Despite His Many Forms Of Employment, Steve Harvey Still Wants Us To Know That “Hollywood Is More Racist Than America”

March 15, 2013  |  

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In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Steve Harvey talked to the magazine about his success as a man in Hollywood wearing many hats, from radio host, to game show host, talk show host, stand-up comedian and author. And while saying that he’s been thriving very well in Hollywood would be an understatement, Harvey says that Hollywood still isn’t necessarily as friendly to people of color as you’d think, even with a black president and black folks in high places in the media (a la, Oprah). That’s why television has changed for the negative.

“Hollywood is still very racist. Hollywood is more racist than America is. They put things on TV that they think the masses will like. Well, the masses have changed. The election of President Obama should prove that. And television should look entirely different. [Scandal star] Kerry Washington should not be the first African-American female to head up a drama series in 40 years. In 40 years! That’s crazy.”

Harvey learned this years ago, claiming, in the interview, that an executive at the WB where his show, The Steve Harvey Show aired, told him that while they might invest in black shows because they guarantee views from black audiences, once networks gain more success, they dump the black television programs so that they can make way for viewers who make more money and are more “mainstream.” He says, “…as they build the network and get more eyeballs, they slowly start phasing them out.”

But Harvey himself admits that with all his recent endeavors, including his books and his talk show, he’s not necessarily trying to target just the black audience, hence his often very white audience. He’s trying to reach out and have an opportunity to reach people of all backgrounds.

“I never mention color in my books. My show is not an African-American show. I’m not beating people over the head; I’m black, we black! And that’s how I look at it. I’m not going to let them put me in a box and pigeonhole me.”

A very interesting part of the interview came when Harvey also touched on the fact that he says he’s come so far, and been given so many opportunities because of God. But he’s noticed that a lot of the media can be very negative when it comes to religion:

“I don’t think that they care for that to be your explanation. When they ask me, ‘Steve, how do you explain your success?’ And I tell them that it’s prayer. It’s like, ‘Well, I mean really, who’s your agent, who’s your manager?’ I don’t think it’s cool for people to say, ‘You shouldn’t reference God because I don’t believe that, and I don’t want to hear it.’ Well, there’s a lot of stuff I don’t believe that I still gotta hear. I don’t believe in the K. K. K., but they exist. I don’t care for the Confederate flag at all. But they’re on state buildings down South.”

Very interesting points from Harvey, and in a way, I think we all knew that Hollywood has its way of working with black people in only certain capacities. But hopefully things are starting to change, as there are more black faces in positive roles on television nowadays (not JUST reality TV). But Harvey knows what he’s talking about since he’s got like twenty-something years on us…

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  • blackgirlgoodcredit . com

    Most of the imagery on TV is racist. Hollywood loves to perpetrate those negative images of Blacks in order to ruin our image around the world. Sometimes I believe that segregation was necessary because at least we would have continued to build and have our own. We probably could have had our own production studios by now.

  • Kahekili

    Your religion should be something you keep to yourself.

  • MissRealuminatti

    Hollywood is more about money than anything. They just think that black programs are not as marketable as the white programs. It’s ran by money hungry jews, homosexuals and lost souls.

  • Fair and Balanced

    Has anyone ever really wondered why blacks are still making first in this country? Perhaps the reality is that many of us are still attached to the crab in a bucket mentality and are filled with making sure we do our best to keep the other person down who share our skin color that we can’t see that we are becoming 3rd class citizens since it seems every one who comes to this country has a better chance of succeeding when we are right here and are still fighting a battle with each other. Its time to leave the plantation think for yourself and stop allowing others to tell you what to think. Hollywood or anywhere else. God has continuously blessed us yet many of us continue to throw his blessings to the wind.

  • Guest

    The battle for equality continues to be an ongoing fight. Hollywood is only reflective of the country it is in. Wall Street, politics, police & fire departments, education institutions, municipal governments and just about every other aspect of American life is still in a struggle to hold on to the privilege, entitlement and power that was once guaranteed them. The more things are changing, the harder time they have accepting it. Just look at the after effects of the presidential race. States called for succession, Romney supporters are still mad as h*ll and attacking every chance they get. In time they will have no choice but to accept the unchallenged reign of power they once held is over until then we must keep fighting!!!!

  • As usual, Steve Harvey is on the money. I agree with him on all points, and I know that the bigwigs in Hollywood don’t like to hear it. Those in the entertainment industry want to throw Blacks a few crumbs to make it look as if they’re more progressive and open minded that they actually are. He brought up an excellent point regarding religion. I find it interesting how those in the industry don’t want people to be honest and talk about God, but they are free to talk about anything that they want to, even when it offends others. It’s so hard for people to stick to their principles and make it in the industry.

  • ieshapatterson

    He’s telling us something we already know.hollywood has ALWAYS been racists.i think it’s gotten worse since Obama got into office.


    Speak the truth and shame the devil!!

  • bluekissess

    I’ve always found the God thing in Hollywood thing. When you ask a white actor/actress they claim that it’s luck and forget about them winning the awards. And when black’s say it they look confused. It’s really odd to me

    • JaeBee

      I don’t think that’s true at all. In fact, I remember once reading an article about a British celebrity (forgot who it was at the moment) that lamented about the religiosity of American award shows. In particular she zeroed in on actress Kate Hudson who she complained always talked about “being blessed” and leading a “blessed life”. If anything, I think it’s more of an American thing than something particularly black or white.

  • jjac401

    Preach Steve!