Aww, Baby: 15 Awesome Things About Being A Parent

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Parenthood takes you from an all-about-me, new pair of shoes today perspective to suddenly dreaming of home life in a cul-de-sac where your kids can play safe from harm. Being a new parent is tough. Sleep becomes a foreign thing you once got in great abundance; and there’s often an overwhelming sense of responsibility. But ask nearly any mother on the planet how she feels about motherhood and she’ll usually tell you in a heartbeat that the benefits outweigh any setbacks. So, it’s high time to take a breather and bask in the awesomeness of parenthood, like all these things.



There is an unconditional love between a parent and their child that will never waver. You created the baby from conception to their miraculous birth. This love grows stronger with each day and this endless love will have you willing to go above and beyond so that your baby will never go without.

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Milestone Celebrations

Each month your baby develops so much — and so rapidly. There’s a celebration of monthly milestones as well as your baby’s first smile, word, walk, crawl, and countless others . Snapping photos to capture these transformations is awe-inspiring.

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Smiles and Giggle Fits

Around three months, baby learns to smile at you, and will giggle up a storm when you chat with him or her. As a parent, you can’t get enough of the gummy-faced, super happy baby that breaks into giggles and smiles just because they are genuinely ecstatic to see you and hear your familiar voice.


Hugs and Kisses

Though drooling, babies can give wet kisses and hug you with their little arms wrapped around your neck. It’s the best feeling in the world because they feel so safe with you!

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Singing and Dancing for Baby

You will be amazed at how many baby song lyrics you remember as well as your ability to create your own jingles and silly dance moves just to make your baby smile and laugh. Your background music of choice can range from the melodies on the bouncer or bassinet, to swiss beats you come up with on your own.


Learning and Discovery

There is learning on both ends. You learn as you go as a new parent, using your motherly instincts along the way. Babies learn just about everything and it’s extremely rewarding to see them master the things you’ve taught.

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Nana and Grandbaby

Watching Nana and her grandchild interact is a beautiful thing. Grandparents get the chance to spoil their grandchild rotten. It only reinforces the joy that your little one truly is and shows just how much she or he is loved.

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Cooking for Your Child

Making gourmet baby food can be fun. Whether you are using your Baby Bullet or Ninja food puree mixer, your baby will appreciate the freshly whipped nutrition. And when they’re older, they can help!

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Midnight Time With You Baby

Spending one on one time with a child who can’t sleep is an excellent time for motherly bonding. Though sleepy, moms can definitely find appreciation in moments like these.

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Priceless Facial Expressions

Babies communicate with their facial expressions, raising their eyebrows and widening their eyes in response to you as you talk to them. Keep up the communication as this helps babies hone their own communication skills.


Watching Your Baby Grow

Babies grow super fast. They start off really tiny and fragile like, and grow quickly into this thick butterball of a baby. Before you know it, they are toddlers, kids, teens and then adults. Savor these moments because it won’t last forever.

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There is a connection between parent and child that can never be severed. This close-knit feeling is extremely comforting as it sets the foundation for a close relationship with your baby –one that comes from dependency first (on the part of baby) and evolves into a loving connection built out of love and respect for one another.

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Holding Your Baby

Holding baby in your arms can warm your heart. It makes it difficult to put them down to rest in their crib or bassinet. It gives you an opportunity to watch their face, whether asleep or awake, and take in all the delicate and detailed features.

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Never Being Alone

As new parents, you won’t ever be alone. There is this baby to take care of for the rest of your life. It doesn’t stop at 18, nor should you be counting the days until your child’s 18th birthday. This is a lifetime commitment and you should embrace it.

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A Deeper Sense Of Self

As a new parent, babies give you a deeper meaning of self. It’s like they complete you. You never knew before that you needed something extra to define you, but a baby does just that and gives you purpose beyond yourself.

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