#BowDownKeyshia: The Most Hilarious @KeyshiaCole Mentions From The BeyHive Yesterday

March 19, 2013  |  
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Soooo, it’s safe to say that Keyshia Cole has mad hate for superstar sensation Beyonce Knowles. On St. Patty’s Day, Beyonce dropped her latest single “Bow Down” and in a tweet to the world, Keyshia responded to the new song with, “First, “Women need to Stick together” now B****es better Bow. Smh. But it’s all G! Chicks stay shooting the s***. But when I speak my mind its a prob. #Well #StayMad.”

The funny thing is Bey doesn’t have to utter one comeback as her fans have already come back extra hard online . Keyshia might want to shut down her twitter account indefinitely after this one. #Womantowoman, if you mess with the Queen Bey, you will get stung . . . multiple times. #ouch#Let the tweets speak for themselves.

Keyshia, he’s saying you can’t sing, and you’re broke. Fix those two problems before stepping to Bey.

Beyonce is marketable-you are not, Keyshia. Bey has a plethora of endorsements. You have one . . . one.




And counting…


Beyonce could end your career @keyshiacole . she’ll have JayZ sign KMichelle . you know she a darker you anyway . — sharmetra (@_metrieBug) March 19, 2013




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  • grace

    keyhia cole needs to get a life

  • Star

    Its funny they go in on Keyshia who’s music relates mostly to what black women have gone thru in relationships since before I was born, when your relationship goes bad who’s cd can you pick up to help ease the pain? Keyshia’s I thought you had my back how many women still grab that Lol? just naming one off the top of my head. I won’t dare buy my daughter or nieces a Bey Cd about man pleasing and stripping down to try and keep my man less is always more.

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  • Ms_Mara

    Cyber bullying. It’s not cute or funny. But I don’t understand the people who hold these crazies against Beyonce. It’s not like she’s sitting there typing it. No celeb has control over their fans and the kinds of things they say and do. Jodie Foster had a “fan” who tried to assassinate the president for her. People can be crazy. Let’s not give em any more undue attention.

  • i don’t understand having hate for any celebrity who has nothing to do with you. let them go at each other it keeps them in the news and relevant. it’s pawns like us who worship them as idols who are the dumb ones! i can safely say i will never buy another piece of music from either of them. too much strange stuff going on with these young celebs these days. they do anything for cash.

  • Nicki J

    Ain’t that the truth!!

  • Queen

    Some of these Bey fans need to get they life. I respect Keyshia for speaking her mind. And she is more successful than 99.9% of all these chickenz coming up with chickenhead tweets that only THEY could know about in order to talk about it. The song sucked BTW.

  • Sweetrose78

    I must not have a sense of humor because I found none of these “hilarious”.

  • Here’s the thing, I am a Bey appreciator I love her anthems, but not her slow jams. I just think after sharing your soft side to the world maybe Bow Down wasn’t the best thing to let out the gate first (or at all). It seems disrespectful to us ladies who support you Bey (and it’s just not a good song). Jay Z let go of the B word when he had a daughter, it seems that Beyonce has picked it up. JZ gets classier and Beyonce seems to be letting it all hang out. I know she is retaliating, but I loved the Beyonce who was better than the hood garbage. (not to be confused with classy hood lol) Well in summation, you are going to do you Beyonce girl, just remember your daughter will listen to this later and that is all that matters.


    #16 just shut it down for me!!! bwahahahahahahaha!

  • fatusankoh

    keyshia is appounte looking for fame coming for bey is the key and that will bring her fellow better hatters that hate on bey for no reason beyonce you are love by god good people and we your fans for life

  • scandalous7

    Man, the one about the library computer had me on the floor for a minute.

  • JazzyJazzyJay

    Being a celeb comes with many responsibilities including watching what you say because you are in the public eye. Fans do pay their bills and when when your paycheck depends on how much people like you, you should probably be a little more careful with what you post on twitter. Doesn’t matter if Keyshia is entitled to her opinion or not. The fact is she will always be scrutinized. She chose this career.

  • MissRealuminatti

    lmao at the chick that tweeted, “Keyshia Cole makes music for the woman sitting at home with a knife waiting for her man to come home from da club.” Also, I ctfu at the “face of Soft Perm relaxer” tweet.

