“Good Times” The Movie: Cast Revealed!

March 14, 2013  |  

By now you’ve probably heard there’s a new “Good Times” movie in the works. And like us, you’re probably wondering which actors and actresses are going to tackle your favorite characters. We can pretty much all agree that it’ll take a special person to play Florida Evans. Since we heard the news, we’ve started thinking about the men and women we’d like to see portray these classic characters. Check out the video above to take a look at our dream picks.

Who do you want to see in the movie? Tell us in the comments section below.

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  • Victoria Robinson

    My son Aavan would be the perfect Michael check out my face book page I post a photo of them side by side you be the judge.

  • Wilson Yvette

    Porscha Stewart for Thelma Snoop Dogg for Sweet Daddy… I won’t like anyone they get for JJ. I don’t think anyone can take his place. Terry Crews makes a great James Evans. Viola Davis would make a great Florida. Keenan is good for Book an
    . Tyler James Williams is great for Michael, and Jenifer Lewis would make a great Willona!!

  • T

    Mike Epps as Sweet Daddy!!

  • T

    Thelma should be played by Nicole Beharie and Whoopi would play a good role of Florida

  • david carter

    solange ( bey) sister should play thelma…find some new cast…look-like…give new actors a chance…

  • jlynn90

    THELMA EVANS should be played by PORHA STEWART from RHOA. This could be a good acting opportunity for her and she amazingly resembles Thelma 🙂

    • Ernestine

      Physically…… But not the right attitude!! Thelma is a smart, ’round the way gurl’ Classy, Home girl!

      • Ernestine

        Monica (singer), as Thelma.

  • Honesty

    James;Samuel jackson/Terry crews/Ving Rhames
    Florida:Lorreta Devine
    JJ:Chris Rock/Eddie Griffin/Dave Chappelle
    Thelma:Keisha Knight Pulllium
    Micheal:Brandon t Jackson/Bow wow
    Willona:Wendy Raquel Robinson
    Bookman Cedric the Entertainer
    Keith:Terrance Howard
    Carl:Danny Glover
    Penny:China Ann McClain
    Sweet Daddy:Snoop Dog
    Lenny: Mike Epps
    Mad Dog: TI
    Ms Gordon(Pennys mom):Jennifer Hudson
    White JJ: Gary Owens/Adam Sandler
    Alderman Davis:Steve Harvey
    Ned the Whino: Katt Williams
    Weepin’ Wanda:Cassi Davis(House of Payne)
    No Good(Season 6 Blood will tell):Kevin Hart

    • hch

      My Dream cast:

      James Evans: TERRY CREWS
      Florida Evans: ANGELA BASSETT
      J.J. Evans: ALPHONSO McAULEY
      Thelma Evans: LAUREN LONDON
      Michael Evans: JADEN SMITH
      Willona Woods: LYNN WHITFIELD
      Penny Gordon: CHINA ANNE MCCLAIN
      Keith Anderson: MICHAEL J. PAGAN
      Mrs. Gordon: PAULA JAI PARKER

  • Guest

    I agree with all of the selections EXCEPT for James Evans. I don’t have any suggestions but not Terry, he’s toooo corny.

  • cbpm1-Panafrica

    At first I was skeptical, but after watching the video, I can see this cast! Madame Noire, you did good!

  • Joh Taylor

    Message To Hollywood–Please DO NOT destroy “Our Good Times”. If you are not going to do it right–Dont Do It At All!!!!!!

  • Lyris

    I don’t think creating a movie is such a good idea. However, if they follow through with creating a movie, I would like to to see new actors/actresses with talent. I am so tired of the same 10 actors/actresses being cast in every movie. It’s really disappointing. Give someone else a chance!

  • educateyourself


  • @dantedontcare

    Since this foolishness will set us back a few decades I don’t think it matters which Sambos they hire to participate in this coonery. I’m not spending MY money on shuckin n jivin.

  • CiCi

    We need a little more diva in Wilona. Maybe Jennifer Hudson?

  • oh and snoop dog as sweet daddy williams

    • Ernestine

      And Kat Williams as “Lenny” the looter!!

  • yes good cast but anglia bassett as willona keke palmer as thelma

  • Rudy from the Cosby Show should play Thelma.

  • Truth

    Chappelle might be the right bodytype, but he is too old to play JJ.
    This must be the idea of White folks, to remake this, so you already
    know it will not be done with the respect its due. I think the choices
    given are poor. Viola Davis would be the best “Florida”, and Jenifer
    Lewis would be a great “Willona”. Ving Rhames for “James”, maybe?
    Meagan Good as “Thelma”. Marlon Wayans for “JJ”? Can’t come up with
    someone for “Michael”, at the moment. I wish this project would not be
    done, as it surely would fail. A better idea would be to take all the
    surviving characters, and create a film about what their lives are like
    n-o-w. Michael could be in local politics, JJ could be an art teacher,
    with his own small art gallery. Thelma could be a divorced mother of 2
    teens, dating their father again. Trying to recapture the magic of the
    original “Good Times” by redoing it, will not be an easy task.

