Don’t Be A Starving Artist: 9 Flexible Day Jobs For Creatives

March 25, 2013  |  

Creative folk have to quench their desire to create. In the words of author Chuck Wendig, “art harder.” But as you’re striving to “art harder” and create a masterpiece, hoping that you can one day make a living from this passion, your student loans, monthly rent, and transportation needs still await. So what do you do? You find a job that will allow you to pay the bills while providing you with flexible working hours to practice your craft without sacrificing too much of your sanity. Yes, jobs such as this do exist, and you won’t have to wait tables or tend bar. Some of them are creative, some are less than. But all of them will pay the bills while leaving time for your real career of choice.

Apartment Manager

Apartment Manager

One less thing to worry about. Rent that is. If you find work as an apartment manager, your responsibilities will include checking up on the units and dwellers within in your building. You will get free rent in exchange for making phone calls to electricians and making sure that the building is clean, repairs are made when necessary, tenants’ concerns are met, and rent money collected. For creatives, this is a job that can ensure a flexible, D.I.Y. schedule.

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  • mardigrasbird

    I am a bit weary of the advice mainly because an elementary school teacher does not sing songs and do arts and crafts all day. Maybe daycare. But what the job may lack in intellectual stress, it is overwhelming in physical and emotional demands. Spend all day with kids of any age and you are wiped out by the end of the day. It is the most demanding. I speak from experience.

    • Alana

      I am in full agreement. The author obviously has no clue about the realities of a teaching career. Particularly now, with the current emphasis on testing, a teacher’s work is never done at the end of the school day.

  • My wife sent this article to me, and I’m glad she did. I focus on my writing in my downtime, but I was never sure about how to enter a career that would allow more creative thinking. Thanks for sharing!

  • chuzzle

    You can also be a brand ambassador for marketing companies and event staffing agencies

    • Candace Smith

      You are absolutely right chuzzle! Brand ambassador is another good side job for creatives. It’s flexible and great for strengthening people skills and talking in public. 🙂

  • I went to grad school and law school to get a good day job. My intent was to put money back into my writing passion. Now that I have mountains of debt to go along with the credentials, focusing on writing full-time is really out of the question. So, I practice law by day, write by night.

    • Candace Smith

      Hi Davida! I know how you feel! So many of my fellow friends who are creatives have and continue to struggle with the decision between practicing what they love and doing what they can to pay the bills. You are still in a great position though. There are so many best-selling authors who worked jobs that had nothing to do with writing to make a living. It can be done! Stephen King, Nicholas Sparks, Charlotte Bronte… you can do it! Your practice in law is such a valuable asset to your writing in both content and discipline- trust! Keeping working at it and market yourself. 🙂

  • Just saying!!

    Wow this article topic is perfect for me!! I’ve been trying to figure outhow to earn income while simultaneously pursuing a music career!! Can’t wait to check out these points on my computer!

    • Candace Smith

      I’m so glad that you are going to check this article out! I hope that you get some great tips from this. I speak from personal experience on this topic and feel your frustrations. Keep working on your music and good luck! 🙂