14 Things Your Man Wishes You’d Experience With Him

March 25, 2013  |  
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We’re always trying to get men to try our fruity drinks, or to come shopping at Target, or to watch a romantic movie. But pay close attention, and you’ll notice your man has been pleading for you to try all kinds of things with him. You thought he was joking when he asked you to do these activities, but he wasn’t!



Video games

He’s not just asking you to play because he feels bad that you read a magazine while you wait for him to fight zombies. He genuinely thinks you’d have a great time, once you found the type of game you like. He gets a thrill and adrenaline rush from these games, and he wants to bond with you over getting that rush together.


His physical activity

Maybe you’re usually a yoga or Pilate’s girl, but your guy feels close to you when you experience the same challenges he does. And for many guys, that simply means rock climbing with them or playing a pick up game of basketball. Men’s competitive sides come out during physical activity, and it’s a turn on for them to have that come out with you there.


Going to sports games

Most men wish their girlfriends would understand the rush of thousands of fans screaming, high fiving and fist pumping in an arena. They wish they’d appreciate the timeless tradition of stadium food, and cheap beer, and all the funny antics put on in between periods during a game. (It actually is much more fun in person than on TV…)


Drinking games

Men drink to get drunk and they’re not afraid to say it. Women try to hide it more, asking for the specialty cocktail menu, claiming they “love the cucumber and basil” in this one drink. The truth is, we all like to get silly sometimes. And men wish you’d admit to that, and join in on their drinking games occasionally. Stop sitting over in the corner with your girlfriends and your martini glasses.


Adult films

Most men are too shy to ask it because they’re afraid you’ll judge them, but your boyfriend would love it if you got into the adult films he’s into. It turns him on to see you turned on. And even if you don’t want to do certain things in the bedroom, he’s intrigued by your kinkier curiosities.



Driving fast

You think he drives too fast when you’re in the car? You should see how he drives when you’re not there! Your guy would love to rent a sports car with you for the day, head out into the desert, and have you feel the rush he loves from a well-oiled machine.


Trouble making

Women, for the most part, follow rules. They wait in line when they’re told to, pay silly fees, and don’t cause trouble. Men get a thrill from pushing the limits sometimes—from lying to the hostess at a busy club to get free bottle service, or sneaking into a VIP area. Really, nobody gets harmed. And your guy would love for you to feel the fun of being a troublemaker.



Fatty foods

It’s an obvious one but it can’t be emphasized enough. Just once in a while, ease up on your diet and try the enormous burrito place your boyfriend eats at once a week, or get real bar food at a bar. Sometimes it feels good to be bad, and your boyfriend wants to help you do that.


The midnight release of…

Whatever your boyfriend is into—a certain movie series, CD  comic book—the real culture around that item can be found at the midnight release. Everyone decked out in paraphernalia. Your boyfriend gets a kick out of it and he’d love you to see it! Plus, he’d love the company of a gorgeous to show off to all the tech nerds in line at Best Buy in the middle of the night.



Being lazy

Women love to plan “activities.” We wake up on Saturday morning and immediately ask, “So what do you want to do today?” Meanwhile men are often trying their hardest to get to do nothing. Learn to enjoy doing nothing sometimes. Be on your guy’s team when it comes to avoiding the world, and all phone calls and all invites on a lazy Saturday afternoon.


Being open

Men call each other on their BS, fair and square. Women dance around things more. While you do get mad at your guy if he tells you when you’re acting annoying, or out of line, you’d be amazed how liberating it is to get to call him out. And the truth is, he wishes you’d do it! He wishes you could both just be real with each other.


The “man” movies

There’s an extensive list of certified man movies that most of the male population the world over would agree are a staple of being a man. Men feel understood if you see these movies. They feel impressed if you enjoy them. Consider it a trade: The Notebook one night for a man movie another.


Playing hooky from your friends

Women aren’t as comfortable saying no as men are. If they’re available, and a friend calls them up asking them to do something they really don’t feel like doing, they’ll often still say yes out of guilt. Men are more protective of their time. They don’t mind telling a friend, “Nah. I don’t want to do that today.” You’d get more quality time together if you’d play hooky sometimes like your guy does.



Flirting with others

Here’s the truth: your guy flirts with other women when he’s out. He leads them on. He may lead them on to the point where many women attempt to kiss him! And only then does he put his hand up and say, “Oh…I forgot to mention. I’m taken.” But don’t feel threatened. This gives him a huge ego boost, which he then brings home to you in the bedroom. He wouldn’t care if you did the same thing… in fact, he might find it attractive.

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