  • Meyaka

    Im glad you think this is funny Mademoiselle noire, i mean let’s encourage hood rat pack mentality, where we attack and insult someone because they don’t share our opinions, this is totally the message this website is trying to deliver.

    • anonymouse

      i don’t even think that she has a G.E.D.!

  • Guest

    I have enjoyed all of these comments about the song, however, I do remember when Ice Cube/West Side Connection had a hit Bow Down in the 90s..I don’t know if alot of fans were in a uproar about it. All I can remember is blasting it because it had a good beat..lol.. All this is really is an artist who wrote a diss track like alot of other artist..Hell Taylor Swift does it all the time.!!!lol…

  • Chey

    Lmao @ all these people up in arms for this woman. Beyonce does not give a rats a**hole about any of these stans. As long as they keep her pockets on swole, they’ll keep making it into the acceptance speeches. When do you ever hear anyone name Beyonce as an influence?


    Why hasn’t my comment posted?

  • Whatevs

    Why is everybody supposed to be afraid of Beyonce? Please! Keyshia had an opinion (shared by a whole bunch of other people) and expressed it. Get over it, its the truth. Nowhere in her statement did I get a bitter vibe.

  • LetHatersHate

    Everyone on this forum has lost their minds today! LOL is the battle between Keyshia and Beyonce starting a war between women LOL… You all are even blaming MN for publishing the article!!! What is really going on. This is going too far. Beyonce NEVER said the hook or interlude which is an intro to her album not a song, was for Keyshia, so why did she even think it was for her. And why do all you other women feel like it is personally for you? LOL get a life, she is only addressing the people who have obviously caused some type of issue with her, if That. And this is not the first time she has snapped in her music. Every single album she has she has a song like this. I was a fan of Keyshia and Beyonce, still Beyonce and Im not gonna lie, Keyshia is coming off bitter and extremely jealous. I can’t stand people that worry about others and speak bad about others, especially when their life is not in order. And stop calling people Idol worshipers just because they like someone. Everybody judging when the speak in your own eye is huge. Yall done had the wrong sip of tea this morning. And don’t personally know any of these women. All I know is Beyonce has not said a thing but made music, and music thats very similar to Diva, Ring the alarm, Echo, to the left, and much much more.Chill the song is not for every woman in the world. GEESH! Like I said yesterday, the only women offended by this song are the women who would never understand the mindset of a BOSS LADY!!

  • Diceee

    Beyonce annoys the crap out of me sometimes; however, K Cole should not be going in on anyone on twitter, in fact, she should not have a twitter account. Instead, she should be investing all of that energy on reviving her lackluster career. Besides, let’s be honest, people love to hate on Bey, I guess she finally decide to address the haters. Can you wrong her? After all, she’s only human.

  • MrzD

    I can see how this song might cause someone to say something negative. Beyonce has tried to maintain this image of being “classy” and/or “wholesome” in most of her music but this song reduces her to “hoodrat” status, definitely not what you expect from a new mother. Seems a little desperate to me when she does not have to stoop at all. She needs a new image consultant, find an image she would not mind her daughter emulating and stick with it. She is all over the place with her music now. I would not be ranting on Twitter about it though. sounds like Keyshia did take it a little too far to the left. Fans are fickle. They love you one day and turn on you the next.

  • While I agree with Keyshia Cole I don’t agree with the way she handled it. Keyshia Cole is coming off as a bitter hood rat. Yes she is entitled to her opinion but the way I see is if they were in a cooperate office Keyshia would look like a bully and she would have probably been fired. They may not work together but they work in the same industry it’s almost the same thing.

  • I don;t think this song was meant for Keyshia but she used to keep fueling that fire and to keep herself relevant I think we all at times forger these people are human with real emotions and love her or hate her Beyonce takes a lot from celebs and non celebs and maybe she just got tired of being graceful and humble. I don’t believes this contradicts that she is about women empowerment because I am about helping woman be better but at the same time if you step out of line, I will check you and be honest with yourself you will do the same.

  • I’m a Beyonce fan but those tweets show why I will never associate myself with The HIVE that is too much.

