Facebook Posts That Are Making Men Not Want To Talk To You

March 21, 2013  |  
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Unlike women, men rarely call one another up to gossip about Facebook posts. But don’t think men aren’t paying attention! They take note—silently, slowly—so they can know who to stay away from in real life! Here are 14 types of posts that are making men run for the hills.


Cries for help

“27 years ago today I was born to a father I never knew, but it’s okay, I’m sure wherever he is, he loves me…” “Lonely.” “Thinking of crawling into a hole for the rest of my life…” Here’s the thing, if you were actually thinking of crawling into a hole, you’d just do it. Publicizing it for hundreds of people to see just screams, “Pay attention to me!!!” Oh and if you’re really “lonely” pick up your phone and call a real friend. Don’t put it out there for hundreds of people you’ve probably never met to message you. That’s not real company, now is it?


Direct attacks

“Screw you. You never treated me well. I hope you’re happy with your new stick figure, home-wrecking woman. Goodbye forever.” If you actually wanted to air out your issues with the person this message is directed to, you’d call that person, or private message them at least. The subtext of this kind of public post just says, “Oh and if there are any men out there who want to save me, I’m available now. Obviously.”


“I’m so ugly” photos

Question: do you actually believe that when you take a picture of yourself (in which, usually, your cleavage is front and center and your hair and makeup are done perfectly) and caption it with the words, “I’m so ugly” that someone will actually say, “Yeah. You are”? The fact you’re posting this is truly a contradiction because if you actually were insecure about your looks, you would not put them out there to be ridiculed. You know everyone is going to comment, “Not at all! You’re so beautiful!” Oh, and the men who see this pathetic post also know that you know that. And they read, “Desperate for attention!”


20 dog photos

Most men can appreciate a dog-loving woman. But not a dog-obsessed woman. If you constantly post pictures of your dog in a stroller, in new outfits, sleeping next to you, and wearing sunglasses, not only does this say to the guy, “Well, she’s clearly in a full time, committed relationship with her dog” but it also screams, “MY BIOLOGICAL CLOCK IS TICKING!”



Repeat check-in’s

Checking in at Starbucks every day might win you a $10 gift card, but is it really worth it when it makes you look as if you have nothing to do with your day? And probably don’t have many friends? And maybe aren’t all that ambitious since you have time to go to Starbucks for an hour every day? Men want to see that you’re active, adventurous and lead a dynamic, full life.


Alcohol shots

A man can appreciate a woman who can get down. But, he wants you to be discreet about it. It shouldn’t be the thing you are most proud of. Two hundred pictures of you and your friends doing shots, and five pictures of you with your family or at a work event doesn’t exactly say you have your priorities in check. Also, you’re not 21 anymore. We get it. You drink. So does the rest of the world. Get over it.


Dear Diary…

“Today I got my hair cut and then I went for a run and then the grocery store was having a special on pizza so that was cool. It was a good day.” Want to know what your friends and readers are thinking? They’re thinking, “D*mnit! She tricked me again into reading a post that actually offers nothing to me—no useful information, no entertainment, no thought-provoking words.”


“I hate men” posts

If you’re posting about how much you can’t stand men, it’s pretty obvious that you actually just really want to find a man. But it’s also obvious that dating you would be a nightmare, because you have a ton of hang-up’s, insecurities and anger issues.


Song lyrics

Posting song lyrics is, sorry to say it, for people who aren’t emotionally intelligent enough to come up with their own way to say something. And let’s be real: not even the most “deep” of song lyrics are really that deep. They’re mostly generic. And now you look generic too.


Impassioned rants

Three paragraph rants on gender inequality or how to treat a girlfriend or politics belong in a blog, where people subscribed to see that stuff. Doing this on Facebook, where posts are meant to be short and sweet, just makes you seem like someone who talks too much, and often doesn’t realize that no one is listening.



What are you, a teenage girl? It’s okay to sometimes use one of these abbreviations but if you write full sentences, peppering them with “IDK” and “ROFL” throughout, it begs the question: can this person just not spell?



