Oh… Okay: Nicki Minaj Tweets Yet Another Picture of Her ‘Real’ Long and Luxurious Hair

March 20, 2013  |  

Source(s): Twitter, WENN

Last October Nicki Minaj took to her Twitter page to shut down skeptics who claim that she’s a bald eagle underneath those colorful and festive wigs that she’s known for wearing, releasing a photo of what she claimed to be her natural, extension-free hair. While it’s certainly not impossible that the photo was in fact Nicki’s real hair, many still were not convinced, as her face was not showing in the photograph. Some even claimed that they wouldn’t believe Onika until they saw her track-less roots with their own two eyes. Maybe Nicki didn’t get the memo or she simply doesn’t care to prove that the beautiful tresses are hers. The “High School” rapper recently released yet another photo, flaunting her hair, but never actually showing her face.

Fans were quick to cheer Nicki on for showing off her real hair.


Of course, as with anything, there were skeptics as well. And then there are some who are simply asking “What’s the big deal?”, which is a valid question too. Does it really matter how long Nicki’s hair is underneath those wigs?

What are your thoughts on the Nicki Minaj hair debate?

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  • Dee

    She is a Trinidadian of Indian descent. Why is it so hard to believe its her hair?

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  • Get IT

    just like the title uh ….. ok
    tons of celebrities wear wigs, why does she feel like she has to show the world her “real” hair?

  • mikayla

    whether she faces the camera or not, is it really that serious if that is her real hair or not . or if that is her or not in the pic. and if she does a front shot and proves that it’s her in the pic, then what will people say then. it seems like (only my opinion) when black people meet other black women with long hair and it’s naturally theirs we make such a big deal out it. I just don’t see this with other cultures as I do in my own culture. why are so hair obsessed at times. if that’s her hair, do you really need a front pic of her in order to believe it?

  • I couldn’t careless. It’s your head, your money….whether it’s your hair or not. I won’t loose a sleep.

  • Nicky Minaj’s hair…is it Real…Fake..She looks like an ad for plastic surgery, with her plastic “Barbie” look, and it would prove there’s something “Real” about her cause it’s not the butt, boobs,or face. With so many women, Black women, wearing all kinds of fake hair, what does this non-verbally say to our little girls about self-love and our hair?? When you don’t take proper care with your hair, you end up without any!!

  • Great_Clips

    wgaf with the MRS POTATO HEAD WITH FAKE T1TS & A$$! her hair will nvr get past her injected booty! leave the REAL HAIR GROWING 2 the ASIANS/LATINAS/WHITES!!!! lol. K.I.M!

  • adanie12

    Stuff like this makes me wish I wasnt black. It just gets dumber and dumber. Well Malcom, Duboise, Gravey, King…this is what you all fought for. Black ppl rghts to post twitter pictures of their hair. We are keeping the dream alive. Dang when is Jesus comin back already?

  • Sagittarius81

    Show your face Nicki, or I’m still gonna think you’re a bald eagle. If that’s your REAL hair, you don’t need wigs at all.

  • adanie12

    …remember when back in the day when you said you were thirty-something it mea t something? What happened to the maturity in the world? We did stuff like this in high school. Im 28 and I cant believe how immature Nikki Minaj is. Who sayslong hair dont care over the age of 25? Grown women dont do this. This is a grown teenage girl.

  • Black folks are always on some ish that just don’t matter.

  • S25

    I trust that it is all hers. I remember checking out some videos of her back in her mix tape days on Youtube and even then it was pretty long.

  • chanela

    ROFL @ no perm or nothin jesus! AHAHAHHAHA

  • It is 2013 and we are still talking about hair. How truly sad it’s hair, or color. The slang term nappy or good hair. Which is a joke in it self. Let’s talk about good jobs, homes living like the real housewife of Beverly Hills. The lady that own her own restaurant. Why are we talking about Hair short,long bald. Better hope you have a brain which she do and she has a talent she can sing. My thing is she don’t have to prove a point to anyone!!!

  • akuntrygirl

    Wait. What? I don’t get it. What’s the point? Okay boo. Your hair is long. *blank stare*

    • aadanie12

      Please repeat that again and again. I was just saying she needs to grow the hell up. Do ppl forget Nikki Minaj is not a high school student? Shes 30 something. Who DOES this at that age? Why would you need to? Whats the point????

