Hilarious (But Surprisingly Awesome) Video Of The Day: Miley Cyrus Teaches The World How To Twerk

March 21, 2013  |  

I know what you’re thinking…Hannah Montana twerking? What the hell???

But in all honesty, while you might prepare yourself to be disgusted by what you see, it’s actually surprisingly fun. Dancing to the song “Wop” by rapper J. Dash, Miley drops it low in a unicorn onesie, socks and gloves, which is probably what makes it hilarious. And she’s not bad at all! Of course, she doesn’t have all the meat on her bones to really have that great of an effect, but it still had us in the office looking for the song and jumping around saying, “Whaaaaaaat!? She better get it!” That’s a major feat considering it’s early as all get out around these parts.

Lucky for Cyrus, the video got a lot of support from her celeb friends, including Nelly, Pharrell, Amber Rose and will.i.am, who according to Contact Music said, “Check out my homegirl Miley Cyrus twerk… twerk it girl, work it girl… don’t hurt it girl…” And Twitter was on fire about it, with the hashtag #MCtwerkteam trending. She was more than excited about the positive response: “My fans are the dopestttttt (sic). MCtwerkteam is trending worldwide… my night is complete.” Liam Hemsworth better hold on to that girl!

Check it out for yourself and have yourself an early morning laugh…and twerk. Enjoy!


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  • Kenedy

    Mehhh….Its nothing to go crazy over

  • scandalous7

    AHHHH Miley! you better TWERK!

  • chanela

    i’m sorry but, if this was keke palmer, nobody would be saying that its cute and that shes coming into her own.

    • IllyPhilly

      Plus one

    • ‘they’ would be saying all kinds of mess about her and then somehow Michelle Obama’s name will come into from the public comments.

  • T_Rocka1975

    Um no this is not twerkin’, just for the record

    • MLS2698

      You know that girl ain’t working with much ( probably a size two), so the effects can’t be seen as well. I prefer less vulgar dancing, anyway. She did a good job, but at the end she said, ” Oh my God!” She was worn out from two minutes of twerk-time.

  • Guest360

    This was cute! I need to get with her cause I still don’t know how to twerk lol

  • Some of y’all are so ugly…. Just rude… always tryna talk crap bout something… keep the negativity to yourself

  • Get it Miley!

  • IllyPhilly

    Nope, what I was thinking was here is another white girl about to be all over Black women’s sites.

    • Nicolet75

      ^^^ and there it is!

  • Meyaka

    Wow… In other news Miley has grown to be very pretty.

  • Nomore

    Proud to say that I’m a black girl and do not and have never ever tried to twerk! Ugghhhhh! Why couldn’t that ish have stayed in the swamps of Louisiana?

    • tikkit30

      Sorry but that didn’t come from Louisiana!

      • sammi_lu

        Sure didn’t!

    • MLS2698

      It originates from African countries.

      • joey

        heu dont think so!! from an african born and raised.

  • HUH

    Seriously…this vid is cute huh! So this is vid of the day….today….. I hate MN. yeah hate.

    • MNEditor2

      Love you too girl, love you too. *sends cyber hug*

      • SerialCyberHugger

        LOL Cyber Hugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Keisha Samoht

    Im so glad she has grown into her own person, she look like a real cool person to be friends with. Shoot she can teach me how to then lmao!

    • Keisha Samoht

      why thumbs me down? i mean it’s just 1 person but im being real… i am not afraid to admit that i have the rythm that equates to (no shade!) Michelle Williams…i may be able to learn it. But i cant make it look natural. NO SHADE towards you Michelle

  • JaneDoe

    Miley is adorable.. I lmao

  • Yay!

    I pray for the day when Twerk Teams are a thing of the past… Got people out here dancing like they are having seizures.

  • sammi_lu

    This made me smile all the way through..lol

    • MLS2698

      I thought it was cute, not vulgar. She has Waaaaay more rhythm than I would have expected! I think it’s the way it was done that makes it acceptable. No extreme movements. And she is grown now, not a kid.

  • KJ23

    That was cute.