Don’t Mess With A Man’s Wife: NFL Star Vince Wilfork Slams Former Teammate For Calling His Wife Ugly

March 23, 2013  |  


People really don’t have any filter these days, huh? Or maybe they’re looking for “shock value.”

According to USA Today, former New England Patriots linebacker Ted Johnson appeared on a Houston radio station earlier this week to talk sports.  One of the hosts decided it’d be fun to ask Johnson, retired since 2005, which player he thought had the ugliest wife. Instead of laughing it off and not answering the question, Johnson replied:

“This is a big, big man and this guy had his way with the Texans this season,” Johnson replied. “He won’t hear this. Vince Wilfork.”

Now, did you really just call out a man’s wife because you didn’t think he’d find out? Wilfork is a pretty popular player but even if he weren’t, something like this is bound to get back to a person. Not only did he hear it, Wilfork had something to say about it.  After first directly tweeting to Johnson that he’s barking up the wrong tree because he sees and hears everything, he then tweeted a picture of a note he wrote on his phone:


Although he did snap on Johnson, and rightfully so, it was also great to see Wilfork immediately defend his wife. The comment was absolutely unnecessary. Disrespecting a man’s wife just because you have nothing better to do will result in you catching a beatdown.

Johnson, who has seemingly deactivated his Twitter account, apologized before doing so:

“I just made a huge error in judgement and want to apologize to Vince and his wife for comments I made earlier today on a Houston radio show. Vince and his family are outstanding people who I have admired since they arrived in NE.I learned a big lesson today and feel terrible.”

Question: Would he have felt as bad had it not gotten back to Wilfork and if people weren’t attacking him on Twitter about his rudeness? The answer would probably be “no.”

You just cannot let some people get near a microphone.

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  • Noswag

    I can tell you something he didn’t hear… All his teammates telling him “Vince you are an NFL player who makes millions, you can do better” and he didn’t see that there are tons of women out there better looking than her. I am a broke joke nobody and my girlfriend is tons better looking than his wife.

  • iT3ach

    You know…people confuse “freedom of speech” with the “ability to speak.” Just because you have an opinion doesn’t mean it needs to be stated. No one says that you can’t find someone unattractive…the issue comes in when you express it and it is meant to INTENTIONALLY make fun of someone. Do you say EVERYTHING that is on your mind at ALL times? I didn’t think so. Why? Because sometimes you have to exhibit some type of decorum. If you feel like your boss is a self-righteous jerk who deserves for his wife to cheat on him…do you tell him? Just because you have the “right” to say what you want? No, you don’t. Why? Because you want that paycheck at the end of the month! We live in a society that loves to manipulate our “rights” as we see fit. It’s sad…

  • sportstalk23

    Better ask Eldrick Woods who wifed up mainstream media standard bearer of beauty the blond Swedish nanny/occasional swimsuit model. Guess what that still didn’t stop him from cheating on her left,right,backwards, and sideways with every sleazy chick around, and on top of that it cost Eldrick about 100 mil to end the marriage. I think it was low class by Ted considering they were ex teammates, also I think that was a low class question to begin with. That kind of question is only asked to start trouble by these Howard Stern/Imus wannabes. Also Ted Johnson has some domestic violence issues with his wife so we know he don’t know the value of a real relationship besides the blond he wifed up, and was beatin on her.

  • Unfortunately we live in a society that thinks if you’re fat you’re ugly and this is a reality I’ve had to deal with all of my life even from some of my own family members. It’s one thing to be “concerned” about someone being over-weight for their health, but it’s another to put someone’s looks down because they are fat. Fat jokes are the easiest jokes to get away with, it gets old but it still gets laughs, and when he was getting backlash instead of laughs he backtracked but it was too late, he said it and he can’t take it back.

    • Pivyque

      Who said it had anything to do with her being fat? I love how everyone is assuming that it is because of her weight. She may genuinely be ugly to him for the simple fact that she doesn’t have light blond hair and baby blue eyes. Most people have a type or at least a preference. I don’t like her face. It has nothing to do with her weight. When Monique was on the bigger side, I still thought she was gorgeous.