Sunsets, flowers, and puppies, oh my!

We don’t live underground. We saw the sunset for ourselves. And yes, flowers are pretty. But looking at a picture of them doesn’t help us re-connect with nature or calm our minds or teach us something about life. But if you’re constantly posting such pictures, men worry that you’re a bit of a sap who can’t just enjoy lunch without needing to ruminate on the meaning of life.


In a Domestic Relationship with Christy

This is a large and annoying trend amongst women: having a relationship status that reads you’re married to or in a domestic partnership with one of your best friends. What does this say to men? That you are majorly insecure, that your friend would probably always tag along as a third wheel, and that you’ve been rejected by men so many times that now you’re “rejecting” them in some way by being “married to” a woman, on Facebook.


Name changes

Stop putting “Rose” or “Sunshine” in the middle of your name. Or suddenly deciding to use your middle name as your first name. Or just putting the first initial of your last name with a period. If you feel so strongly that these little changes say something about who you are, then that says to men you don’t know yourself at all.

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  • FacebookAintJesus

    Aren’t we forgetting:
    1. Daily profile pic changes
    2. Thrice-Daily posts (with color pic) of what’s for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?
    3. Overly “poking” [a fella who takes weeks to poke back]
    4. Overly “liking” EVERYTHING [a fella posts on his page]. I knew this was outta control when a friend of mine posted the untimely passing of his mother; and got 60 “likes” (mainly from females! :/ )
    5. Tagging ourselves in friends’ wedding pictures….then gushing for no less than a week how ‘amazing’ the whole experience is.
    6. Regularly posting your relationship status as ‘single’.

    I could go on and on….but when I realize how pathetically annoying it is to have grown friends (over 25 years old) who do this – and so much more- I may be tempted to close my page! “Lol”

  • horse


  • WhoMe

    So facebook is a dating site? Funny I thought it was a way to stay in touch with family, friends and old classmates. This author is reaching.

  • Meka X

    Women who take the same pic of themselves sitting in their car, everyday and the one’s who caption “I’m still pretty all natural.”

  • Nina

    Seems like you have the umbrella of ‘article’ to go on your own rants. This article has nothing to do with men. Let people do what they please with their profiles….and you relax and quit being judgmental.______blackwhiteplanet.com_______ is the #1 black women white men dating site. White men dating black women, white men date black women, No one night stand. serious relationship

    • chanela

      ^somebody is guilty

  • chanela

    LOL @ the name changes! i swear if i see one more chick with “brittney barbie williams” or ” obey tanya” or ” liz minaj” LMAO

  • Sagittarius81

    All I’m gonna say is that #13’s pic is beautiful. That is all.

  • yeppers

    Ahhhh…Im not meeting anyone on facebook/twitter anyway so what I put on my profile is MY business. I always say use common sense on these social networking sites anyway. But Its not match dot com and I wont be treating my tweets like thats what they are for. I think weirdos tweet/message people in hopes of hooking up so no thank you.

  • Stupid is as Stupid Does

    Another dumb posting from Madam Noire.

  • Rashida

    I will put what I want online and if someone has a problem with it kindly delete yourself. If a man is that simple he can pass me up anyway. Better to not be friends with your man online on social media anyhow!

    • The Rain

      And that’s why you’re probably single.You can’t take constructive advice. But if you like your situation, keep on doing what you’re doing. The women that do take advice will have a huge edge on you.

  • Furthermore if a man has to stalk a woman’s page to see everything she post then he is just as lonely and desperate as she is!

  • Doc Samson

    Hold up. so the author doesn’t want posts on politics or inequality because Facebook posts should be “short and sweet”. Wow.

  • DoinMe

    Who’s on Facebook trying to find a man anyways? I use my FB page to communicate with friends and family, not to find a date. I don’t do men who try to pick me up online. It’s creepy.

    • Chey

      say it!