  • What difference does it make if someone is bald, wearing a weave or a wig. I am so, so sick of black women tearing each other down. I don’t give a damn if a woman is short, skinny, fat, ugly, cute or bald, that is her business. If she is happy with the skin she is in and isn’t bothering you, then why should it matter. I have met some of the sweetest, caring people that are just themselves. I can’t stand phony people that are trying to be crowd pleasers and aren’t really happy with who they are. JUST BE YOURSELVES!!! Stop belittling other sistas of color. This is the images that young girls are seeing of us. This gives them low self esteem. BLACK GIRLS ROCK!!! Don’t you agree?

  • sweethoney

    Most people believe if you wear a wig you have short hair. Black hair doesn’t grow…its sad. I had a boyfriend tell me I had to have a jheri curl cause my hair couldn’t be naturally curly. I called him stupid that he knows nothing about black hair cause most men cut it all off! I didn’t talk to him for 2 days cause it was like he was obsessed saying I was lying. Why cause i’m not light skinned .Then he was like oh so you got good hair. yeah i dumped his colorstruck self.

  • bluekissess

    I don’t personally think that’s her but, I could be wrong based on the pink nails. The ends do look a tad bit damaged. Wearing her hair in protective styles could have an impact on her hair growth. I don’t understand why people care? Whether her hair is long, short, blonde, black and in the horrible lace front. Life.Goes.On!

    • Vetra

      You read her so called damaged ends and say you do not believe that is her, yet you ask why do people care? You obviously care since you were looking that hard and made a comment.

      • bluekissess

        It’s apparent you want to start this online war. Since you only comprehended the last part of my comment I’ll break it down. I don’t care I come on this site to pass my time. Secondly, I didn’t have to “look hard” to know her ends were damaged. Lastly, I comment because I want to. That’s the beauty of making choices.

  • Who gives a sh*t? This is hoodlicious really. I can guarantee you those lace fronts with that wig glue has her edges receding. Ask Tyra banks, Naomi Campbell and nem. But yes ladies if you have the cash to constantly get your hair cared for and done on the weekly by the best in the industry and you commit to protective styles at ALL times you too can have hangage.

    I wear my natural hair 6 months out of the year under a weave I’m due to take this one out in a couple of weeks. Last time I had it straightened it fell right at the end of my shoulder blades. I’m not mixed or Trinidadian. Proper hair care, the avoidance of relaxers and minimum heat will have your hair growing too.

  • Nope

    I don’t know why she gets so much criticism when 70% of 90% of women is artificial. She’s still attractive without all of the extra stuff, the extra stuff isn’t what makes her attractive.

  • What made her feel the need to do this? What did she gain from this? What did she really prove?

    Your hair length really means nothing … especially if it isn’t healthy (*zooms in on her dead ends*) & if you want to “prove” anything to the world – do a front shot because I got a feeling those edges aren’t as “luxurious” as the back.

    • Laughing

      says the woman with silky weave attached to the kinkiest of roots….so let us all see luxurious hair..missing edges from lace front glue and thinned out from sewn in tracks.

      Girl BYE

      • Hi …

        Well “Laughing” you can’t see my roots in the picture, so I am in no way offended by your assume. And my weave isn’t silky, it’s actually a yaky texture. And unfortunately I’m not that educated in the area of “lace fronts” and “glue” so I wouldn’t know. BUTTTT…if you do know any good vendors pllllease feel free to let me know.


        • Olivia

          You deserved that reading. You sound like a hater. You have a head full of weave and yet you criticize this woman. Even if those “dead” ends were cut off, she still has a nice amount of hair. Who knows why Nicki chose to share this pic. Perhaps she wanted to show that it is possible to maintain long hair in spite of frequent styling and wigs. Or maybe one of her fans requested she do so. Whatever the case, you obviously have some serious insecurities about yourself and your hair, otherwise you would not feel the need to make such comments. Learn to be happy with who you and what you have and maybe one day you’ll gain the confidence to get rid of your weave.

