So He Stopped Calling…Here’s What You Probably Shouldn’t Do

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So you met this amazing guy and the two of you seem to have really hit it off. He takes you on dates frequently. You guys spend hours on the phone laughing and learning more about each other. You send cute and flirty text messages back and forth all day. Then, one day, out of the blue, all of that comes to a screeching halt. Days, weeks and maybe even months have gone by without you receiving so much as a “Good Morning” text from him and for the life of you, you can’t seem to figure out what went wrong. This is just one of the many casualties that comes along with playing the dating game. It happens to the best of us. No one wants to feel “played” or rejected, but it’s how you carry yourself in situations such as this one that determines whether or not you’ll come out on top. Check out this list of things you probably shouldn’t do if the man you’re seeing suddenly starts acting funny.

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  • John

    They don’t always call back.

  • Ashley

    Thank you so much for this article. I think its easy to go through this because of things the man has said or done in better times. Once a man fails to keep his world we women refuse to let the promises go, behold a disaster. I am fighting it as we speak, you have given me hope.

  • FromBruxelleswith Love

    Thanks for this article. Few weeks ago (1st week of April 2015), I remember I was absolutely happy. For 3 years without boyfriend, I finally meet a guy, a decade older than me. So we continuously talked, If I am out of work, he will send a message not to forget him, all future plans, family involve… He is calling (international calls). I was really giving my trust and really hoping that this is the man. So many plans, we are have alot in common, travelling, are, culture.. every bits and pieces, we shared everything. One day- Thursday, everything changed, on that day I felt that he did not talk alot and i said, he might just be very busy. The next day- Friday, whole day until evening I have waited, I was disappointed and I finally told him to call it quits between us but he said, no and he will try to communicate more. The next day until now, he did not communicate with me….

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  • Raeday

    I’m going through a similar situation with a former ex that I reconnected with recently we met had great fun and had great fun and talked and text everyday then all of a sudden he disappeared. I’m heartbroken. I sent the courtesy email, text, and phone call and I believe he’s okay I want to go off so bad! But I’m going to keep it cute and put it on mute thank your for the article it has helped 🙂

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  • Sam

    I’m a man and this statement is enough to throw the credibility of the author “…we’re women and we are all born with some common sense”…..right , keep the horseshit. There are 1001 reasons why we don’t call, and one of them, is pride.

  • RedSylk

    I needed some sister talk!! Reading this made me stop crying, pick myself up and realize that i don’t have to wait around on no man! Thanks for sharing


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  • JS

    Thank you for this, it is exactly what I need to know/hear.

  • Christine

    Alright, the same thing happened to me my man wasnt talking to me for a week, I askedhim “why havent you called” no reply. The next two days I text him his name no reply then I told him Im done its over, then On my way from dropping my baby brother to nursery sulking i saw one of my best girl friends and she took me into her for me to just explain why am I feeling this way, I explained my man disappeared no contact nothing, she said what was the last thing you said I told her he said good night and blew me kisses she said thats weird you havent done anything to piss him off right? I said no it was all great she said that is very weird my friend she told me her man wouldny talk to her for week and she would STILL initiate in having a conversation with him but all by herself as in “Good Moening, Baby, how are you this morning? You good?Yeah Im good too, I hope you have a great day” she did it for a week he finally called… My friend said all it takes is patience. She asked if he had problems with his feelinsg I told her he told me that he finds it hard to say some sweet things as in let himself go as he has never been in love before and she said well thats because he might have a wall from letting himself feel some type of way so he doesnt get hurt and you telling him last night that its over proven why he has his wall. You should apologise and keep texting him until he replies but o ly for two weeks all you have to have is patience. I texted him a message apologising and telling him its not over im not done with him etc etc and turned out he didnt disappear turns out he was waitinf for me to message him but me asking why he didnt call put him off and he wanted space and then me saying its over just hurt him but he forgiven me and has excepted my apology.

    You see sometimes when a GREAT guy is not contacting you, patience is virtue iniatiate in conversation whether he talks or not. No more than two weeks though.

