Who Are You Foolin’? Obnoxious Things Women Do To Look ‘Cool’ To Men

March 26, 2013 ‐ By Julia Austin


When it comes to trying to impress men, there is the obvious group: women who dress “girly,” speak softly, try to act like “a lady,” bat their eyelashes, cover their mouths while giggling and get tipsy off half a drink. And then there is the less obvious, and possibly more obnoxious group: w omen who strive, with all their might, to be the opposite of group A. Women who lie through their teeth to look cool to men, who are not in the least bit true to themselves, and who often impress their way into a relationship they’re not really happy in. Here are 14 unbearable things that women in Group B do to look cool to men. (Stop it already. Please.)

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  • afteru

    First and last time on this website. What a stupid article! People should be left to do whatever they want to do. Whether you think it’s pretentious or not, is not for you to say. Who do you think you are?

  • Bill

    “Being ok with open relationships” does NOT equal “not having any respect for yourself”. Of course, pretending to be ok while you are not- that is plain stupid and you are in for a lot of hurt. But if you ARE ok with it, go for it. And don´t tell a website tell you otherwise.

  • Go Figure

    So I pretty much have to be a tight a**. Okay.

  • Melissa

    I agree with all except the last. O because I don’t want kids, and never wanted kids. I won’t/can’t find a decent man? Or I’m a jerk for saying no, thank you as a choice of whether or not to have children. True, I wouldn’t be here if my parents had made that same decision. Guess what, that was heir choice. Just as its mine if I choose not to have them. I do agree it does sound silly to say I’m not having kids because it will ruin my partying, or my figure. But that was never my reasons. I have heard thru the years I’m selfish, what if my man wants kids. My response ha always been. 1. I feel it’s responsible I have never brought a child in the world I didn’t want and expected someone else to raise. 2. If any man I meet wants kids with me obviously he isn’t the man for me. I can’t have a kid just to satisfy someone else’s desires……. Yes, I have found a man, who’s good to me( already has kids, so that’s not an issue) and I’m happy.

    • Ms. Kameria

      I was ALL THE WAY there with you as far as kids….I’m 25 and have managed not to fall into the trap of getting knocked up (because I don’t want to) but you lost me at the very last statement. Luckily I’m with a guy who doesn’t have any and knows he doesn’t want any.

      • Melissa

        Thank you, I kind of got carried away, with that last bit. Lol I’m glad you’ve found your guy, and he’s happy, and supports your decision not to have kids. For the author to go so far as to say. We won’t find stable, and kind men because we don’t want kids. Just got to me. With my last statement i meant he respects the fact I don’t want any

  • mac

    Add going to strip clubs to this list.
    I find that particularly forced and pathetic. Stop trying to look “soo tolerant and open minded” and let the men have their hangout.

    And I totally agree on the sports one. As a female who’s watched sports since childhood and is actually knowledgeable on them, it’s EXTREMELY irritating to observe females feigning interest in sports for attention. Knowing good & well they don’t know a lay-up from a touchdown. Smh

    /end rant

  • VSquaredMC

    This article is a bit pretentious. Any man that would judge a woman so harshly would be crossed off in my book.

    Moreover, if you’re pretending to be someone you’re not, isn’t that ungenuine? If a man wants to be with or without a type of woman, it’s his individual choice.

    Generalities don’t serve either party well in this case. Seems like we’re adding more hurdles for women to jump over just so they can be seen as acceptable.

  • Ivy

    Why do I feel like this article is yelling at me? Can’t you write in a more informational instead of criticizing tone?

  • iHM

    I agree with almost the entire list, except for the one about laughing at sexist jokes. The main group you should be able to laugh at, is your own. Jokes are always supposed to be just jokes – nobody should take them as more than what they are. If a sexist (against women) joke is funny, women should be the first ones in line to laugh at it because we understand it the most. I do think the rest of those habits are extremely desperate and annoying though. Pretending to like other women and pretending to enjoy an open relationship – gag. I can’t believe how common it is for women to do that lame stuff.

    • Eric Scott

      Thaaaaank you

  • moemiel

    I gotta say i am disappointed in this article. How can u call urself a feminist website when u spend most ur articles gender stereotyping. Women hv the right to do whatever they want without hving to be shamed. Very disappointed….

    • lulu

      I like the article I just wish they wouldnt add “what a real man would want” is this, this, and that. How about you don’t act in these degrading ways just to up your own self-worth as opposed to impressing a man by “acting like a lady” or whatever they said. Why does it have to always be about what a man would want or respect? respect yourself and others will respect you.

  • dee

    This might be more of a pet peeve of mine but I really don’t like seeing women hanging out with the men in the cigar lounges with cigars dangling from their mouths with fedoras on. If you are cigar aficionado that’s great but to do it just to look cool like your one of the guys is transparent and sad.

  • Tonyoardee

    This list is perfect and as a 22 year old guy i see alot of these infractions committed upon young women, ohh and fighting in the club should be added too

    • moemiel

      Bc men dont fight in clubs or drink to show off or talk bathroom humour at the dinner table…

    • alliebelle

      honestly, this list is perfect for anyone who respects themselves. everything here is annoying and obnoxious, regardless of the sex. i do hope that past high school and definitely after college, everyone leaves these behaviors alone.