The Ladies Of ‘Married To Medicine’ Tell Med Students Who Want Show Cancelled What They Should Be Doing With Their Time

March 24, 2013  |  

Tonight Bravo will air its new series, “Married to Medicine,” much to the disappointment of some Howard University medical students. Last month, the group created a petition calling for the network to ban airing of the new reality show which follows several black doctors and doctor’s wives in Atlanta. But considering the show is still slated to air this evening, so far the effort hasn’t worked.

In light of that news, we caught up with the ladies of the new show before the series premiere to get their thoughts on the backlash they’ve been receiving before one episode has even aired and the stars didn’t hesitate to speak their minds on what these petitioners should be doing with their time instead of attacking them. Check out the interview here and tell us what you think. Will you check out the show tonight?

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  • Alex

    Medical doctors or not, these women are trashy, classless, and a disgrace.

  • Sarah

    Let me further add, Simone, Mariah, and Quad obviously your show will appeal to the medical community so why take the cheap jabs at medical students? YOU ALL should be embarrassed to be affiliated with the show! But wait! Ghetto Mariah spearheaded the show and is one of the producers…ok that explains a lot. Dr. Simone I suggest you separate affiliation fast! I’m so embarrassed for Mariah’s husband!

  • Sarah

    For Simone, Mariah, and Quad to support what happened
    on the show, shows how desperate they are for fame. Talk about selling your
    soul to the devil! Dr. Simone you should
    know better than to trash medical students for taking a stand for the medical
    community! All 3 of you black women need to apologize for what happened AND take
    a stand with Bravo to insist they not exploit you black women because YOU ARE
    BEING EXPLOITED Dr. Simone! I have yet to see at least the 3 of you, Simone,
    Mariah, and Quad in a good light. Dr. Simone you come off cold and distant when
    I watched an episode with you and your sons & husband. Mariah and Quad are
    just a ghetto hot mess! I have a question for Simone, Mariah, and Quad – Are you
    all watching what we are seeing on tv? Seriously watch how you are being portrayed
    then tell me if you disagree with the petition. Instead of attacking the HU
    students, you need to take your issue up with the producers & editors of
    the show.

  • Jacquiline Perkins


  • DrSelina

    I am a OB/Gyn, a graduate of Howard University, and a Black female. Dr Whitmore, I am amazed at how condescending you sound. As a Black female physician, you know first hand how hard it is for us to receive the respect we have worked so hard for. It is not a stretch of the imagination to understand where these young sisters and brothers are coming from. I am proud of these students for standing up and demanding respect. I am trying to understand why you are not. This is why I signed the petition.

  • nickwoods

    so much energy wasted on ending reality shows when there are other issues. racism, gangs, violence, etc.

  • CommonSenseAintSoCommon

    It seems like black people are great at stopping shows from airing but can’t clean up struggling decrepit communities. Can’t stop the onslaught of violence in the urban community or stop the high rate of out of wedlock children. The priority is clearly in great order. Now I know why the black community which has been apart of the American fabric for centuries has surpassed other races prosperity wise #Sarcasm!

  • CommonSenseAintSoCommon

    It seems like black people are great at stopping shows from airing but can’t clean up struggling decrepit communities. Can’t stop the onslaught of violence in the urban community or stop the high rate of out of wedlock children. The priority is clearly in great order. Now I know why the black community which has been apart of the American fabric for centuries has surpassed other races prosperity wise #Sarcasm!

    • DrSelina

      Please Google BPI – Black Parent Initiative, International Center for Traditional Childbearing, Urban League. There are a lot of Black people trying to fix the issues you raised. I do my part every day by speaking to young women about their choices in education and childbearing. As a physician, I see my role as empowering my young sisters to respect themselves, their bodies, their minds and their future. Negative influences that the mainstream media constantly throw at our children makes the journey back to sanity difficult, but we are working on it. Thanks for the support and encouraging words #Sarcasm

  • Me, Myself & I

    Seems like everyone wants to be in the spot light….Reality TV is a hot commodity right now but some need to keep things on a professional level because everything is not made for TV so lights, camera, action “Married To Medicine”….poof you’re gone!

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  • Sick of Black Reality Crap

    Oh no…more educated but seemingly socially unconscious Ghettry (country and ghetto) TN chics… dishonoring the race again for self-gain. I will watch the first episode before I make any major judgments, but if its on Bravo and it includes groups of Negroidian women….it’s typically more Exploitative than uplifting. That’s their modus- operandi for RATINGS! Maybe the show should have been name Dumb Doctors and Doctor’s Wives Who Need Fulfillment? I hope I’m wrong.

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  • Me, Myself & I

    If you’ve seen one reality show you’ve seen them all….its nothing but a whole lot of rachet-ness….be gone!

