14 Things Your Man Wishes You’d Experience With Him

March 25, 2013 ‐ By Julia Austin


We’re always trying to get men to try our fruity drinks, or to come shopping at Target, or to watch a romantic movie. But pay close attention, and you’ll notice your man has been pleading for you to try all kinds of things with him. You thought he was joking when he asked you to do these activities, but he wasn’t!

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  • ChicagoGirl

    I agree with the rest of this, but I strongly disagree with #15. While there may be men who get turned on watching their girl freak with another guy, they are in a tiny little minority. I have never dated ANY man who got even a little bit turned on watching me flirt with another man, and if a man flirted with me and I didn’t squash it then and there, guaranteed there’s gonna be a fight. Even if he doesn’t give a crap about the girl, no man wants other guys to see a woman putting the horns on him. I gotta call BS on this one! Yeah, we still flirt and even cheat, but if you’re smart, you NEVER let him find out about it because depending on how tightly he’s wrapped, male jealousy can be deadly. Most men will flip out at just the thought that you might be out to better-deal him and give what he feels is his property (i.e., your vajayjay) to somebody with more money, a fancier car or a bigger package than he has. He cheats on you, it’s no big deal. You cheat on him, it’s justifiable homicide because “if I can’t have you, nobody can”.

    Men can dish out great, heaping truckloads of BS that they would never, EVER tolerate from a woman. Guy cheats on you, he tells you it really didn’t mean anything, which is why he intends to keep doing it. But if you cheat on a man, he will either walk out on you forever or lose his mind, all because you did to him the exact same thing he’s been doing to you, sometimes for years.

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  • Guest


  • Tonyoardee

    Nothing sexier than a woman in line with me for the release of some new Js or the new Call of Duty

  • Ms. Bee

    I already do most of these things and I’m not even a guy 🙁

    • Taj

      I agree, I guess we are the “perfect” girlfriend lol

    • J Pie

      Same here. I was starting to think I might be a man.

    • mkh

      Me too!

  • petra819

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