  • whocare

    i like keyshia but she starting fall off so now she wanna start getting at people go sit down and make new album

  • Co-Co Diva

    Lawd! Nobody bet not say nothin bout Beyonce! Cuz that’s when I loses it! Y’all defend Beyonce like she’s y’all light-skin play cousin……

    • hollyw

      Lmbo @ yo Benita Betrayal reference!

  • lisa

    Keyshia Cole speak your mind.. believe it or not everyone does NOT like Bey andr her music. she thinks she is the God of music. Child please she don’t even sound that great. Keishya sounds better.

  • Don’t mess with B. Keyshia talk about your crack head mother that had you from one of her John’s. Stop hating cause you can’t even shine Bey’s shoes. Go sit down and shut up.

  • CC

    Wow, OK. Love me some Bey and Keyshia is OK…..I do think Keyshia has a bit of a point but at the same time maybe Bey’s message is a voice for ALL WOMEN, not necessarily herself. I personally don’t care for the song nor do I think she should be the voice to promote such a taboo image. If anything, if you were offended by her message at all maybe she was talking to you or people like you. I agree with bluekisses and a few other people, IT IS JUST A SONG!!! If you don’t like it, don’t listen to it, simple.

  • Rashida

    I love it! Keyshia stay hating! She is too ghetto for me!

    • Bye

      And Bey isn’t? Look at her body of work. Her catalog?

    • Meyaka

      LMAO beyonce is ghetto as hell as well.



  • Hi-Liter

    Keyshia Cole is a messy, jealous bird. She is just trying to get some shyt started. I’m not a stan/fan of any artist, but Keyshia Cole likes to fuss, and argue and be messy and shyt because its apart of her background, she cant help it.

  • NVAdamzz

    Everyone has a right to their opinion and everyone has the right to their opinion about someone’s opinion. It never ends. When you put your opinion on a public forum it’s open to criticism so I don’t feel bad for Keyshia Cole because she wanted to be heard and she was heard. It’s just that a lot of people don’t agree with her opinion. I am a Beyonce fan but I didn’t like this song either. I think Beyonce is way too old to be making those types of songs and she sounds like a a straight rat. However, I do think that Keyshia’s point would have come across a little more valid if she wasn’t JUST dissing Michelle because now she just looks like she’s lashing out at people and hating because she’s not as successful. I don’t like Keyshia Cole’s music, I think she’s a terrible songwriter and the tweet about her making music for people who hot curl their drawstring ponytails and wear jersey dresses to church was hilarious.

  • I’m irritated af at.this, did a 17 year old girl do this article? it’s very very childish I can’t believe MN would stoop so low. I cant believe the author took so much precious time out of their life to pick and choose the best, cruelest comments made to Keyshia. Regardless of what she said, she is entitled to her opinion and on top of that she was pretty much right.! These beyhive cowards hiding behind computer screens and cell phones really urk me. Beyonce don’t know you or pay your bills for yall to go ham like that and Keyshia really could care less about the backlash because at the end of the day, she has a gorgeous husband, a handsome son and living comfortably. MN staff really needs to get a GRIP

  • Sagittarius81

    You know what, so over Keyshia and Beyonce! Where the real female R&B singers at?

    • Maurise

      Brandy’s still here!

      • Sagittarius81

        So is Erykah Badu, Chrisette Michelle, and Jill Scott.

        • Meyaka

          Sade,goapele and Marsha ambrosius.

  • Dev

    And yet all these people are doing worse than they claim Keyshia to be doing…. actually, for all the negativity Keyshia is still doing better than Kelly Rowland.
    These comments wasn’t even funny

    • AmenCorner


  • hollyw

    Well, MN, tell me how you really feel lol smh…

    Three things. One, Keisha boggles me every time she vocalizes something negative (be it justified or not) in such a public way, when she supposedly has so much to live for at home..until I remember where she came frm, and how that musta just inbred some deep insecurities that even a now-loving household can’t repair w/o therapy. She obviously feels negative attention is better than no attention, b/c anyone w/ half common sense who badmouths the likes of e.g. Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Madonna, on TWITTER, no less, should expect to get textually murdered.

    Two, the cyberbullying must stop. It started w/ the kids, grasped by the media, and now everyday GROWN folk wanna bash people behind the safety of their screens. Where’s your integrity?? That includes you, MN!

    Three, all that to say, I checked thru a few, and admit I did chuckle at some…until I realized that they were all frm about three people…MN’s staff, is that you??

