True Life: When I Think About Sex In My 60’s & Beyond I Imagine It Will Be ________

March 15, 2013  |  


As much as some of us don’t want to face it, we’re getting older and older as the days go by. And that means a lot of emotional, psychological and, most noticeably, physical changes. So that means sex will be…different. We asked you, our Facebook and Twitter followers, how you think sex will be in your 50s and 60s and beyond. See what your fellow readers had to say. 

Trina: Yuck

Shae: Bangin! Im having sex until the Lord takes me away….or as long as I can remember too! Lol. : )

Michelle: In my 50’s and AWESOME!!!! no monthly worries just good fun! for all you youngsters posting “yuck” what are you going to a convent when you’re older? puhleeze! LOL!!

Sharon: Good if it still have the desire to do it

Sh’Anea: Amazing! Omg, no worries of pregnancy… No worries f menstration. Sex whenever and wherever! Sheitttttttt, I’m imagining it now.


Curtisha: Lol don’t nothing stop I’m 30 by then they’ll have invented all kinds of ish. Getting it in until the casket drops!

Jasmin: get me some titanium hips and I’m good lol

Tracey: I’ll be 50 in June; I imagine it will be as good as it is right nah! Lol!

Rosie: Eeekkk! A damn nightmare on my street that I want someone to wake me up from real quick! Lbvs!

Dirah: Amazing! After all the years of experience why wouldnt it be?

Phylicia: Dry

Chereese: To continue to be running like the Niagra Falls. lol

Crystal: Great! The hole out last the pole, just because I’m in my 50’s, 60’s or 70’s doesnean my partner will be.

Latisha: Horrific

Leeyeicia: Off the chain!

Carline: I don’t think I want any part of it at the age of 70…

Onlyone Vette: I”m 42 and It’s great!! years ago I worried that it wouldn’t be with hormonal and physical changes but I’m secure in my sexuality and my husband and I have almost the same stamina that we had in our twenties.

Vee Tina : Not as great as it is now, but one can dream

Shana: Painful

Jean: Sound like a winner to me, if you still have it use it.

Jerisa: I don’t wanna think about that *shudders*

Natasha: Fun….. I’m a virgin and 21 now though lol . So, I will hopefully be married then

Valencia: Non existent

Gracey: Amazing! Lots of lube.

Mississippi: Well before HIV was the scare for young women and now its becoming the scare for women over 50. I would LIKE my sex life between 50-60 to be filled with young viral men, I figure if Im torturing my self now to stay Hot it should pay off during my AARP years. After 60-70 I expect nothing..It be great if I could be a Blanche Deveraux till death but oh well…

Lori: …trying not to hurt myself (or kill him).

Bubbles: Missionary. The only possible position

Janelle: Slow and Disgusting

April: Fast and over wit real soon? No more making my azz clap & doing da most! At them ages who cares as long as he get in and get the job done!! In my Sweet Brown voice (I ain’t got time for all dat)!!

Constance: Like the reserves…one weekend a month and 2 weeks out of the year lol


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