Ooooweeee! Kerry Washington And Tony Goldwyn Look Like The Real Thing In TV Guide Shoot

March 14, 2013  |  

From StyleBlazer

It’s getting hot in here watching the chemistry between Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn on the new cover of TV Guide. The “Scandal” stars posed for the weekly magazine and talked about their roles as Olivia Pope and President Fitzgerald Grant on the hit ABC show.

From their on-screen chemistry to the future of the show, the stars give their opinion on the fan-obsessed drama. “I like that they question what love is, what marriage should be,” Washington said.

Check out more pics and behind the scene video of the photo shoot on

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  • Annie

    Olitz chemistry is epic, I agree. It’s part of why we see these scenes as intimate, sexy and written for them. Is that good writing, good casting, good chemistry? Other TV couples never get those great kissing and ‘in bed’ sex scenes.’
    Does that mean we don’t get any chemistry? Love long-term story stelling. Ok if the story needs time to develop.
    Which on-screen couples might have chemistry but who don’t get the juicy scenes?

  • Gardy

    Great show, amazing couple on tv.I am so happy for them. Great chemistry and wondeful friendship between this two. Iis is very rare to see that on Tv. 2 humbles actors.

  • Clothilde

    Love this amazing couple on tv. and I love their amazing and mutual respect for each other. Kerry and Tony are smart and brilliant, intelligent person. Good for them for th show because Scandal i so good.

  • Frida

    best actors and best chemistry on screen now fort this 2 amazing actors

  • Frida

    Tv guide did a great choice with this 2 amazing actors. Very nice cover and the video is so nice . Kerry and Tony are beautifuil people. and smart actors. good for them. Scandal is a great show

  • Lissbeth

    Tthe chemistry between Tony and Kerry is insane . I love these 2 actors, they are brilliant , smart and outspoken people for this show Scandal. I love to watch them . Amazing actors.

  • Hey folks this is about money and fame. This is also about acting. We have to keep in mind that this is just a soap opera.They are very great actors.I love this show. Tony Goldwyn is the sexiest man alive. He is oozing with sex appeal.These two need to make a movie together because they would both receive an oscar. What makes them great actors is the fact that they can keep acting separate from real life.

  • tjlynne

    I’m fairly new to the show but I notice the chemistry right away. It feels VERY real!

  • the media loves making a couple out of steam and some actors use that to
    their advantage for ratings which is probably all this is. But its an
    interesting chemistry to watch no doubt. They are really hamming it up
    for the press….Interracial women dating?? Black women looking for white men??? Black women loving white men???_______blackwhiteplanet.c0m_______is the #1 black women white men dating site. No one night stand. serious relationship

  • Chile Cheese

    I mean have yall clicked on that link to watch the video….I mean Who they foolin?? lol

    • Lana

      Yees! Not trying to start anything here but he seems to be very much into her.

  • kickash

    Fitz creeps me out. TBH I think Tony Goldwyn has a thing for Kerry.

    • YES gAWD

      I think they have a thing for eachother too but cant express it because he is married, but they definitely are using that attraction for one another to their advantage on screen…that is obvious. lol Its like thinking someone is super hot and you get to make out with them all day for a show….whos not going to LOVE doing that. You just cant take them home…

  • Kenedy

    They look so good together…Uh oh…hopefully this isn’t another Brangelina situation

  • Ms_Sunshine9898

    With the amount of chemistry they got, I wouldn’t be surprised if they had a real life scandal going on. . .

    • Sad for Olitz

      if there is, I hope that it stays a secret and allow people to just continue speculating because if it comes to light and things go bad between them, then it will affect the whole cast and maybe even the show and I would much prefer to keep the show going then to just gossip about this whole “Terry” thing…I LOVE the show and all it’s characters.

  • YES gAWD

    They are almost TOO good in their scenes together….the media loves making a couple out of steam and some actors use that to their advantage for ratings which is probably all this is. But its an interesting chemistry to watch no doubt. They are really hamming it up for the press….

    • Guest360

      Isn’t that the….point? Lol.I don’t think I’ve ever seen a photoshoot of any actor/actress, movie couple, tv show, or what have you do a photoshoot without the sole purpose of it being to attract people to the project. Otherwise there’s no reason to do it.

      • YES gAWD

        Yes that is the point in ANY TV couple and relationship (to be realistic). But I believe these 2 are making the media salivate because of how REAL it is. This is the reason for the numerous blog posts all over the internet about their Chemistry…no one is saying that it should be the worst acting. But they are making headlines because its so amazing. No one, at least not me, is criticizing them for it, its actually good. Hell it makes me watch.

        • Sad for Olitz

          Agree whole-heartedly!

  • Sagittarius81

    Man they look good together on that pic, but he’s also married on real life as well.

  • Nikki

    Good question. Maybe she is pregnant with his child. An unwed, black mother? That will def be new to tv…

  • Jaiah Jaxon

    Hmm…but why is he holding her belly like that though??

    • IllyPhilly

      OMG, I thought they was about to say she was knocked up.