Fred Hammond’s Alleged Ex Makes Explosive Claims That T.D. Jakes Helped Deion Sanders Hide Money For Prenup Proceedings

March 25, 2013  |  

Source: Cherry on Top

A couple of weeks ago we told you that the courts awarded Deion Sanders primary custody of his two sons. We also told you that Pilar sent out a cryptic tweet, calling out Bishop T.D. Jakes for committing some sort of unspecified underhanded act.

While it appeared  that Pilar was blaming Bishop Jakes for helping her estranged husband to acquire primary custody of their sons, the latest claims to hit the web say differently. Cherry on Top recently interviewed a woman by the name of Nikke Sanni, who claims to be the ex-girlfriend of gospel singer Fred Hammond. During the interview, she dropped a huge bomb, alleging that she witnessed Bishop Jakes assist Deion Sanders in hiding money from the courts as he prepared for legal proceedings surrounding his divorce and prenuptial agreement that he signed with soon-to-be ex-wife, Pilar. Nikke alleges that one day, Deion and T.D. Jakes both met up at Fred’s home where he [Deion] revealed that he would be heading for divorce court soon and that he was afraid that Pilar would take all of his money.

“We were at Fred’s house. It was Fred, T.D. Jakes, Deion Sanders, and another man of whom I have no idea who he is. He came in with Deion, he left with Deion, I don’t know who he is. And that was my first time ever seeing Deion,” Nikke started.

“He [Deion] was getting ready to file for a divorce, and there was something wrong with the prenuptial agreement, and he did not want her [Pilar] to take his money. He was like worried. It was one of those meetings where somebody is like, ‘Man you know, something is wrong with this prenup, and I need some help because I don’t want her to take everything.’ And T.D. Jakes was there helping him, giving him advice, kind of guiding him rather, on what to do with his money so that it wouldn’t look like he had so much when the divorce happens. It was only T.D. Jakes and Deion talking. Fred wasn’t really saying anything, and the other guy wasn’t really saying anything. It was just a Deion and T.D. Jakes type situation,” she continued.

“I don’t remember the specifics. I just know he was telling him, ‘This is what you do. You put your money here…’ Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. But, no, I do not remember exactly. I wish I did because I’d be more than happy to help her, but I don’t know, and I can’t make it up.”

When asked why the men would speak so openly around her about such a private subject, she responded:

“I wasn’t sitting directly in the room. I was eavesdropping in the room. I wasn’t like sitting on the couch with them…they were all sitting in the sitting area. I was eavesdropping on the meeting. I came down for a second to get a good look, and went back up, but I was not invited, nor was I sitting in the sitting room with them at the time, no.”

Nikke also revealed that while she is a bit scared about going against T.D. Jakes and Deion Sanders, she will be testifying on behalf of Pilar in court. These claims certainly won’t be shocking to those who have believed that Deion has been playing dirty all along.

What do you think of her claims?

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  • That is why we shouldn’t gossip. The info could be incorrect or the person could have made amends with God. We would be passing on a lie. I am sad to hear that. But I did wonder why Pilar didn’t get spousal support or the kids. I thought the law stated that after ten yrs of marriage that spousal support is allowed.

  • I think she is mad because Fred got it together and dumped her. NO ring for her.

  • really???

    What does this have to do with Jakes? She is a woman scorned and what she said about Jakes really was absolutely nothing? It his money, if he wants to ask how to hide it and ask his pastor for advice concerning it where is the crime? Really??

  • Misogyny Must End

    Not surprised…since the days of the Bible……it was the most-extreme Doctrinists that spared no means to ‘keep a woman in her place’. Sounds to me like ol Deon is ‘just mad’ that the beautiful lady is no longer interested in intimate relations with him (Break-Up Sex). A man with a rejected libido usually proves more of a **tch than the not-interested female he wishes to copulate with. It’s disgusting….but not surprising….how he’s now ‘stickin it to her’ in all other possible ways; reduced financial support, maliciously snatching her babies from her custody. I got $1,000.00 that says if she were to just ‘give him some’ – his whole tune would change. (SMH). T.D. Jakes lost my trust when he began delving into mainstream entertainment. Greed can get the best of em. “Inspirational Messages” and all. For shame.

  • J

    That’s fine if you want to help Pilar but why are you discussing it with the media???

    • NS

      I’m sure she regrets it tremendously

  • does anyone here know what happen to men in divorce court? 9 out of 10, it’s not a positive or even fair outcome. if i know i’m not gonna get fair shake in whatever deal we have, i’d take every legal step necessary to come out better or equal. most men don’t get custody of their children no matter how great they are.

