Don’t Mess With The Fam: Rapper T.I. Implodes On Twitter Over TMZ’s False Lil Wayne Report

March 16, 2013  |  


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TMZ is known for getting the scoop on all things celebrity, most of the time before anyone else knows about it. They have spies pretty much everywhere.

But when they get things wrong, they have a tendency to get it really wrong…and they don’t always admit to their mistakes (often just omitting a sentence and acting like it never happened).

Enter T.I.

By now, we all know rapper Lil Wayne has been hospitalized for seizures (there were reports that he slipped into a coma but he or someone from the team tweeted he was okay).  While his condition was apparently listed as critical, TMZ took it upon themselves to run a story that said Wayne was being read his “last rites” which happens when a person is on their death bed. They’ve since taken the story down but didn’t even apologize for printing something that was incorrect and unverified.

Well, T.I., who is a good friend of the rapper, got wind of the story and he was not too pleased.  He took to his Twitter account to let TMZ know that he was…upset. We warn you, the screencapped tweets are chock full o’ cuss words so if that’s not what you want to see, scroll on down.


That was probably putting it lightly. Although his language was extremely harsh, it appears his heart was in the right place. As a family friend, he was trying to shield the negative and incorrect stories from Wayne’s family members.

Hopefully those seizures were not a result of his alleged habit of drinking sizzurp but if so, we’d hope T.I also played the role of big brother is talking to Wayne about giving that up.

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  • Doubledime

    Sorry, no sympathy.

  • tikkit30

    I don’t understand why these so called celebrities,try so hard to get famous/rich,(in that order)and then fight with drug use,sex,and anything else out there to try to be normal… they gave this man too much money too fast and too young of an age and he acts like he just want out, but Wayne you need to think of your kids the next time you pick up that little white cup, and T.I, i love you but …what the heck are you talking about, I didn’t know there was a such thing as ebonics shorthand.

  • Trish

    He is a grown man…writing like this….

    • DoubleDime

      That’s what I was thinking. This is a grown man with kids going off like on Twitter about Lil Wayne’s ignorant behind. Really?

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    Note, he isn’t admitting or,denying….something stanks high heaven

    • TRUTH IS

      Why they hating on TMZ?? Cus they report facts. Too comes with the territory…..why wasnt lil Wayne thinking about his children when gulping down lean?? As a non light skin black woman I pray for his soul.

  • Nicole

    Its funny how people (celebrities) are soooo concerned about his health, yet enable his drug activity and addiction….no sense…If he continues on the path he is now the next TMZ report will not be false

  • I find it interesting that TI writes Waynes mother is hurting because of what TMZ wrote, but lil Wayne didn’t care about the pain his words about Emmit Till brought to the Till family and others. Karma is a B.

    • Just saying!!

      Thank you!! I feel like a bad person because I’m finding it REALLY DIFFICULT to have ANY sympathy for that nutcase.

      • Amani

        Don’t feel bad. Nobody cares if gremlin wayne is on his death bed…NOBODY!!! With the exception of those making money off of his ignorance, of course.

        And by the way, what the he!! is that mess that TI has written up there? What language is that?

    • olivia

      His momma is hurting over what TMZ wrote but she is not hurting over his ACTUAL drug abuse?

      She should stage an intervention for her son and stop worrying about random gossip blogs…SHM