“Juices Runnin’ Like A River Slowly Down My Kitty Litter”: Missy’s Most Outrageous Lyrics

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Missy will always hold a special place in my heart. She took the Hip Hop world by storm, making an entrance no MC, and especially no female MC had seen before. Missy’s debut album Supa Dupa Fly was one of the first Hip Hop albums my father bought for my sister and I for Christmas and my life was forever changed because of it. Missy was brazen, insanely creative and even a little or a lotta bit raunchy at times, a well-rounded, very real woman. Even as a fifth grader, I could relate to her. Anyone who’s listened to Missy over the years has noticed that her lyrics are often hilarious, risque and sometimes just downright outrageous. We grabbed a few of our favorites here. Check them out and feel free to add your favorites in the comments section below.


4 My People, Miss E…So Addictive

I’m at the bar now and I’m buying drinks
And I got this feeling and it’s all over me
I wanna dance with you and lick your face

Can you imagine licking someone’s face in the club? Me either. But that X will have you doing some strange thangs. As much as she referenced X in her songs, it must have been her drug of choice… after weed, perhaps. Never one to shy away from the realness, Missy told us exactly what the drug would have you trying to do. Some took it as a cautionary tale, others an invitation.


Play That Beat, Under Construction

I’m ready when your baby momma trips
So just call me come in doin’ backwards flips
My darling
Would you like me bust her lips
Cuz’ I’m ready, show you I’m the realest chick

This song, which is severely underrated if you ask me, is one of my favorite Missy verses. Not only does it paint a very clear image of Missy flipping through somebody’s doorway, it’s also on some true hoodrat ish. “Your man” is having problems with his baby moms, so you come through and fight her?! Tre ghetto.


P*$$ycat, Under Construction

Oh really? Do me, do me, do me, do me
Run through me like fluid go through an I.V.
That’s good I’mma make sure you never will leave
Can I put my booty, booty up in your spaghetti?
Daddy, are you ready for sacary (?) from me?
p*$$y gushy mushy what more you want from me?

This is probably Missy’s most risque song. It was so raunchy at the time that she felt the need to explain why she wrote the song afterward saying that male artists are able to say whatever they want, without consequence; but when women do it, they’re criticized. No need to explain Missy, this song, though a bit out there, is really how some women are thinking out here, believing their “good good” (or goot goot) will keep their man from straying. Think again boo…


Hot Boyz, Da Real World

Where you live, is it by yourself?
Can I move with you, do you need some help?
I cook boy, I’ll give you more
I’m a fly girl, and I like those

This stanza isn’t so much outrageous as it is desperate. Missy was willing to do anything to get next to this so called hot boy. The thirst was very real.


Meltdown, The Cookbook

It’s not his major figure that want him to be my N***a
He got that magic stick that make my little p*$$y quiver
Juices runnin like a river slowly down my kitty litter

If you thought “P*$$ycat” was nazty, you must not be familiar with “Meltdown.” In this song, she lets her man know that as long  as he keeps his magic stick clean and reserved just for her, she won’t mind tasting his magic stick. That’s real.


Get Ur Freak On, Miss E…So Addictive

QUIET!!!!!!! Sssshhhhhh, hush yo’ mouth
Silence when I, spit it out
{*hach-PTOO*}… in yo’ face
Open your mouth, give you a taste

How could anyone ever forget this lyric?! It’s so graphic and so gross. When you heard the track it was already yucky but when you actually saw Missy’s spit land in someone’s mouth and that person swallowed it, you were truly disgusted. Missy never struggled to get somebody’s attention.


Funky Fresh Dressed, Under Construction

My attitude is bitchy cuz my period is heavy

Now, some might look at this and think ‘whoa waaay too much information’ but me, myself, I appreciate the realness. And as a rapper it certainly justifies telling people to stay out cho face.

Your style’s very crummy, that’s why you have no money
You always looking bummy, I don’t care if you don’t love me
Don’t try to come before me, unless you are a dummy
Repeat, you’ll lose your teeth and I would hate to call you gummy

This one isn’t all that outrageous either, I just like the word play. “Hate to call you gummy”?! Classic.


Don’t Be Coming, Supa Dupa Fly

I used to stick closer to your side than a beeper
Till you smoked that cheaper reefer
Now you loony as fita(?)…shut up!
Don’t say a word, yep, I got tha word
Yeah, I heard it from a little bird

So maybe this one isn’t so outrageous either, it just tells a very real story of how men we once loved, did us dirty and then try to come back like everything is great. When that happens, and it always does, Missy warns us ladies to tell that boy to step.


Izzy Izzy Ahh, Supa Dupa Fly

I pulls up in my stretch, I let my homegirls flex my 9-8
Close and closer they follow in my Limo, playin’ CD’s
Of when I used to heeehee totally in my A$$ cheeks
They sweat these beats, for any kinda jeeps, you know how
I is, so freakin’ hot that I siz, geewiz, get my clothes tailored
Like I’m liz, miz, I’m comin’ for your A$$ in a min, seconds or hours
Everything I do seem to bloom like flowers, I cruise these beets like
I’m drivin’ Eddie Bauer, some of ya’ll MC’s mad I got the power

Her booty cheeks sweat these beats?! Again graphic and a bit nonsensical but we totally love it.
What are your favorite Missy Elliot lyrics?

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