    I ain’t even gone speak on the rights or wrongs of either chick, b/c like someone already said, ain’t either paying my light bill, and you can throw MN it that, as well. Good day.

  • Lana

    I actually think Keyshia makes a good point on this one but her delivery like the other poster said comes of bitter and the fact that she’s not as successful as Beyoncè makes her credibility seem slim. I don’t care for the song myself although I consider my self a fan of beyonces music I look forward to seeing what else her album has to offer

  • AncientSpiritNewDay

    SMH The Bee Hive is going to be dragging Keysha for years to come. Watch.

  • JRoc85

    There’s the old saying “Misery LOVES company.” Keyshia is clearly NOT happy, and she wants people to join her for the ride on the MISERABLE TRAIN. I use to enjoy Keyshia’s music (The Way It Is album , Trust the song w/ Monica, & most recently Enough of No Love), but something is truly off. Instead of criticizing people on twitter, she should focus on improving those vocals (Eyes on the Sparrow @ City of Refuge & the national anthem @ the Paqiano fight , & last night on Jimmy Kimmel (she did alright, but she seemed a little shaky). All I want is for Keyshia to win, but it’s hard to cheer for someone who IS ALWAYS NEGATIVE.

    • guest

      Why is she always negative because she is voicing what lots of people think? The only thing that is “off” is your assessment of her comments. She stated the obvious and that is hardly “off”

  • LoveTruth

    When I read a tweet, I don’t need you to explain it to me MN. Who does commentary? This site is pretty much a place where you promote bullying & no freedom in opinions. You should not give light to these tweets. Who writes like Tami Romans attitude?
    If Shaunie O’neal or Evelyn did this you would play the so high and educated role. “We need to stop bullyin”. Keyshia, I am no fan of, at all. However how is this funny to watch her get attacked verbally cause her opinion, maybe a few comments but for people to flood her page? I saw an article everyday about Shaunie promoting people getting attacked for their opinion, you pretty much wanted to end her career on TV. What if someone petitioned your site for promoting cyber bullying. Because MN Does! But you like artist to keep it real? But not when its about beyonce?
    If Beyonce fell off tommorrow, it would be 2001 -2003 all over again. Blacks hated her. DC tried to crossover to hip hop and it failed. Now since Jayz gave her street cred blacks love her. People will praise you put you on a pedalstool one day and the next knock you off it. If this girl gets caught up in a scandal, they will be attack her like they attacked her when DC broke up.She woud walk on red carpets and ppl would yell mean things like they did Keri Hilson. I like Bey but I do not ride for her or any other artist to verbally insult or attack people behind her. she has a mouth she can bump her own gums .Keyshia do not worry the public opinion is nothing to take to heart. People go with group mentality.

    • bluekissess

      What’s your point? Im not understanding your argument.

      • LoveTruth

        My comment is not an arguement with other commenters, my comment was to MN. I am not commenting to argue. its simply my comment. If you read through it and did not see a point it should not have been worth your comment. Why do you feel the need to read through my comment to ask me to make my case. If I made no sense then ok. If you read through all that and did not see my the purpose of my comment not arguement then why is worth you to ask what my argument is? We do not have anything to prove to one another on a public forum. I am not about to re explain what I wrote. Thanks

        • cadence1908

          LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Too funny! This is a public forum. Too classy & too funny. to explain what you wrote? Uhm ok? . Well put LoveTruth….. very good. I also agree with the your main comment. I dont see how this is funny either that these fans get worked up. Clearly beyonce is capable of bumping her own gums… Love this comment though. COMMENTS do not = arguements. if someone has a different view than you its called a difference. If you dont understand the point of her comment that is cause is was not to you and it was not an aruguement t begin with!! its a statement!!!!!!!!! if it it made no sense why try and get an explanation? Picking fights online now… LOL!!

          • leslieV

            Love Truth …. is kicking butt without arguing. LOL.

