Hot Combs And House Phones: 15 ‘Remember When’ Moments From Back In The Day

March 19, 2013 ‐ By Kelly Franklin

Channel Erykah Badu crooning back in the day while I take you back to those nostalgic, feel-good times when it seems there really weren’t too many cares in the world. We are the lucky ones, the 70’s and 80’s babies, who can roll back down memory lane when things get too hectic and zero in on a simpler time. Check out these 15 throw-back moments from childhood and early adulthood and see if you can identify.

Source: Shutterstock

Source: Shutterstock

Soul Train

Remember when Don Cornelius’s gravely voice echoed against the walls of your living room, along with a multitude of solid gold dancers boogying to the latest tunes? You couldn’t wait to recreate the Soul Train line with your siblings, pop locking, snaking and shaking it fast! You didn’t need Dance Dance Revolution and the Michael Jackson Experience on Xbox Live to kick it.

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  • MsLadyE

    Some more “back in the day” moments:
    1. When adults corrected you when you did something wrong. And you’d get ANOTHER beating when your parents found out.
    2. Going to the hairdresser for a press and curl.
    3. When your mom bought you a hat, gloves, shoes, purse, socks, and hair ribbons to go with your Easter dress. And CANDY CURLS!!
    4. The RCA, Zenith, or Magnavox black and white TV in the living room.
    5. Girdles and garter belts.
    6. Typewriters, carbon paper, ribbons, onionskin paper, and white-out.
    7. High school typing class. (In “Men On Film” voice) HATED IT!!
    8. Rotary dial phones. And talking to a REAL operator, not a computer.
    9. Kickball, jump rope, Mother may I, tag, hide and seek, freeze, and hopscotch.
    10. The candy was THE BOMB back then! Butter Nut bars, circus peanuts, caramels, Red Hots, licorice, Sweet Tarts, candy necklaces, candy cigarettes, Goobers, Raisinets, orange slices, gumdrops, candied ginger, Oh Henry bars, Clark bars, Chunkys, and the bubble gum you got out of the machine for a penny. I’m surrprised I still have teeth left!

  • HoneyDipp

    What sticks out most to me about my childhood are the old school hand clap/jump rope rhymes — cinderella dressed in yella, uno dos siesta, down down baby down down the rollercoaster…… Ahhhhhhh mann! The good ole days! MN should def do an article on these….

  • I’m 25 years old and have NEVER been able to double dutch! I absolutely have to learn how to do that before my bones get too old and start turning into dust! LOL!

  • Janee

    So I definitely started playing “Back in the Day” by Ahmad while going through this list. Good times….good times….

    • Now I wanna go home and watch “The Wood”!!! LOL!

  • Lola 21

    Love the games we use to play, like red light green light, mother may I, also cassette tapes, oh and who can forget when you only had the house phone and was expecting a call from that special somebody, you made sure nobody was on the phone or tryna listen to your conversation on the other phone lol, Good ol’ days.

  • SunshineBlossom

    Times like these makes me miss the early 90s so much (I was born in the 80s)… I remember when candy was 5 cents a pop (back when we used the cent sign), 50 cent sodas and 25 cent jug juices, and 1.00 Pepsi… And the music was bumpin, and some of the fashion styles were off the hook (see what I did there?). Basically my iPod has music up until mid-late 90s (and some early 2000s).

    • Kay

      We are on the same page honey especially with the music . I also remember when you had to unplug the phone cord to use the internet. Lol

      • SunshineBlossom

        Right!!! Sometimes I would just purposely unplug the phone cord so I would have more time (with the 56k modem)…until my momma caught me, then it was lights out lol

    • Kma81

      And how about the candy we used to have? Now and laters , jingles, bazooka joe bubble gum… You could rack up with a dollar back in the day 🙂