  • scandalous7


  • Whatever went down in that conversation was none of her concern…why is she so willing to help someone she doesn’t even know? What’s in it for her? How come she is not with Fred Hammond anymore? He must know something is up with her,,,that’s why they are no longer together! If T.D. Jakes is doing something underhanded with Deion Sanders…it will come out in due time, no one needs her two cents!!

    • Nikke Sanni

      Why aren’t you with your ex anymore? People break up … What does that have to do with helping someone who’s being cheated?

  • ohhhhh nooooo not my Beloved TD… say it ain’t soooo 🙁

  • “Be sure, your sins will find you out!”. (Num 32:23)

  • Shylow

    There is always SOME truth to each story is what I was always told!!

  • wveronica7

    Every dog will have his day…TRUST

  • Summergirl

    I don’t think TD Jakes is a Christian. He taught a class with Oprah (probably the biggest New Age promoter in the world) and did not quote a single Scripture or mention the name of Jesus.

    • LG

      That’s interesting. I didn’t know that!! I did see him on Dr. Phil talking about teenage contraception in school, which he was against. Ironically, his teenage daughter got pregnant….smh

  • C. Stewart

    Believing her claims and proving her claim are two different things in a court of law. All three men can claim that they don’t remember any such discussion at their meeting (her word against theirs). Plus all three men have top of the line lawyers (the best their money can buy) to defend them. If she have proof, it may sway the judge but the appeals court only look at evidence in the first trial, not new evidence. These new claim would have to been admitted during the first court hearing to be relevant in the appeals process.

  • kierah

    I have issues with folks who try to put other people’s business on Front Street. You were hiding in your boyfriend’s house from guests? How did you know they were about to talk about something underhanded?
    Mama always said never trust eavesdroppers. They rarely get the story right.

    • guest

      Agree. I believe her for the most part but I wouldn’t be surprised if Deion went and found the skeletons in her closet and started telling it. He has the means to do so.

    • Whateverrrr

      I’m sure she wasn’t “hiding” from anyone. Smh

  • JaneDoe

    Girl you don’t know the specifics nor can you prove anything.. Shut up and mind your business. This has nothing to do with you. I am sure you have your own situation going on. God sees and knows.. In addidtion for these to be church folks there is just too much ungodly activities going on. But in the end every man shall have to answer for their bad deeds. The End

  • Stanley 001

    If he wasn’t married to her things like this would have never happen.


    God isnt happy and will expose each and every one of them. I give side eyes to pastors who are caught up with ‘fame”. Jesus and his teachings were quite the opposite. He associated with the sick, poor, children (basically those vulnerable to oppression). These pastors need to give all they have to the poor. This is a main reason I do not go to church. Church is in my heart. Spiritually is more important than attendance at church.

    • TRUTH IS


    • these are the last days, and according to the Word, false prophets will be exposed.

    • Christina

      Spirituality IS the church… the word religion simply means the “ties that bind”…. Love God and love ur neighbor… it is about relationships with God and ur fellow man, church is the community where that happens, as a Christian, if that’s what u subscribe to, u are literally a “follower of Christ,” no one can deny His spirituality but where was He every Sabbath? In the temple, teaching and searching the scriptures.

    • guest

      A few “bad apples”shouldn’t stop someone from attending church and spirituality IS the church! That’s why you need to attend b/c you would know that. Find a small church if you don’t want to deal with mega churches. I get tried of people using the excuses of pastors fouling up as a reason not to go to church…find another church!

      Reference Hebrews 10:25; 1 Corinthians 12:14-27; James 5:16 and Romans 12:5 as to why christians should attend church.

  • Fair and Balanced

    I do not think she is lying unfortunately, this is typical behavior of many who have prenups. They want to insure they can hold on to the money they earned but fail to remember the person who was by their side if not at the beginning sometime in the process of them earning that money especially if children are involved who was there to keep the family together no one ever thinks that far its just about keeping the money. I am not surprised on anything that involves Bishop Jakes, he is a man like any other man we are all human and many of us open ourselves up to situations we should not. I always laugh when I hear someone say man of the cloth as if that is supposed to protect them from free will, I think not.

    • Chey

      I completely agree with everything you said here, except for not being surprised about Bishop. I am…maybe it’s just me being naive…I mean, I grew up seeing him on tv. He’s a hypocrite.

      • TD Jakes is very crooked robbing God’s people

        • LG

          I agree