            • cadence1908

              Yes Ma’am!! Lol…I love her response ” If you read through it and did not see a point it should not have been worth your comment. Why do you feel the need to read through my comment to ask me to make my case. If I made no sense then ok. If you read through all that and did not see my the purpose of my comment not arguement then why is worth you to ask what my argument is? We do not have anything to prove to one another on a public forum. I am not about to re explain what I wrote. Thanks” MN please get classyY

        • bluekissess

          Have you not taken an English writing class? Argument meaning your stance on the topic. Your original comment sounded to jumpy. I couldn’t follow your point. Never mind. I’m sure your comment was foolish.

          • sammi_lu

            “Argument meaning your stance on the topic.” Truuuue..when used in that context “argument” indeed does mean to attempt to persuade or sway by backing up with evidence/support of how you came to your conclusion. Argument does not necessarily imply an altercation..now carry on cordially my people 🙂

            • Lovetruth

              It was complaint to MN.

            • bluekissess

              That’s my only point. Instead of worrying about what I’m saying they should read an essay. Women on here take things to the left.

              • LAX23@yaoo.com

                Girl look at the responses to your comments on here. all of them. You the only one going left. Now trying to sound reasonable. LoveTruth was writing to MN. What she said is true very TRUE. MN is too “grown” for this. You came on here asking what is her argument. How is it not clear what her stance is? Sammi thanks for the definition but was to MN. Readers write magazines when they are not being responsible. Bluekisses- You just want to clown cause of few misspellings. Maybe because MN deletes your comments on here and most people repost.Plus MN writes worst. She did not need a definition of argument I dont think she was trying to sway anyone on here being that she was talking to MN. LoveTruth even agreed with you Bluekisses, Love Truth = class. I enjoyed her point.

                • Picking_cherries

                  girl thanks I said the same….LOL

              • Lined_Up.45

                You on her post though Keyshia Cole! Fight with folks who agree with her. Sound familiar??
                “If you read through it and did not see a point it should not have been worth your comment.”
                Girl Bye that did it right there and you still trying. You need more people. LOL. All your comments are negative. Get a clue.

          • LoveTruth

            No comment was needed. It was to MN not to you. I can see many people have already spoken for me. I have had to repost several times. Maybe some got left out. I do not come here to argue. That is for birds. I come comment, laugh, read others peoples view and leave. If I dont agree its not worth my time. Its that simple.

          • guest

            You’re asking Loveruth is she’s taken an English writing class, but you spelled sounded ‘to jumpy’ as a preposition when it should have been too jumpy? Right!!! Have several seats indeed. Clearly you have never taken an English grammar class, let alone an English writing one.

          • guest

            I love how my comment got deleted earlier. Before you accuse someone of not taking an English writing class, make sure your English grammar is up to par. “too jumpy”, not to jumpy as in a prepositional phrase. We can all be petty!

            • bluekissess

              You mad? Lmao! This misunderstanding was dropped and solved already. The “having several seat” line is dead and tired. Don’t you think? But, if you want to keep throwing fuel on a flame that’s been out be my guest

        • Missi

          LoveTruth…I loved your insight and you are correct. No need to explain it..Everyone with a an ounce of common sense and life experience knows what you are speaking on. Keep Shining!!

      • Yolo_SWUniversity

        Girl LoveTruth made an observation of this sites writing style and made a comment … aint no body about to explain their comment to you… Have a seat! LOL

        • bluekissess

          I am sitting you prick. Jerks

          • Heat_Heat

            Then stand up and sit back down. LMAO! I am so glad you got dragged for trying to clown.Adults are here to talk about the article not defend themselves to you. MN is wrong for this articble LoveTruth never lied.

            • bluekissess

              You must be in your early twenties finding “entertainment” on a blog. It’s more to life than reading someone “dragging me to the ground?” Read your comment out loud to hear how stupid that comment was. Am I supposed to watch my back because of what she said? Girl please

              • Amen_54

                Girl you came for a person talking to MN you sound stupid. At home finding people to pick an issue with …. on a site. She killed it, by not eve responding and asking you what does that accomplish…..Hoodrats don’t know how to respond to calmness.Look at your responses vs LoveTruths though…LOL. You are a joke.All your comments are rebuttals and mean spirited attacks.

                • Meyaka

                  Indeed,homegirl told me to kick rocks and now she wants to act mature.