      • Just because you may be someone who looks at people beyond their weight doesn’t mean that alot of people do the same. Blame it on my past and how I’ve had to deal with people judging my attractiveness based on my weight, but you can’t deny that for alot of people attractiveness is judged based on weight. Maybe I jumped the gun saying that her weight had to do with his comment because he didn’t straight out say that his comment was based on weight, but let’s be honest I bet that alot of people that agreed on his statement would comment on her weight. My opinion could be biased based on my own experience, on the other hand I could be right. I will give it to you that I may have jumped the gun on weight being a factor of his comment, it just struck a nerve for me, that’s all.

        • Pivyque

          I definitely understand that. Even my husband’s first thought was that they are a “heavy” family, so I can see why most people would see how that may have something to do with it. I just like to play devil’s advocate sometimes.

  • Nina

    God bless Vince for standing up for his wife, plus they have children too, no child should hear someone else insulting their mother. These men love to judge and tell women what they are not and who they need to look like to be beautiful, like they are some prize to be had…Im sure whatever pretty face he has wifed is bleeding his bank account dry as we speak.
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  • alicia

    she looks fine.

  • melleb

    That is a line you just do not cross ever. She is beautiful in his eyes, her children eyes, her family eyes and oh let us not forget her maker God. That was absolutely wrong.

  • Sharon

    People trip me out when always say stuff that they didn’t mean when they knew good and well that they meant every word of it. He had the opportunity not to say anything when those ignorant radio hosts asked the question. He know exactly what he was saying and my his own admission, nobody will not be listening. He thought that nobody was listening and it would not get back. Newsflash idiot! Let me educate you on something if you are reading this. Since most of you men especially black men, athletes, entertainers think you are immune and untouchable, you need to think before saying something stupid comes out of your mouth. If the shoe was on the other foot, how you feel if somebody got on the radio and say something like that about your wife, girlfriend or baby momma? I am sure you would not like it at all if that was done to you. When you plant a bad seed it will eventally come back. And thing about it is, you never know when it will happen.

  • Machone

    The poor kids will obese like their parents.

    • Machone

      The poor kids will be obese like their parents.

  • tintin

    Love a man that defends his family and wife.

  • Anon

    She looks normal compared to Aaron Meek’s wife.

  • Natasha T

    Oh gee, I didn’t know all baller wives have to look like a beauty pageants, with perfect body, hair, clothes, and skin, apparently Vince loves this woman so much that he put a ring on it and started a beautiful family with her, so who this white dude think he is insulting this wife that way?!? His face looking like a pail of chitterlings, yeah I saw his pic, he ain’t good looking either!

  • TeahMonae

    His wife isn’t ugly, she just doesn’t look like the typical NFL wife.

  • Lauren S. Clark

    His family is beautiful.

  • Pivyque

    Well, I don’t find her attractive. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If he doesn’t find his wife attractive, I don’t see why it is a big deal. That is his opinion. I’m sure there are plenty men that do not find me attractive, but that isn’t going to change the way my husband views me. There was no need for a response because, at the end of the day, he will still feel like your wife is unattractive.

    • Eva

      Why even answer the question?

      • Pivyque

        Freedom of speech.

        • Bahamamama

          What is it with fools who think freedom of speech means saying whatever hateful thing you want without consequences? Yes, freedom of speech gives you the right to say what you want but it doesn’t give you freedom from people calling out on unprofessional hateful language. Bottom line: say what you want but don’t be surprised when someone tells you about yourself.

          • Pivyque

            What fools? If you can refer to me as a fool without knowing me at all, then he can call someone ugly. You don’t mind being rude, why should he?

            • Bahamamama

              Point proven. Freedom of speech doesn’t seem so clean cut now does it? We all reserve the right to say what we want and we shouldn’t be surprised when people come after the dumb things we say.

              • Pivyque

                It is clean cut. Just because I don’t agree with what you said doesn’t mean that I don’t think you should be able to say it without someone getting in your face about it. My views remain the same.

                • Bahamamama

                  Ummm but the funny thing about freedom of speech is other people have it too. So when you say something mean it doesn’t mean “you should be able to say it without someone getting in your face about it”, it means people get to respond. Freedom of speech doesn’t protect you from the consequences of your words it just means you get to speak your words without prosecution from the government not fellow citizens. Freedom of speech does not work the way you think it does so you should probably not use it as a reason to be hateful until you know how it works.