          • brook

            Nicki Minaj has a glam squad of 25 people just to get her ready . So it takes a lot to make her as pretty as possible . Pink weave, blonde weave, green weave…. Who knows . All l know is l’m staying blonde . Forever Barbie lol .

      • & when trying to read me … put your glasses on first.

    • Trisha_B

      Its clearly for her fans b/c they are always asking to see her hair. If you dont like then its not gonna mean anything to you. Why are you making it so serious? Lol what makes you think she did this to gain something? Do you post pics to gain something? I dont believe so. Smh

      Judging from those nails, i believe its her. I mean why would she steal some one else pic? Smh it really isnt that serious

  • kierah

    If a tree falls in the forest and there is no one there to hear it, does it make a sound?
    If your beautiful hair is constantly under wigs and no one sees it, does it make a difference to anyone besides yourself?

    • louisimemphis

      Nice analogy

    • Zena Xenae

      Wow so true

  • Trinigal

    Niki is mixed so what you expect..

    • Ms. Kameria

      Right, because she has mixed heritage that could be her hair.

      • All “mixed” people don’t have long hair and I don’t think the audacity of her hair is in question. It’s more so why does she feel the need to do it.

        • Ms. Kameria

          She felt the need to do it because everyone assumed she was bald underneath those wigs. I stated that could POSSIBLY be her hair because she has a heritage other than black and white……not saying all “mixed” people have “long” hair but going along with the texture of her hair…….just by looking at older pictures of her before she became famous.

      • Too sad how stupid it’s people that is not mixed that have long hair!!!

        • Ms. Kameria


    • sweethoney

      You can be African American and have long hair and you can be mixed with hair that breaks off at a certain length.

  • MLS2698

    Is there a pic with her facing the camera? I mean really, who dat is holding hair between their thumb and index finger?

    • TRUTH IS

      Agreed….and what is the message she is trying to send…is she trying to justify why she should call black women nappy headed hoes?!? Is this going to be similiar to light skin versus dark skin…..have a ton of seats for your inflated a$$ all the way in the back Nicki Garbage

  • well when you are a natural not using all them chemicals and junk in ya hair it is quite possible for you hair to grow that long, i’ve been natural for a year now and my hair was shoulder length but i cut it and now is rocking a medium size curly fro

    • Who Know

      Sad that you think “shoulder length” is long 🙁

      If more black women stop> heat styling, blow drying & relaxing they would see that our hair grows just like everyone elses.

      • This is true. I’m living proof. Once I stopped slapping that Motions on my head every 3-4 weeks and frying it everyday its amazing how much my hair has grown. You cannot regularly take your hair out of its natural curly pattern and expect for it to not break off.

        • KJ23

          I’ve had a relaxer for most of my life and I’ve always had long thick hair and I’m not mixed. I guess it’s the strength of your hair and how you take care of it, but my hair constantly grows to my butt, even when I give myself touch ups.

          • right uh huh I believe you. I know mixed girls who relax their hair and guess what dry fried and damaged hair is the result. Doesn’t matter the grade of hair really when you’re using that stuff. Let’s just agree to disagree and say that unproperly cared for hair will break off.

      • bluekissess

        Isn’t shoulder length better than short and bald headed? As long as it’s healthy why should length matter

      • sabrina

        You can still get relaxers and have long, healthy hair. It all depends on how you take care of it!!

        • Ain’t enough care in the world will prevent kinky curly hair from not breaking off eventually either from the stress of being chemically broken down and therefore weakened to be straight, or the lack of moisture from not washing and conditioning due to wanting to make that perm last, or over manipulation any and all of these spell breakage, raggedy ends and thinning. Kinky curly hair altered to that degree is already damaged. Slapping oil and moisturizers on hair already weakened at the point the hair coils will do little to slow the eventual little bits of hair I see on relaxed women’s shoulders.

          • sabrina

            Moisture is imperative for both relaxed and non-relaxed hair. I make it a point to wash and condition my hair every week or at most every 1.5-2 weeks. My hair is well down my back. I do wear weaves often to give my hair a break, but when I take it out, after a touch up and a quick trim, I’m all set. Been doing this for years now and it works for me!