Nothing Like A Father’s Love: Dad Writes Son A Letter Telling Him It’s Okay That He’s Gay

March 16, 2013  |  


We know all parents aren’t this understanding but this story is really touching., a website that sells t-shirts to spread love across all sexualities (in their words, they “fight homo-h8), posted a very sweet letter on Friday morning on their Facebook page that epitomized love. In the letter, an unidentified father told his son, Nate, that he’d overheard a phone conversation about his plans to come out to his dad. In surprising fashion, his dad totally took the pressure off his son.

In the note, he said:

I’ve known you were gay since you were six. I’ve loved you since you were born.”

The dad also added that he thinks his son and Mike, the guy he was on the phone with, make a cute couple.

Well…anybody have a smile on their face right now? Need a Kleenex?  We aren’t sure how old Nate is (he’s apparently in school as his dad told him to plan to bring home oj and bread after class) but as many in the LGBT community will tell you, it isn’t always the easiest thing in the world to come out to friends and family members. Some parents are especially hard to tell because some of them have certain life “expectations” for their children and can’t see that being gay, lesbian or bisexual doesn’t necessarily stop those things from happening.

I’m sure Nate took a huge sigh of relief after reading that note.

Do you think or hope you’d be this open if you overheard your child having this type of conversation?

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  • Kay

    much love to this family

  • Faida

    I love how dad says he knew since he was 6. If I had a kid, I’d love him or her no matter what their sexuality. I love how folks want to talk mess about having a gay kid, but let the kid kill someone or be a thug, they’ll support them no matter how much evidence there is.

  • Get It

    That still doesn’t make it right.

  • Taj

    I wish more parents were this understanding.

  • zozoe

    This is so lucky. I’m so thankful for people like these. Support support support and love. <3

  • hollyw

    I’m a child therapist, no kids, but my aunt called me last month to tell me her son (my cousin) was gay…my aunt can be a bit crass wit her words sometimes, so she called me for a pep talk on the “right things to say”. She actually pleasantly shocked me, I always wonder if anyone in my fam will come out gay, and how the rest of us will respond; i already know most wouldn’t support. But the support of your parents is tantamount to everything else…

  • Sammy

    This is disgusting, they are going against nature!! The father should be teaching his son between right and wrong and encouraging his filthy choice!

    • Danielle

      I knew there was gonna be some religious nut spewing some BS nonsense. That’s why so many gay young adults commit suicide and are afraid to tell their parents. I wouldn’t be surprised if you don’t have a good relationship with your kids or future kids.

      • Mille

        i really wish the “religious” people would do real reading and find out the significance of why homosexuality was frowned upon at the time the bible, particularly the old testament was put together. And please stop spreading the lie that homosexuality “goes against nature.” But since there are people who call themselves Christian (or any other brand of religion) who believe the world is only 7000 years old, that evolution is made up, and global warming is a conspiracy by God hating liberals I can’t expect them to go outside of their comfort zone of belief.

        • Taj

          There’s a little known secret that King James who revised the Bible was actually gay himself, but you won’t hear much on that.

      • SheBe

        Where was the “religion” in her comment?

  • Sagittarius81

    Good for dad to still support his son, most dads would disown their sons for being gay. My brother-in-law is also gay and his mom and dad supports him and is part of the PFLAG (Parents, Family and Friends of Lesbians and Gays).

  • gee

    That’s just beautiful. I hope my son wouldn’t be afraid to come out and tell me if he were gay. I would be furious that he kept that from me, especially since he knows that i love him unconditionally and would want him to be happy.

  • boo

    Wow Nate is really lucky to have him as a dad. Most fathers would have reacted differently if their son came out.

    • Herm Cain

      Hell yeah because I’d have to take mines out to the garage and put 2 in his head

      • MissRealuminatti

        Why? If you’re not gay, why should that bother you so much? What are you afraid of?

      • hollyw

        Put two what in his head?? Fists? Bullets?? You think that’s gonna “un-gay” him..? Here’s hoping you can express your disapproval through a means other than violence…