                  • Pivyque

                    Freedom of speech doesn’t work the way you THINK I think it does. I absolutely believe that he should be able to say whatever he wants. You can say what you want as well. I never said you can’t. In my personal opinion, I don’t think that he should be attacked for answering a question. His (and your) right to free speech does not negate my opinion. My views remain the same.

                    • Bahamamama

                      Freedom of speech isn’t burger king, you can’t have it your way. You have a fundamental misunderstanding of the first amendment and should probably stop using it as a catch-all way to end arguments.

                    • Pivyque

                      It seems that you are unaware that I can have my opinions about it. With that being said, I agree to disagree with all of you. Have a great evening!

        • lu

          and we all have the right to call him out for his stupid and insensitive remarks. Freedom of speech!

          • Pivyque


    • MLS2698

      If this dude had any sense, he would not have answered a dumb question like that. He was supposed to laugh and change the conversation to something else. Or better yet, call himself ugly to detract from the subject.

      • Pivyque

        Freedom of speech.

        • tacoma

          This is not a freedom of speech issue. The half-wit said something rude and now he has to deal with the consequences. No one is trying to take away his rights. We just want him to behave like a decent adult.

          • Pivyque

            It would have been rude if he started cracking jokes about her. He just said a name and kept it moving.

    • UmOk

      Its ok to have an opinion. It’s not ok to have a lack of tact and as a grown up make statements that degrade someone and negatively affect their children (children hear these things too). I agree with you that everyone has an opinion. Hey….different strokes for different folks. However, as an adult, you quite simply need to maintain some decency and choose your words carefully. Words usually cut deeper than anything. JMO.

      • Pivyque

        That’s true, but he was asked a question. He has a right to answer it however he wants to. Freedom of speech.

        • Faith

          Yes it is “freedom of speech” If the shoe was on the other foot, he would not want anybody to say anything like that about his wife, girlfriend or baby mother. Like the person below MLS2698 says, he could have not say anything and shift the conservation to the next question.

          • Pivyque

            Ok. Welp! I agree to disagree with all of you. We’re all entitled to our opinions, that man included. 🙂 Have a good one!

    • The bottom line is not having an opinion or rights to say what you want, but being a professional. Having the common sense and decency to not attack another teammate and professional of the league in public, being who he is. Just because he has an opinion, doesn’t mean he needs to voice it. He was being immature along with the other show hosts.

      • Pivyque

        Well, I agree to disagree. I don’t believe it was an attack. To me, he just answered a question.

    • Natasha T

      Of course anybody has a right to an opinion, but adults being rude is unacceptable. This woman has 3 kids, they don’t need to be hearing about some guy insulting their mother’s appearance like that.

      • Pivyque

        They will get over it. Where I grew up, “yo mama” jokes were running rampant. He wasn’t being rude. He wasn’t cracking jokes about her. He simply said that he finds her unattractive.

        • MLS2698

          Where, in the hood? Listen, I’ll tell anyone, don’t talk about my mother, and I’ll stay off yours. Seriously, that childish game can get REAL when TRUTH creeps in. No bueno.

          • Pivyque

            No, it wasn’t a hood. It was just an area where people were comfortable shooting the dozens with good friends. At any rate, the only point I was making is that they will get over it. This man made one comment. He wasn’t trashing her or calling her names. People say worse things about Fantasia.

        • Natasha T

          Sweetie, I’m 32 and we were teenagers, get it, TEENAGERS when the Yo Mama jokes came out in the 1990s, we’re talking about a grown a$$ man in his 50s insulting someone’s mom and someone’s wife, if he insulted the wrong man’s wife, his butt would have laid in the morgue.

          • Pivyque

            Ok. I think you missed my point.
            “This woman has 3 kids, they don’t need to be hearing about some guy insulting their mother’s appearance like that”
            This is what I was responding to. I was saying that back in my day kids heard worse than “ugly” when “yo mama” jokes were the trend. They will get over someone calling their mother ugly.

  • yeppers

    So Im confused as to what makes her ugly??? She has 3 kids whom I assume she birthed. Every woman doesnt look like Evelyn Lozada, where is this man who said this? I need to see a picture of him. These men love to judge and tell women what they are not and who they need to look like to be beautiful, like they are some prize to be had…Im sure whatever pretty face he has wifed is bleeding his bank account dry as we speak.