  • What The Hell Ever

    Some things are better left alone as they are…in the past. I’ll take my Good Times show syndicated anyday over a movie portrayal of the show.

  • beautifulrozeita

    PORSHIA STEWART from RHOA should play Thelma…HANDS DOWN!

  • So there is Talk about a Drama Motion Picture
    for a 70s TV show ”Good times” well I was smart and thought of the
    cast myself Cassie Davis should Play Florida Evans ,samuel l Jackson
    should play James Evans Sr.,Angela basset should play Florida’s
    Best friend and neighbor Willona Woods,Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior
    should play the little Brother Micheal Evans, Quez from Travis Porter
    should play J.J,imani hakim from everybody hates Chris should Play
    sister Thelma Evans,and Quvenzhane Willis that will be the 2014 Annie
    should play Penny Wilona God daughter so what do ya’ll think ?

  • Actually, they are thinking of making Sanford and Son into a movie too…there is no imagination left in Hollywood!

  • kee

    Lenny- the man who sells everything in his fur coat
    Chris Rock

  • A.W.

    Sam Jackson as James, Loretta DeVine as Florida, Leon as JJ, Bow Wow as Michael, Sanaa Lathan as Thelma, Cedric the ENT as Bookman, and Lynn Whitfield as Willona!

    • I didn’t think about Samuel L. for James. You’re right. He would be good.

    • Leon is not a comedic actor…somebody funny should play JJ.

  • Marquita Gatson

    This Title was very misleading :-(. I wonder who will be playing the real cast members? I can’t wait until the movie comes out. Good Times is one of my favorite all time shows

  • mdeborah827

    If Dave Chapelle was in this one, after listening to him in the Actor’s Studio interview and seeing his escape to Africa, he might bring something new to the role of JJ. I would be there on opening day for that one. This will be difficult to cast and actually, I’d hate to see the move done because I was living in Harlem when this was on the air and it was very real to me. Didn’t live in the projects and didn’t see the crime they say but it was there. If it’s a serious move then maybe but I’m tired of seeing redone/recasted movies about our experiences done by people who have no clue to be mass marketed to an audience that’s gentrifying the areas spoken of in such a movie.
    During that time period Black folks (and were were BLACK and PROUD then) were real, the 70’s was a serious decade and we were a more united community. I miss those days just before rap as we know it burst onto the scene. In my Harlem and the Bronx we heard it but NYC had a history of street dancing and people speaking in rhyme and rhythm for money that goes all the way back to the 1600’s. I didn’t mistype, I mean the 1600’s. This show is fine as it stands and damn, damn, damn, Florida Evans is an ancestor now, gone from us, so leave it alone!

  • kathicks01

    I would PAY to see Dave Chappelle play JJ….that would be awesome..

  • Truth be told, these pics are dead on….. Id have somebody younger than Loretta Devine to play Florida.

  • Peeny

    Remaking this movie is an awful idea. Leave GoodTimes in the past where it belongs. And Dave Chapelle would never be a part of the mess!!!!

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  • From the few comments on here, it seems as if people are assuming that the movie will take place when the show first premiered. From MN’s picks, it seems as if the movie will take place where the show left off.

    • FromUR2UB

      That would be a story no one would recognize…or care about, since the show was better before James Evans died.

  • FromUR2UB

    You used the word “revealed” in the title. I thought you actually had some information!

    • That title mislead me, too. I thought there were some actual names attached to the project.

  • AJ389

    I do not know how I feel about this. I remember growing up with Good Times and I regard it as a very significant piece of our culture to this day. It is an important part of black entertainment history. It cannot afford lose value through inadequate or sub par efforts put forth. That is not to say that there isn’t anyone who can do a great job, but its all about finding the perfect people, and that is going to be extremely difficult and tedious if done properly. I almost want to say its fine as is and I wouldn’t be upset at all if it was allowed to remain as it is. Just as there are certain remakes of incredible songs that should have been left alone, I don’t want to chance feeling that way about this project. Please let’s not serve any disappointing blows that will devalue the great piece of work it is and what it stands for.

    • cool

      I agree with you on this whole heartedly and i also disagree totally with the author of this articles picks on who should play the roles.. They just really do not fit..the closest was Keisha Knight Pulliam playing thelma and i am not aure about that one. I just hope they do it right and not make it just a bunch of ghetto buffoonery. The show origamnly showed a complete family unit with a positive Black Man Father who was a true head of household..they also had good morals and ethics even in the harsh times in which they lived. They never let the pursuit of money override they’re moral character or integrity…yeah thise were “Good Times”

  • IllyPhilly

    Tyler James Williams= JJ Evans. Dave is too old for JJ and Tyler is too old for Michael.

    Willow Smith too old for Penny imo. That little girl from Hunger Games or Hushpuppy would be better. Everybody else was actually spot on imo.

    • Isn’t Willow 12? She’s the perfect age to me. And Dave Chapelle would be perfect for JJ. Tyler James Williams wouldn’t be good for JJ imo. And the guy that played Micheal was short, so maybe that made people think that he was younger than he actually was. I think he would be good for playing Micheal.