  • Sparklez Bright

    i totally agree with everything said in this article, and i hate to see young girls chasing after a man who’s obviously not thinking about them.

  • guest

    i was going through it but when i realized that i am not worthy it and wasting my time i moved on the guy married another lady unfortunately we meant at a certain corner he was shocked to see me doing very well he thought it was my end but still regrets and even calls me out for a date but i told him he left me when i needed him the most but now am busy with my studies and running a company, he does not believe it. it took me a year to mourn text, call and even chat on facebook until he broke the news to me one night that he was going to marry very soon and that i should respect his decision. i am happy now since then have never dated and hated man.

  • Audrey Gallant

    All of you guys on here are so strong – thanks for the words <3

  • letsbforeel

    Is that phone stuff that serious? Really? Would it be better if we were texting 40 times a day and another thing Women conveniently dismiss is that women are wishy washy with phone calls too but the only difference is that Men(or at least most I know) dont get melodramatic about and act as if she doesn’t appreciate me if she doesn’t call(text) or answer right away, nor does she have check in or give an excuse for why she didnt. 40 days later and she didn’t call, been moved on. Nor keeping count on exactly how many days til the next call(text)

    • Diana

      It’s not being melodramatic its about having common courtesy if you are showing interest in this person and you know they are developing feelings for your than you just stop contacting him or her that is completely rude and hurtful why not just be upfront with that person alot of men are cowards and it does hurt that person because they feel rejected try putting yourself In someone else’s shoes before you dismiss them as simply being dramatic once again showing that men could care less about women’s feelings we are always just being dramatic I swear dogs treat you better than a man

  • FAMURattler85

    I sure do hate when this happens AFTER I give a dude several times to be straight up with me. I don’t sweat it thought I just treat him the same way he treated me when he comes back or if I see him around. I can be so dismissive and nonchalant. Ran into one of these guys last weekend, spoke and kept it moving. I guess he expected more since I left him with the lingering eye.

    • LuLu_Slim

      I’ll just ignore him by acting like I’ve never known him; because obviously if we were ever even “friends” he wouldn’t have treated me that way. Friends don’t just disregard one another as without taking feelings and respect into consideration.

      • FAMURattler85

        I’m with you.

  • Sagittarius81

    If a man doesn’t called me for days, weeks or months, I’m moving on to another man who will appreciate me as a person. It takes a real man to tell a woman that he’s no longer interested and we should see other people, I would respect him for being truthful.

    • more

      Most wont tell u. That’s up tp i to figure out. women have a hard time knowing when a man is just using them

  • Why? Why that picture on slide # 11? MN I just can’t with y’all today! LMFAO!

    To address the article, hopefully the girl is smart enough that if she is only dating him that she hasn’t cut off her other potentials (like women make the mistake of doing ALL the time) and therefore doesn’t have too much time to be worried about why he fell off.

    Hopefully she learned that she doesn’t give all of her time to a man that hasn’t asked to be her man. Why he got ghost is because he picked up queues that she was starting to go into relationship mode and he freaked because he wasn’t ready to go there. Hold back next time and stop being so available.

    • sabrina

      I read the comments before clicking through and couldn’t wait to see what the image on slide #11 held. LMFAO!!!! Totally with you on that one!!!!

    • bluekissess

      I love reading ALL of your comments. I always tend to giggle. But, I agree. If I ever get to a point as to why he ain’t calling that let’s me know that I need to find a hobby. I shouldn’t let small stuff consume you. Live & Learn.

      • Lmao!! That’s the truth. When you have a life that don’t revolve around what a man is or isn’t doing you don’t worry about why he’s disappeared.

  • This was pretty much on point. Unfortunately a lot of woman fall victim to this. Let’s face it, we all want to know from the jump if we are going to waste our time or not. Trying to figure what his intentions are when he does not call is draining. Some have to go though this to know what it is they truly want and know who they really are. No man should never give you a headache when you are dating. If it’s not meant to be in the beginning than MOVE ON. Life is to short to just sit around waiting on him. Trust me if he aint calling you and you wondering why chances are he has moved to someone else or just aint that in to you. Always keep it classy and a little sassy!