14 Things You’ll Regret Not Having At Your Wedding

March 20, 2013  |  
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From big things like a color scheme to little things like alcohol labels, there are so many unexpected things that can make or break a wedding—or at the very least, leave you regretting how you handled that aspect instead of enjoying your big day, like you should be! Be sure to have these things (both tangible and theoretical) at your wedding.


A theme

If you just start picking out colors for the chairs, the curtains, the dance floor, the pew, the flowers and the list goes on, the end result can feel discombobulated. We know it feels cheesy to choose a theme for your wedding. But it doesn’t have to be a full-fledged sailor event with little hats on the bridesmaids and anchors on the invitations. Simply giving your wedding planner a theme to loosely abide by will make many choices fall into place quicker. Otherwise your planner has to come to you with every option for every thing. Narrow things down for her, will ya?


A diplomatic bridesmaids roster

Choose the “wrong” bridesmaid and the one who thought she was the “right” bridesmaid will never let you live it down. The easiest bet is filling up the roster with family, and maybe the best friend you have known the longest. Seniority and kin are two things people cannot argue with.


Someone to give you away

Even if you do not know your father, do not like your father or no longer have a father, find someone to give you away. Seriously—you don’t realize how shaky you’re going to be when that cue music finally starts playing! It’s so calming to have someone holding your arm, and maybe helping you when your heels get stuck.


An Emcee

You have a schedule to keep to, but that’s a little hard if guests are wandering around, not knowing when they’re allowed to sit at the dining tables, or where to stand so they’re not in the way of pictures, or when the bar officially opens. Whether they have a microphone or are just making the rounds and giving notifications, appoint someone as your Emcee.


A “secretary”

It’s your big day. All you should be focusing on is you. You should not be the one giving people last minute directions or dress code details! A week before your wedding, choose a good friend or family member to be your secretary, and give out that person’s phone number to all of your guests telling them that is the person to contact with any questions.


Dancing shoes

You’re having visions of cute pictures of you dancing barefoot, lifting up your dress. Well what’s not cute is having a stiletto accidentally jam into your bare toes, ruining your night, or sticking your dirty feet back into your pristine wedding shoes. Bring a comfortable pair of dancing shoes to change into. No one will even notice.



You’re going to be hugging people all night, wrapping your arms around people in countless photos, dancing and not to mention fighting off nerves! You’ll have to re-deodorize multiple times.



Oil wipes

Following up on the last point, your face will be shiny. And you do not want shine in your photos! Bring a packet of your favorite brand of oil wipes.


An extra copy of your vows

Not that you plan on losing your original copy, but just so you never even have to have that panicky thirty minutes in which you turn your dressing room upside down looking for it, have an extra.


“Man” drinks

Sorry but, a lot of the men at your wedding were dragged there. The true friends of your groom were just in it for the bachelor party, and now that’s over, and everyone else is just somebody’s plus one. But having some good whiskey or bourbon on hand will get the men talking, bonding and buzzing.


A photographer

You know your guests will snap plenty of photos with their phones. You even put disposable cameras on the tables. But when it comes down to it, actually printing out and putting photos into physical albums is just not in the nature of our highly tech-savvy generation. You won’t get around to it and that will make you sad. So shell out the money for a photographer.


Easy transportation for everyone

If parking at the actual destination is super pricey, arrange for a shuttle to pick up guests. Set up a carpool system—you know where all your guests live, but they don’t know. You don’t want cranky guests who couldn’t figure out where to park, or spent $30 to do so.


A designated present table

This is rarely well-labeled at weddings, and guests either put gifts all over that then get lost, or choose their own table which was meant for something else. And then the poor person carrying the cake/appetizers/alcohol meant for that table doesn’t know what to do. Make a big, clear sign.


White chalk

You will get cake, booze and makeup on your dress. Keep white chalk on hand. It’s perfect for covering up stains on a white dress!

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