When Is Atlanta Coming Back Again? “Love & Hip Hop NY” Ratings Hit A New Low

March 21, 2013  |  

If you were wondering when Love & Hip Hop Atlanta was coming back on air, it’s April 22nd. And after watching almost a full season of Love & Hip Hop New York I’m sure you were wondering, because this installment of the show, with a whole host of new faces, is just not hitting the spot for a lot of people. And that’s evident by the ratings that are coming in these days.

According to Shadow And Act, the series has brought in some of the lowest views of the L&HH shows in New York (this is the third season in NY by the way) and of course, it can’t compete with the Atlanta version that had no trouble pulling in more than three million viewers during its run last year. According to S&A, the very last episode of L&HHNY, which included a proposal from Mendeecees to Yandy, and the admission from Rich Dollaz’s ex that she had been messing with crazy Erica on the low-low, sexually that is, barely pulled in more than 1 million viewers. So what’s the problem?

If you ask a lot of folks around here, we’d say that the storyline is reaching a tad bit. If we’re not watching Jen The Pen cry about everything with Consequence, we’re watching Tahiry and Joe Budden do the same song and dance, pretending like they don’t love each other when they do even though he has a girlfriend (who we assume just likes being along for the ride), and who isn’t sick of watching Erica Mena act the fool in every situation? Hard as they may try, the drama with these folks is a bit extreme but still isn’t all that interesting compared to the simple yet ratchet love triangles in Atlanta, marital strife caused by career aspirations, relationships moving too fast, relationships gone sour…and K. Michelle. This dip in ratings shouldn’t be something Mona Scott-Young worries about though, because it will probably just make those who follow the Atlanta installment all the more ready to tune in come April. But as for this one here in NY, if Chrissy and Jim and Emily B aren’t involved, it’s just not the same. NEXT!

Why do you think ratings have dipped? Are people not feeling the cast? The storylines? Are they just tired of this show altogether?

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  • Hydie

    Too many Spanish chicks. Cant relate. That’s not Hip hop

    • blaclove

      Yes! Too many Spicks. They luv to use the N word.

  • the ratings are low because the show is boring and tasteless.. it just seems phoney to me

  • clove8canela

    L&HH NY was just all over the place this season. There were too many cast members & no central storyline. I think reality tv works better when everyone actually has a relationship with each other.

    Tahiry & Joe’s story arc was the only interesting one to me & I would’ve liked to see a little more of Winter Ramos as her ratchet book unfolds. Other than that, they might as well scrap NY.

  • too many people no1 has a clue who they are.. Love yandy n tahiry, but after tht, the show really is a mess.. Lmao, they just aren’t rachet enough.. Btw, fab assistant is a mess and no1 cares who she slept with..

  • Meyaka

    These shows thrive on violence and bullying,since there is none this season it’s boring and nobody wants to watch it.

    • Nobody’s Business

      They fight every episode …its been at least 3-4 fights and confrontations on every episode..the cast just seems fake to me

      • Meyaka

        The fights are edited now,I think that took a toll on the shows,I could be wrong. Yes they all look fake I like yandy and strangely raqi,everyone else can kick rocks lol

  • tasha

    I watch New York waiting on Atlanta because clearly New York can not top Atlanta l&hh version. The only reason why I watch new york is to see if Tahiry and Joe budden will stop bs themselves and get back 2gether because u can not deny that when there 2gether that love just oozes from the screen even when their arguing or carrying on u can still tell that they care deeply for one another. N Tahiry is the show jen the so call pen can go sit down somewhere they r boring the only thing that catches my attention is cons teeth n not n a good way. Erica boo she needs to go back to khole and the other kardashin show where she worked at dash stocking shelves. I like rich $ bc he is honestly a nice guy but other then that they r boring.

  • rootatoota

    It’s because Jim Jones is a more entertaining character to center a show around than Joe Budden. That’s it. And Mama Jones! lol

  • Keisha Samoht

    The only reason i watched was because i was in the kitchen doing homework and my cousin was watching to see Joe Budden, he even said the show made him look lame.

  • WhoMe

    I watched the first 2 seasons and tried to give this season a chance but I dont know a majority of the people. I so NEED my atlanta ratchetness ASAP!!! Lol

  • brwngirl

    Way to many characters to keep up with, every girl looks alike & when you do figure out who is who…they all seem so boring.

    There was something about Chrissy, Jimmy, Emily, Mama Jones … & even Kimbella that was likeable and relatable. This season seems so constructed and redundant.

    Counting down until LHHATL!

    • Keisha Samoht

      I had a hard time telling the two girl with the Ronald McDonald hair apart… i thought they were the same person

  • Rashida

    I am entertained by it. I think that the previous cast was just better. They interacted better. This cast not the same. Some i wouldn’t have chosen.

  • The new cast was soooo dry and tired!! Yandy, didn’t need to even try to led the cast. Didn’t like her when she came on the show. Chrissy,Jim J ,and his mom made that show. not that Yandy thang. Carry on

  • Tonyoardee

    The Show got extremely boring fast, it was like i was watching a rerun every week. LHHATL will give you Stevie J.. hes entertainment within himself.