      • Sensewithtime

        I think if you re-read the comment (not arguement) you wil see what she is saying. MN needs to stop promoting this behavior. She never spoke againest beyonce there was a time where ppl hated her ….. valid point. In all I must say this is true @c544ec0f58ca0da86e7560d4a7f0b194:disqus it is not funny nor is it worthy of post to post mean things directed at someone. Good job i thought it made a strong point

        • bluekissess

          I don’t know why I understood your point but I couldn’t understand hers? But, now I understand. It’s apparent that MN doesn’t value the opinions and suggestions towards their readers. Because I’ve made that argument a plethora of times and I’ve gotten my comment deleted. MN worries about checks (they’ve said that in a previous article) They only entertain the post with the most comments. I’m sure we’ll get another Keyshia and Bey post at least three more times this week.

          • LoveTruth

            this is true I had to re-word my comment several times Bluekisses I just did not want to argue. MN is rachet enough. One day they are anti bullying and the next they are doing this… one day they say artist need to act real then when they tell us how they really feel. They clown. they are not for the educated black women they are for the mess. Shaunie is messy but how is this article different from people crowding up on a person for an opinion than how tami did Keisha. MN does delete you comments though you are no lie on that.

        • LoveTruth

          Thanks so much

          • Sensewithtime

            You have a valid point though we just talked about how people will praise you one day and the next hate you. 2nd MN needs to either stand up and do better or leave it alone…. most people that come here dont respect this kind of article.

    • Thanks_90

      So true MN does do this. This is true … ppl will praise you one day and the next go HAM!! Girl I thought the same like why are they explaining the tweets??! LOL writing “like Tami Roman attitude!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Meyaka

      Thank you.

    • MonicaT

      ?????? Why do people think “KEEPING IT REAL” means you speak the truth just because you said it! MN does not promote cyber bullying! Love this site! Just like Keyshia was keeping it real and expressing her opinion those people were expressing their opinion in their TAMI ROMAN attitue! They were very negative comments and uncalled for.

  • bluekissess

    Keyshia needs to worry about her insecure husband instead of worrying about a performer she’ll never be. Yes, everyone is entitled to an opinion but, the problem is the need to always talk about it. Some comments are good for sitting around a coffee table with her friends not posting it on twitter

  • sammi_lu

    I share Keyshia’s sentiment but she comes off bitter especially after her tweet during SuperBowl..the song contradicts Beyonce’s supposed “humble” image and I’m not feeling the track either but get of Twitter and get in the studio boo. These fans need to get a grip..Commandment #2..Thou Shall Not Idol Worship.

    • SunshineBlossom

      PREACH!!! That’s exactly why’s happening with celebrities today, especially in the black music industry.

    • Lynn

      So we comment on several blog posts and tweet our opinions but Keyshia can’t? It’s different for her because she’s a celebrity? I guess.

      • It’s not different, people have the right to their opinions. I honestly don’t think that Keyshia was bitter, even though it may have seem that way to a lot of people. She was just speaking her mind.

      • sammi_lu

        @a17c018c6abda50eeb3fba10fdb0a73e:disqus our comments, tweets, etc. are not as far-reaching and have significantly less of an impact than these celebrities. What I say on this forum is not going to be all over the media by tomorrow. I just think Keyshia should be smarter when voicing her opinion. “To whom much is given, much is required” meaning those blessed with talent and resources to impact masses, have the responsiblity to put it to good use. Which is what I think Keyshia was getting at kinda sorta..but then to a certain extent her tweet didn’t back that up.

      • MLS2698

        The one comment about the ” jersey dress at church ” had me weak. But I think Keyshia is right, in a way.

    • Mimsy

      YESSS!!! @ .Commandment #2..Thou Shall Not Idol Worship.

      • it seems that’s what these people are doing. worshipping Bey. I find her rather vainglorious myself.

  • Whatever

    This site has and always will be a stan site for Beyonce. I am not a fan of either artist, but why is it funny to be ridiculed for having an opinion. I am sure she is just saying what millions of other people were thinking.

  • Mimsy

    This article is ridiculous.. Keyshia isn’t hating, she’s a successful solo artist with a loving husband and son. So how is she hating. Kelly Franklin, you’re ridiculous and messy for writing this article. I agree with Keyshia..how can Beyonce say Women should stick together and then tell b*tches to bow down to you??