    • YES gAWD

      OK!!! I hate when people message me for hook up purposes and this will get you ignored like a mug. I dont have time for that…and it ALWAYS be somebody that you wasnt thinkin about in school LIKE THAT trying to to holla for WHATEVER REASON. UGH!!!

      • chanela

        right! that said, i think a madam noire posts for MEN should be next!! they do some triflin mess too!

  • The Rain

    Stop being cliché. Once again a man is trying to give you inside information on how men think and operate and but because it’s not what you want to hear, you don’t want to accept it and you blow it off.

  • pickneychile

    Bump that, it’s not just men who find posts like these annoying. Another thing that is lame is when people post pictures of them going to work/church/meetings/etc captioned like “work flow” or “church flow.” It’s just extremely cheesy to me. The hashtags are corny too.

  • “Here’s the thing, if you were actually thinking of crawling into a hole, you’d just do it.”

    LMAO! that was a funny line.

  • NeaJ

    I honestly don’t see anything wrong with some of the things on this list. What’s wrong with quoting song lyrics? If someone’s song lyrics describe how you feel at a certain time then why not quote it? It’s not about being unoriginal. Quoting song lyrics is more about feeling the same way the writer of the song felt. Plus, we all can’t be brilliant song writers. But I do agree that if someone constantly posts depressing things or rants on a regular basis then you should just ‘unfriend’ them.

    • RealE

      It’s swankier to post a youtube video of whatever you’re forcing us to 1/2-way learn anyhow!

  • York

    You forgot endless pics of food, not cropping your arm or raggedy house out of a self pic, and multiple updates regarding mani/pedis.


  • Eri Cad

    I read the article and by read I mean skipped through the pages barely reading the subject lines or the words underneath because it was evident to me how inane each one was. 1. So this is suppose to be YET ANOTHER laundry list of things women do to alienate men? Because even when I’m on facebook my primary concern is all the men who could be reading my status updates, looking at my pictures or noting my check ins. 2. Who wants to talk to any dude who is paying that much attention anyway? They call that stalking in some circles. 3. If u don’t like what I post there is this thing on facebook now called HIDE. 4. Everything doesn’t revolve around how to entice a man, get a man, keep a man.

  • GirlSixx

    HOnestly, my teenage daughter and her friends tend to do MOST OF THE ABOVE, but as a grown woman it’s not a good look AT ALL.
    One of my fb friend is notorious for posting up everything from what she’s cooking for dinner to how she’s feeling that day or moment and sending subliminal relationship messages that she copies from tumbler. *rollseyes*

  • IllyPhilly

    Why am I taking FB so serious?

    • IllyPhillyIsSoFunny

      ROTFL! I’m not tellin any of my peeps I read this article either! Glad to know I haven’t ‘violated’ any of these edicts! 🙂

  • BYG

    Simple solution. Just delete them. Works every time for me 🙂

  • Puppies!HA!

    This article is more about the personal distaste this writer has to such FB post. Seems like you have the umbrella of ‘article’ to go on your own rants. This article has nothing to do with men. Let people do what they please with their profiles….and you relax and quit being judgmental.

    • Jensunderbelly

      Right. I personally don’t have a Facebook page because these things from either sex would be annoying and pathetic but clearly the writer of this more or less just doesn’t like women talking about anything in general and feels a woman is at her best silent.

      Women who care about what whether or not men are wanting to date them based on their Facebook comments seems pretty pathetic to me (hence my arrival at this misogynist article to begin with).

  • ThaVoiceoftheVoiceless

    I totally agree that it’s highly unattractive when women give nickames to their profile name. That right there let’s you know that you are ghetto and ratchet. Also, us men find it unattractive when women are constantly posting about them wanting to get married and have kids. Yes, thats everyones dreams, but doing it everyday makes you look desperate and that you will try to trap and push any man you meet into doing something they arent ready for so soon.

    • Nicknames are a sign of immaturity when adults put it in between there names. Just as well as shooting a “birdie” or gang signs at the club on pics are