Bitter Much? Chad Ochocinco Shows Just How Salty He Is In Twitter Rant About Evelyn Lozada

March 21, 2013  |  

Source: WENN

It appears that former Miami Dolphins star Chad Ochocino just might be losing it. Now we won’t totally jump to conclusions since we don’t know what may have happened behind the scenes to set him off, but the reality star began taking shots at his ex-wife yesterday via Twitter and even somewhat defended his violent actions that ultimately led to the couple’s divorce. He began with tweets implying that Evelyn was only with him for monetary gain.

When a follower informed him that he was the one who messed up when he decided to cheat and put his hands on Evelyn, it seems as if he almost tried to justify his actions and imply that Ev should’ve stuck around anyway.

Chad then went on to attack her publicist, who seemingly had nothing to do with the quarrel, but again, we don’t know if anything transpired behind the scenes. He also implied that Evelyn is a Christian hypocrite and that she cheated on him while they were together.

Evelyn, who appeared to remain pretty calm about what was going on, sent out a tweet letting her followers and Chad know that she was paying him no mind.

Although Evelyn may have decided to take the high road, her daughter Shanience was not too pleased with Chad’s behavior.

We’re going to have to give Chad the severe side-eye.

What are your thoughts on this?

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  • Chad needs some help

  • If Eveyln knew all of that before she got married I can’t feel orry fo her plus she is still bully and she rants all the time about him….They both need several seats

  • Cha Cha

    What is it with people airing ALL their dirty laundry and fighting on twitter? Do these people ever become adults?

  • Paige*

    The readership of this magazine has an interesting “take” on things. Chad could have smashed Evelyn’s face in. If he were still making the big bucks, she would still be with him. Chad was color struck and got exactly what he deserved. No sensible man would have married a classless violent woman like Evelyn.

  • Meyaka

    You head butted her chad,no money in the world should make a woman accept that,move on…

    • hollyw

      I said the same thing! He referenced other people who’d apparently done the same thing and called the follower a dummy?? So You Magic Johnson and Bill (Cosby, I assume?) now?? You wanna reference OJ, too, lmbo?? Plus, even if they did, how does that in any way excuse his mistake, if he believe he made one. If they got away w/ it, it’s likely b/c it was the 80s/90s and dudes (esp. dudes w/ money) were getting away w/ domestic violence a whole lot more…too bad he married in the wrong decade…

  • YES gAWD

    He PRESSED like a panini….Chile let it GO. He mad cus she talking about wanting a God fearing Man like Devon, and trying to be a BETTER person….And he back sittin around hollering at every A$$ picture on Twitter (he lookin like a fool i must say). Should she be the blame because HE cant change??? I think Not. He need to GET HIS LIFE and move on!!

  • Sounds like a typical abuser/ sociopath. No personal accountability for any wrong he’s done. Nope. If she hadn’t “made” him beat the snot outta her things would be fine. If she didn’t “trip” about him digging out other women they would still be cool and he would still have a career and relevancy.

  • Ms_Mara

    Child please.

  • Chloe

    Wow Chad.. Just Wow!! really dawg. You know she had $$$ in her eyes when she fcuked you the first time ya’ll met after you sent her them red bottoms and roses..

    Both of them are opportunists – he wanted his 20 mins of spinoff fame and she wanted to be a NFL wife..

    You chose this woman so don’t be salty now!!!!!.

    Sat Downnnnnnn!!!! _/_/_/ In the end it’s very distasteful for a grown azz man OR woman to be airing their grievances via social media; period.. why do you feel the need to let the world know what’s going on in your household/relationship, etc.

  • Yvette

    Chad is acting very catty and messy right now. He knew Evelyn was in it for money just like he was in it for publicity. Boy Bye!

  • IllyPhilly

    I feel like I was reading something I’d write about at fourteen. Twitter is Hollywood High.

    • GirlSixx

      Agreed!! Twitter should have an age range where 25 is the cut off point because obviously we got poeple in their mid 30’s almost pushing 40 out here acting like they in junior high..

  • Jay Trevy

    You should never put your hands on a woman. But honestly he should have known she was in it for money. I mean come on.

    • Mia

      Chad is just as big a opportunist as Evelyn. Two attention seeking, using, media hores who use their puplic status to take advantage of others.

      • you madd

        I agree!! When they BOTH got in it they were looking for FAME. So neither one of them is blameless. But Evelyn is actually trying too take counseling to get out of where she was now. Chad is still in that hole so he PRESSED that he looking like he hasnt changed. WHICH HE HASNT…SO WHAT ELSE IS HE GOING TO LOOK LIKE!

  • bluekissess

    It’s more to this story. Twitters 140 characters wouldn’t allow him. And her daughter should stay in her place. They both knew Chad’s past while they were receiving his lavish gifts. Twitter is never the place to rant but, I’m interested in the truth. Why? Because I do

    • kahlijr

      dude, what’s “her place??” any girl or woman would have something to say a dude talkin junk about their mom especially if he put his hands on her at some point. her knowing he was like that (or not) doesn’t excuse his behavior. they both had issues and decided to engage in a relationship anyway, and as another person said mr. “ocho cinco” with his dumbass isn’t used to not getting his way. she’s gone now, get over it homie, clearly she is.

      • bluekissess

        First, I’m not a dude and second the daughter should have beef with the mother for allowing an abusive man enter the home. Don’t start pointing fingers or being “down for a cause” and in the same breath get gifts

        • Chile Cheese

          You are a FOOL. Why would she have a beef with her dam momma??? You understand people make mistakes right as IM SURE YOU HAVE. I hope no one in your family hangs you out to dry because of a choice in a man….What kind of daughter is that to not be a shoulder to cry on for her mother??? Forget chad pressed ignorant a$$, my dam momma comes first of any man. Yes she tried to use him for FAME, they both did, it was quite apparent, but it was a mistake! You so dam high and mighty on here, girl go sit cho a$$ down somewhere. PRESSED IS WHAT YOU ARE….

          • bluekissess

            So, my opinion makes me a fool? The only foolish thing I’m doing is speaking to a no face user name. She should have beef with her mom for allowing an abusive man enter her home knowingly. I thought I expressed that already. For example, if a women brings a child molester in her home with a house full of kids the MOTHER would be responsible. She’s allowing this behavior. I do understand that people make mistakes. If her mother did in fact make a mistake then the daughter shouldn’t have commented. Leave a mistake a mistake and move on. Leave my family out of this. My family doesn’t need twitter to let me know that they have my back. Your comment seems like it’s coming from experience. Before you start attacking my opinion breath before writing. I love my mom I will hug my mom and in the same breath tell her that she was wrong. Now I think her daughter is a hypocrite. By you telling me to “sit down” is hilarious. You think your telling me off? Whatever makes you feel better. I’m done talking about my opinion

  • Nicole in tha 615

    Don’t EVER mess with a child and their Mother!!! You will always lose..

  • Chad isn’t used to not getting his way. He’s acting out. #manup

  • word

    It just struck you that she/they are in it for the money???….not too bright are ocho? Anyone with has ‘membership’ to the clubhouse without doing ANYTHING to earn it….is in that environment for the money. period.