    • Sagittarius81

      Go to B o ss i p, he ain’t no Channing Tatum himself.

    • CoCo Lee

      Yea he’s not a looker… it was a pretty horrific site..

  • Sagittarius81

    His wife isn’t ugly at all, just the shallow people are the ugliest! God bless Vince for standing up for his wife, plus they have children too, no child should hear someone else insulting their mother.

  • noahsmommy

    Beauty comes in different shapes, sizes, and shades. They obviously make beautiful babies and the family is intact and seemingly happy. Kudos for standing up for his wife!

  • Meka X

    Now, that’s what you call reckless and people better be careful with calling people ugly because you never know what could happen to their physical appearance.

  • Honestly

    But she is ugly!

    • hiswomanandlovingit

      you clearly have no soul. everyone has beauty. the problem is people focus on the fleeting beauty on the outside. just looking for someone’s looks is what leaves you mad and frustrated wondering where your spouse or gf/bf is for the 5 time this week.

      • Pivyque

        No soul?? So, because someone finds someone physically unappealing, they don’t have a soul? You took it to the extreme. lol

    • Tiffany B

      Inside or outside I think the entire family is beautiful and even that is an understatement! This picture could very well be a magazine cover!

    • UmOk

      Clearly you’re about 16 years old so I won’t hold this childish comment against you.

    • Sagittarius81

      And so are you.

    • Pivyque

      I agree with you. People act like you aren’t allowed to have an opinion.

      • hollyw

        You’re not. Not if you’re a person with class or tact.

        The point is, a question like that should never be asked and should def never be answered. It shows one’s lack of human decency. It’s elementally simply; if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all. It was a trap and Johnson fell into it, he was right to apologize.

        • MMMMMMM

          So people with class or tact aren’t allowed to have an opinion? GTFOH! She looks like a wilderbeast!

          • hollyw

            Lmbo Oh good grief, can’t ya’ll see it’s a difference between what folks is ALLOWED to do and what they SHOULD do??? You can think whatever you want, and voice whatever opinion you have, but just like you have a right to whatever you think or say, folks with maturity, decency, and class have the right to THEN set you apart as immature, indecent, and classless. To each their own!

            You have a right to your opinions, and folks have a right to their opinions towards you afterwards, and let the chips fall where they may. Yeah, you got free speech, but your boss then has the right to fire you, media has the right to put you on blast, and your friends have the right to disown you. If you grown, then you accept that you are accountable for what you say!!

            • MLS2698

              Can I get an Amen!?

        • Pivyque

          Lol ok. People don’t need to take everything so seriously. WHO CARES if someone doesn’t like how his wife looks. He was asked a question and he answered it. I applaud him for being honest instead of giving the “politically correct” answer.

          • hollyw

            Hun, I think you missed the part where even the interviewer indicated that that was a joke question. Also, if no one should care how this man thinks of his wife, then why would an opinion even need to be uttered?? Saying you wouldn’t care if folks thought you were ugly b/c that wouldn’t change how you’re husband thought of you is not only disingenuous, but completely misdirecting the point.

            If your husband’s co-worker got caught at the neighborhood bar slamming his wife and/or his family, he’d be weak as h*ll if he didn’t address it, b/c that’s DISRESPECT. Just like that co-worker got a “right” to an opinion, he should also expect to lose some teeth, as should anyone who pops off at the mouth reckless. IJS. Like I said, Johnson was smart to apologize, whether he was honest or not, b/c Wilfork was NOT playin, okay?!

            • MLS2698

              Yup, ” lose some teeth ” rhymes with freedom of speech!

              • hollyw


            • Pivyque

              Well, if you put it like that then all the comments on here need not be written. Neither parties involved care about our opinions. Yet, we are still exchanging words about it.
              At any rate, trashing/disrespecting and answering a question are two different things. He made a comment and kept it moving. He didn’t continue to talk down on her. I’m not about to be talking about this all day lol So, I agree to disagree. You have a good one.

    • MLS2698

      Why? Because she is plus sized? Nope. She actually helped her husband’s gene pool, cause he ain’t that cute. But the kids are beautiful.

      • Pivyque

        Not at all, I have seen beautiful plus size women before and she isn’t one of the to me.

    • Yup

      Yes, she is!