  • word

    I want to see this show…..minus the ‘wives’..I wan to see black women who so something else with there lives than gossip, shop and have ‘luncheons’ and trips…..I require you to know how to read for me to watch any reality show.

  • Bubbles

    I watched the show and it was full of ignorance, not on the part of the two Doctors, but the wives of the Doctors. I feel embarassed for their husbands, these women do not act in the image of the Dr. Wives as they proclaimed.

  • mik bailey

    Sick of all these lowlife reality shows; don’t care what they’re called, in the end they always make black women look bad – even the one about the pastor’s wives. All garbage!


  • Yay!

    I watched the show hoping for the best. I’m glad I signed the petition and hopefully this show will be off the air very soon. The banshee behavior by the wives was immediate and constant. The psychiatrist wife’s English was indecipherable at times. I’m really over all these black reality casts making a mockery of every aspect of our communities. It’s like nothing is worthy of respect.

    • Drew Smith

      Is it REALLY black reality casts making a mockery of every aspect of our communities, though? I’m no expert, but I think the overall violent nature of our black youth — both male and female — virtually nonexistent emphasis on education, and general wayward behavior is more to blame. Just a couple of thoughts is all…

  • This would have been a great response if the show’s season premiere didn’t show these women behaving repulsively at public gatherings, perpetuating drama, and all around portraying Black women in a negative light, even those with prestigious medical degrees, just as the petition claimed it would. Sorry ladies you are just like every other reality show out there portraying Black women, except two of you have went to school longer. The negative outshines the positive.

  • JaneDoe

    Watched it after all just to get an idea of what the show was about and of course it was pure utter garbage… This show has zero substance. I would think Dr’s would affliate themselves with things that are meaningful and uplifting but I I was wrong.
    The status quo in todays society is crumbling and becoming more and more ratchet and its sad.

  • Dr. R Stewart

    Editor of this article: they are professional graduate students not “undergrads”, big difference. Dr. Whitmore: As this doctor should know, the students who tended to perform poorly in medical school were ironically the ones who studied all the time and failed to optimize time management. So I can quite understand how one would have time or energy to set up a petition because it’s called a professional initiative (take note). For you to jeopardize all that you have worked for, for just 25 minutes of TV fame is really sad because no physician professional society will ever take you serious from here on out. As you classless ladies put it, “now catch that shade”.

    • RealTalk

      Dr Stewart, behave yourself lmaorofl knock the shade lmao, the sound a tad bit ghetto but thats my black sista for you

  • Dr. N

    I agree medical school is a lot of studying and time is limited, but if these doctors were studying EVERY TIME when they were in medical school, then they either had very poor time management or they weren’t just that smart. The latter scenario could possibly explain why they signed up for this trashy show in the first place.

  • Rista

    the wives are the ratchet The doctors seem to be alright.

  • kickash

    Whether it gets cancelled or not, I’m not watching. It just doesn’t interest me. I just know if my doctor was on this show, I’d probably stop seeing her lol

    • RR

      I totally agree with you!

    • word

      I would too…hahah!

      • Jacquiline Perkins

        me three…..hahaha

  • Co-conspirator

    1)What they are saying here does not fit with either the previews or the first episode. 2)We (the makers of the petition) are not undergrads and each have at least a master’s degree, so I’m not sure what that jab was supposed to mean. 3)We do study. We also make time for things that are important to us. It actually is not that difficult as 90% of our study materials are on the computer. I’m sure it was quite a different story back when Dr. Whitmore was a student. I thank her for her concern, but our academics have not been affected. In fact, the reason the petition is ‘tiny’ is because we ARE studying most of the time, but I can see how that would not have been considered. I do not wish ill on these women, Mrs. Huq, or her entrepreneurial hustle; I wish more Black women were allowed the same opportunity to shine on a national level. However, let’s not pretend that there are certain aspects of the show that could have been left out. I agree with oojones: you all seem classy, but it is a shame that editing in this and other shows continues to foil our greatness.

    • MzPW

      Excellent points, but allow me to add on: as a student/working professional myself, it’s already hard enough to maintain a positive image of Black women within the working world, so imagine the stress, frustration, and pressure that one faces when entering a field as meticulous as the medical field/health care. We, as Black women, have to work 10x harder! (No need to get into the sociological aspect of being a Black women)

      We all know that reality TV thrives upon trash, gossip, and drama. If this show, “Married to Medicine”, was indeed created to shed a positive light upon Black women within the medical field or women with spouses within the field, how does one attempt to do that? Knowing what we know about attracting television audiences (and, bluntly, looking at the previews), what kind of material could this show possibly offer that will uplift and enlighten others about the lives of people involved in medicine? Be real, now…

      Sidenote: one’s head does NOT have to be stuck within a book 24 hours a day in order to gain an understanding of their material….plus the fact that you all actually did the finger-snaps with a ‘cute’ lil’ catchphrase (“catch THAT shade!”) further proves why this show will become yet another hurdle for us to overcome….