    • bluekissess

      Omg it’s just a song. Stop analyzing this. Unfortunately, some women don’t stick together and maybe just maybe Beyonce was addressing those women. Ridiculous

      • herewego_000

        No one can enjoy open forums with hyped up people like you …calm your A** down. LOL. let Mimsy say what she wants… you probably one of these tweeters they highlighted in the article. It was to critics. we get it. she is not analyzing she repeated Keyhshia Cole’s statement that was logic to Keyshia. and she agreed. I guess when Jayz blasphes its just a song. Trolls are out! You see how moncia below disagreed but was not disrespectful its called an intelligent convo…try it.

        • Mimsy

          Thank you! Folks label any opinion and critique as hating, bitter, or jealous when it comes to Beyonce, especially. I’m not jealous of her success, that’s her race to run and I’m running mine. And these fools on Twitter trying to snap on Keyshia, please..get a life

      • Janelle

        Addressing those women by telling all women to bow down….please

      • Kelly

        Right! Its just a freakin interlude! Ppl are only in uproar because its Beyonce. Anybody else it would have been fine.. This generation is so sensitive and take everything so literal.

    • MonicaT

      If Keyshia Cole is a successful solo artist and has a loving husband and son why waste her time making negative comments about Beyonce. She took the time out of her busy successful schedule to make hateful juvenile comments. Everyone is entitle to their own opinion, but she is coming from a bitter and hateful place clearly by the comments.

      • Jason

        People more successful than your idol spend time tweeting. Hail! Beyonce took time outta her career to make that stupid a$$ song. So who’s really the fool huh?

        • EXACTLY! Although I’m not a Beyonce fan, she can make much better music than this. People might say that Keyshia Cole is bitter, but her albums never disappoint. I can’t say the same about Beyonce.

      • Mimsy

        Just because she makes an comment on her page voicing her opinion doesn’t negate her success. But how do you assume she’s bitter or hateful?

      • Meyaka

        Because people attacked her for criticizing Michelle’s lack of performing skills,accusing her of sabotaging black girls unity and now beyonce wants to tell people to bow down and everyone wants to jump on it? Girl please! That is the reason why keyshia commented.

      • Suchalady

        How was the tweet hateful and juvenile? Did she talk about Beyonce’s weave? Girl have every seat…

      • MonicaT

        Beyonce is not my idol! She is a women just like me with issues and problems. I love love the song it’s a cocky anthem to those who always have a negative comment, opinion or whatever you want to call it directed towards her. She didn’t get where she is worrying about others. She built a career and a lasting career and she can back it up! Never said Keyshia hasn’t had success. Just like Keyshia feels a certain(negative) way about Beyonce others feel a certain way about her and her career.

    • MissRealuminatti

      I think Bey was implying that “hating females” need to bow down. Not all women. lol

  • Just saying!!

    I can tell from reading the intro that this article was written by a Stan….little bit of a turnoff.

  • janice

    Well damn they went in on her, but was it that serious? Beyonce is an entertainer who pays none of their bills…not even family to her smdh.

    • bluekissess

      Thank You. I just find these comments and articles are just irritating. MN needs to hire a concrete staff instead of these no good freelance writers

      • Suchalady

        Agreed. This Kelly chick is just a pathetic stan. What a hateful article.

    • LoveTruth

      Thanks!! We do not need you to hype up tweets? You took the time to read through hateful replies and pick the best ones??? WOW MN. You would think they are on payroll

      • star

        u said it!

    • chitown

      They were funny tho. If these comment were about beyonce u would be loving it!

    • chitown

      I’m sorry I just can’t understand y people hate her so much. Kim k I can understand a little but beyonce? I can understand if u don’t like her music but u guys really hate this lady. Why?

      • Suchalady

        Some people are not going to like you in this world, build a bridge and get over it!

      • dontcomeforme

        i dont hate her, i just dont like her personality. she is a good performer, not great. there is a LOT of hype about her and she comes off as dishonest and not very genuine. like, EVERY THING about her is staged. i honestly feel sorry for her, because when she falls…they ALL do…hers is going to be staggering and it will be interesting to see how her team does its damage control.

    • star

      you would think she was bff’s with these ppl or have done some great feat for them, made some life changing event in their life, paid them off maybe lol! anyway this is some sad caca.

  • Dimpz

    Lmao!!! Ppl are harsh!!!