to flaunt cruelty wear.

  • Greg B

    Screw all you PETA freaks!!! REAL FUR RULES!!!

  • Prissy

    not cool and they all seem uneducated
    wearing an animal makes these celebrities look ignorant
    it is reason enough for me to not support them in any way

  • Ash

    No wonder no one has ever heard of this embarrassing excuse for a website. What an awful article.

  • Ash

    So disgusting how consumers are so blind and careless. Hopefully their skin will be ripped from them one day- while still alive to feel the pain.

    So sad.

  • GB

    Real fur ROCKS!!! Good for these fur wearing celebs!!! I LOVE REAL FUR!!!

    • Ash

      You think this because your brain is so small that you’re unaware of any other option than to be a sheep. You follow because you don’t know how to lead. You’re not strong enough to stand for something, therefor you fall for anything. I feel sorry for the trash that raised you.

  • Stefanie

    I’ve never heard of your website in my life but SHAME ON YOU! Not being educated is a scary thing…

  • Tammy

    Amen to that 100%

  • JJ

    All fur wearing people are ignorant, selfish, unkind, self-centered, detestable, egomaniacs who only care about themselves. They think they look great in fur? Glamorous, rich and famous? Instead, they look like ugly, good-for-nothing low-lifes, not worth the blood of the animals who lived and died so horribly just because god created them with fur on their skins. Everyone of these people should feel ashamed, but of course they don’t because one has to have feelings in the first place to feel ashamed and these people don’t feel anything except for themselves. Why people think these people are so great is beyond me. Society is sick! I hope Karma gives these fur wearing, so-called “celebrities” their due.

  • john

    AMEN sister. The pain that these animals suffer is unimaginable.

  • jacknicholas

    SHAME ON THEM. SHAME. They are responsible for some horrifying cruelty to animals. If you have the stomach, watch how animals are skinned alive and then thrown into a meat grinder-alive SO THAT THESE SICK FU*KS CAN WEAR somebody elses skin.

    Their fur is covered with blood of innocent animals dying a horrible death. i hope these people burn in hell.

  • Animal Lover

    Anyone who “proudly rocks fur” is a scumbag who has committed murder of an innocent animal who was tortured his/her whole life. They were housed in tiny cages with other dead animals who died prematurely due to starvation, sickness and exposure. The closeness of the cages to one another made them chronically anxious which led to constant tachycardia and high blood pressure. Some of the animals were skinned alive after being bludgeoned on the head but were still conscious.

    The human scum who wear fur directly participate in this cruelty with their purchase. Every dollar spent on fur is a vote to continue the cruelty by driving up demand for it.

    Any money spent on these celebrities, whether through a purchase of their music, performances or other products is a vote to continue the cruelty they participate in.

    We’re all connected…PLEASE…Boycott fur wearing celebrities!

    • john

      I never watch any movie that has these scums in it. Or wear or buy anything that has their name. I also write to the retailer that I would NEVER buy their products if they continue to sell fur

      Do the same, write on their FB page. Leave your comments there.

  • Jason Watson

    Ms. Kamiera you are one disgusting shallow hag. I can only hope someone subjects you to the fate of what animals go through so some shallow heartless waste of flesh can wear its fur.

  • Gemma Charlotte Keizer

    stop wearing animals fur its so wrong and cruel seen load horrible footage on this they are not ours to wear i feel very strong about this subject 🙁

  • Mary

    How horrible do you have to be to have animals tortured & killed to be worn on your back? Faux fur can be bought now so realistic looking you’d think it’s the real thing, but these celebs are so selfish & spoiled its not good enough for them, they still like their coats to be the product of torture.

  • Vik

    Why do celebrities still wear fur? So many people are against it-for good reason- so it kind of kills the effect of looking good.

    • Rhonda Parker Potter

      I don’t understand this either, I used to like Jennifer Lopez…….Hate hate hate her now and all her murder and torture supporting POS celebs.

  • Soul Swagger

    It’s clear to me that “compassion” for animals is not important to these celebs. What a selfish society we live in. Animals are tortured so others can feel good about themselves! Wearing dead animals is very “unfashionable and cruel” to say the very least. I’m no fan of anyone who chooses to wear fur. Thankfully, there are good people in the world that make compassionate choices. I admire celebs that show empathy for all living creatures.

  • Ms. Kameria

    Who cares. I’m sure when these people pay all this money for these clothes, they don’t care (ask) where it comes from, how long the animal lived, or how the animal died. They like the look of what they are buying. Let them wear whatever they want to wear.

    • john

      Really? Thoughts? THEY ARE KILLERS. You want thoughts? Try watching this video
      and hear the horrible screams of animals in pain as their skin is peeled
      off. Proud? You are sick and demented to think that there is any pride
      in killing and torturing innocent animal. If you are read to get done
      to your skin what they do to these poor animals then you should stand up
      for it.

    • Patty Taylor

      I care and so should they.

  • Portuguese girl

    I love Beyonce, I’m a huge fan of her,and for me this is the only flaw she has…I just wish she stops wearing real fur and opted for faux fur…Cuz this is not right…….