  • Med student

    As a Howard medical student… We have the time because we understand the value of time management and balance. They are catty and unprofessional.

  • Dr. Love

    I am a physician…and I signed the petition. I watched a portion of the first episode and I’m happy I signed it.

  • oojones

    These ladies have more class than they’re being allowed to show by their producers, I’m sure. What they just did was smart business, but it may not be the best thing for the public image of medicine or African Americans.

  • Nina

    They should be trying to explain how and why this show is different or else they do run the risk of having their show cancelled. See Shawty Lo.Black womendating white men??? White men dating black women, white men date black women ____blackwhiteplanet.com_______ is the #1 black women white men dating site. No one night stand. serious relationship

  • Kay

    These Atlanta shows (housewives, big rich Atlanta, preacher whatever, married to medicine, Love and hip hop atl) have just took the cake in my book. I know it’s all for TV and that editing plays a major part but to me it just comes off in Atlanta that when you have money it’s no different from being broke when it come to class. The lack of common courtesy, respect, and acting like a civilized human being is just not possible here in atl. Not everyone acts like this, rich or broke, but the way of the elite portrayed on television just makes one not want to be a part of the social connect for those who do want it.

    • Mrs.A

      Yes, it is time to come out of Atl with reality tv. I’m over it!

      • Ajavee

        I agree with you and Kay. I am over reality T.V. I wish this genre would fade into obscurity.

        • Jacquiline Perkins

          ”PREACH ON…..just who’s reality is it???????

  • Tired

    “Black people” get on my nerves, ALWAYS protesting T.V shows! It’s entertainment AND these are grown individuals making their own decisions AND MONEY! If you don’t like ot don’t watch it!

    • Socialmediamakesyoudumb

      Do you wonder why black people in this country get looked down upon? All these stupid reality TV shows portraying “black People” in a negative stereotype. This is entertainment at what cost? You ignorant fool.

      • Sheena

        baby we were looked down upon waay before reality tv, waaay before any tv was created. I believe if we put energy into stuff that will actually benefit our society, like a petition for more neighborhood gardens to feed our people fresh food, things like that would actually benefit our people. this petition does nothing, cancelling this show does nothing.

        • baby we were looked down upon waay before reality tv, waaay before any tv was created.

          And baby, you’re going to continue to be as long as intelligent black people are portrayed as ghetto queen scum dressed up in evening dresses.

          I’m from a semi-wealthy upper middle class family. I’ve never seen anybody act this way, ever, and my doctor was black as well. This depicts well educated black people as something from Taming of the Shrew, but without the taming part of it..

          I understand this… garbage… is “reality television” – i.e. low budget garbage for idiots because it’s cheaper to produce than hiring actors or writers – but still, all it is, is voyeurism and an entirely unrealistic presentation of how people are.

          I didn’t think anything could be worse than a soap opera, then reality television came along to replace it. Who’d have imagined it? It’s a modern day minstrel show. Professionals simply aren’t like this. You have to be a grown up to make it through 6 years (minimum) of university training, and generally, people who do, don’t marry intellectual morons – which is what this show is filled with.

          Well, the good news is, television is dying. Hopefully in 20 years, it will be relegated to the same space radio is today. It’s just amazing that people sink this low to watch it. It’s just a tiny step up from being a peeping Tom.

  • KamJos

    These women came off as really stank. Ew.

  • I find it interesting that these reality TV “stars” find it okay to be rude to potential viewers. They should be trying to explain how and why this show is different or else they do run the risk of having their show cancelled. See Shawty Lo.

  • JaneDoe

    I feel like this.. These women Dr’s have paid their dues and have been practicing for 10 yrs plus. They have a right to portray themselves how they want to. From the previews the only ones that were acting a fool were the wives of Dr’s not the actual Dr’s. They have thier practices that can potentially suffer as a result of bad behavior so I am sure that will be taken into consideration. As far as the petitions goes from the previews I didn’t see ratchedness that will call for petitions. Or maybe I didn’t see all of it

  • Lana

    I watched the previews for this and I don’t think the petition will make a difference but I guess I can see the petitioners concern to a degree. Some cultures have a few people who ‘fit’ the stereotypical ideaology and some people will run with it as being the majority. So seeing minority women doctors on screen in a negative light may make others pursuing that field feel like they can’t be taken seriously or that they are not very professional.

  • Kitty

    More ratchet mess I’m sure…with a splash of bougie. Smh

    • petra819

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