Gangsta Bey: The Most H-Town Hood Songs From The One They Call King Bey

March 21, 2013 ‐ By Kelly Franklin




Beyonce, mega star of the world, has never forgotten her roots…or has she? Is referencing dookie braids in her latest “Bow Down” single hood enough to prove it? Actually, we don’t even have to do that because if you’re a real Bey Stan, you know she’s been a lil hood for a minute — or four albums — now.  Oh you forgot about that? Let us refresh your memory.

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  • Afrika

    I don’t get the point of this article…..YAWN! Besides what suburban lingo is catchy or song worthy…All artist go in this direction musically to get more sales or fans…The Hood vernacular and way of life is interesting to many people around the world. So the Beyonces and J. Timberlakes and now this MIley Cyrus debacle (twerking) are just other additions. I highly doubt that there are 6 bedroom mansions in the Ghettos of America?? Back in the day when I was a fan saw her documentary, there backyard had a stage just for her and Kelly etc… How many “hood” families could afford that?

    I wish we could get more articles like 20 powerful women, or black women who changed sport, or first black woman to break into the “white” arena..(Astronauts, Engineers, Pilots) Something motivational and informative.

  • I’m sorry. But Destiny’s Child’s days with Jermain Dupree and Master P should have gotten honorable mention…LMBO! Oh, I’m slayed every time I remember that Destiny’s Child did tracks with Master P and them.

  • LOVE HER!!

  • Janay

    I’m personally tired of hearinh abt the song. I also think being a classy person is a lifestyle and beyonce has shown herself to be a classic lady on many occasions (taylor swift incident for example) and one ghetto hood a$$ song isn’t gonna change that. Neither is her wearing gold fangs or patting her weave. You just know a classy woman when u see one and her temporary hood behaviors are not defining her . Just as all the formal balls, tea and crumpets in the world could not change that keshia cole is a hoodrat. Bey is from the south and to be from the south is to understand her.

  • this IS overkill. just doing way too much.
    i didnt even finish…

  • Suchalady

    I think we’ve (I mean you’ve) completely exhausted her and this topic, MN -_-

  • Tia

    And don’t forget my fave “ego so big you must admit I got every reason to feel like I’m that b*tch”

  • guest510

    This was laughable. I couldn’t even get through the whole slide show. Seriously, MN???? Smh

  • Ugh, I have never listened to her before, and will never put myself through that again. All her music sounds alike, all her movements are the same…just meh!

  • bigdawgman

    Most of these songs aren’t even that hood. What about that song I Need A Soldier? She’s basically asking for a drug dealer. But that was Destiny’s Child so I guess it doesn’t count.

  • bluekissess

    Please MN family don’t hype these Bey posts up will a billion comments. If we ignore this maybe she’ll go away. The author of these articles like to bandwagon. WE DON’T WANT ANOTHER BEYONCE POST


    BARF….Michelle O come get you girl whom you have in such “high esteem”

  • MN_Retire

    MN you are really immature. People from Houston, TX as I am know Destiny’s Child roots. Those old tapes show proof they were a middle class family. Plus, Her dad was at a corporate level at Xerox. Her mom owned Headliners here in Houston, Tx. Beyonce is not hood & not from the hood. Jay-z comes from the Projects. He comes from the hood. Its nothing wrong with that. Because where you from does not determine where you are headed. There is a difference in playing with the hood like” (like this pic is her joking anyone knows she is not really hood) concept “Drake & miley cirus” do it all the time and that’s not their background. Houston is not a trap city. Its not a hood. It has areas but all together no. Where the knowles are from was nothing but black lawyers & doctors lived in that area.
    Please look at older in her interviews on youtube where beyonce & solange discussed how privileged they grew up. A hard working family from the start.
    But this site writes like a defensive obsessed fan. You are like Bossip part 2. Who slept with who? LOL your old stuff was so much more classy. Highlight more women in control (besides bey), where Karyn Parsons parenting video blog? Now you spend time making videos to prove beyonce is winning? Make 18 page article to prove she is hood? I love beyonce but this site is overkill. She is on the haters minds enough. Some fans like MN have an unhealthy obsession.
    You are simply clapping back at the comments and this is my last time on this site. MN is hood now that is a fact.

    • JaneDoe

      MN knows that Beyonce post gets them the msot hits. So they like to stir the pot. I clicked on to just peep the songs but I refuse to click on all those slides.. I am so over these non news about Beyonce. Its truely over kill

      • bluekissess

        Omg that’s what I’ve been preaching. How is Beyonce and her “hood” ways inspiring? It’s not even informing. The more traffic a blog gets the more money a blog gets. Its disgusting THAT MN has to go this low for “hits”

    • bluekissess

      I totally agree. I need a MN vacation myself. It’s more things going on in the world than Beyonce. I’ve had enough

    • sammi_lu

      THANK U!! We Houstonians know that the 3rd Ward area Beyonce reps is not the same area as the one rapper Scarface, hails from. Her upbringing was nothing like the hood chicks that are still in the hood. I don’t know any hood folk that can afford pageant competitions as evidenced in her photo with all her trophies. And believe it or not Beyonce’s representation of Houston “hood” is about as authentic as her blonde hair. It’s for entertainment..we all get that but don’t throw Houston in front of the title as if that’s what Houston culture is about.