Do Better, Please And Thank You: Things People Do That They Don’t Realize Is Very Rude

March 20, 2013  |  
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So you think you’re a very well-mannered person? Well, I hate to break it to you, but if you ever do any of these things on this list, you may not be as well-mannered as you think. In fact, you might actually be rude sometimes. Have a look and see if you’re guilty of any of these common habits that people sometimes do without realizing it’s rude.



Chewing loudly

One of the most annoying things about people eating is when they chew like they haven’t eaten in months. It’s both annoying to hear and distracting to look at. Relax loud chewers; the food isn’t going anymore, so no need to chomp it down like it’s trying to run away from your face.


Eating in front of someone without offering

Mmmm…those cookies look damn good! Too bad it’s not yours and the owner has no intention of offering you any as they slowly savor every bite and your stomach growls because you still haven’t eaten lunch. The moral of the story is, treat people how you would like to be treated. We’ve all had those moments where we want some of what someone else has and know what it feels like, so be a dear and offer when you have something you can share too.

Coughing or sneezing in your hands

“Well, at least I covered my mouth”…. yeah, but too bad you then proceeded to touch everything in the room, thus spreading your germs all over the place. Although it is better than not covering your mouth at all, the polite way to cough or sneeze is in your sleeve, inner elbow or in a direction where no one is.



Speaking another language in front of people who can’t understand

Have you ever wondered if people are talking about you behind you’re back? Well, that’s what it feels like when people are speaking a different language in front of you, except this time it is blatantly in front of your face. Okay, this might be a bit of an exaggeration, but either way, it’s not nice to exclude people from conversations, especially if they’re the only one there who can’t speak the language.


Playing your headphones or music loud on public transportation

Do you ever wonder why these incidents keep happening where bus drivers attack teenagers on public transit? Well, it’s because some people insist on playing their music way too loud on the bus. There’s never an excuse to physically attack someone, but it is flat out rude to pollute someone’s personal space with noise.


Smoking in front of people without asking if they’re are okay with it

With it pretty much being common sense that secondhand smoke can cause lung cancer, you would think that more people would be considerate and at least ask you if you are okay with them lighting up.  But no, people still decide to be selfish and not only poison their lungs, but the also the people around them as well. This is just flat out rude, so please don’t do it.

Swearing in public places

“It’s so F****** hot today…oh s***, there’s a little kid behind me.” Too bad you didn’t think about that before your potty mouth took over. As the saying goes, there’s a time and a place for everything…this includes swearing. No parent wants to be playing in the park with their kids while someone shouts obscenities nearby.



Not putting your dog on leash in public places

NEWSFLASH: Not everyone likes dogs! Perhaps we should repeat that again…NOT EVERYONE LIKES DOGS! You’re probably wondering why I needed to repeat it? Well, because for some reason dog owners have a really hard time believing it. In fact, they not only won’t believe that some people do not like dogs, but forget that many people are actually afraid of them, and it’s unfair to put people (especially children) in an uncomfortable position just because you don’t want to follow the law by putting your dog on a leash or keeping them in check.

Loud cell phone conversations

You may think that you are one of the most interesting people that there is, but believe it or not, not everyone wants to hear about your plans for the evening. In fact, it can be rather distracting to other people trying to get something done. Do everyone a favor and step out of the room to make your phone call.

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Telling people they’ve gained weight

We’ve all had that awkward moment where you see someone you haven’t seen in a year and they are about twice the size they were the last time you saw them.  As much as it’s tempting to joke with them about it, it might not be a joke to them. In fact, it can affect them for a long time, especially if they’re already insecure about it. In situations like these, it’s always wise to just keep your thoughts to yourself.


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  • Bella

    The last one is the worst of all because it’s obvious discretion and common courtesy should be used easily. Only the dumbest of the dumb do this one.

  • MsLadyE

    Another thing that’s rude is when people have bad breath and get right in your face when they talk to you. Especially when you go to the altar for prayer at church and the person praying for you has breath so bad it could melt the paint off the wall. PLEASE chew some gum or mints (or put one of those breath strips under your tongue) before you talk to me. Thank you and have a blessed day.

  • Britt

    Used to work the same job. Trifling is the only word I have for those members.

    • chanela

      AHHHHHHH!!!!! LMAOOOO seriously! you already know! LOL

  • Kahekili

    I rarely offer food to other people. I don’t see why I should have to.

  • Kahekili

    Just the other day I got into with an older Black male who came into the bus shelter and began smoking. To make a long story short – This fool tried to tell me that if it bothers me I am supposed to move. I went back and forth with him about since he is the one with the bad habit, he is supposed to move!

  • Guest


  • Just Saying

    I never share food. Why should I give you some of my fries because you hungry? Buy your own fries, just like I did.

  • York

    I’ve worked at a call center, and CSRs get offended when someone calls and expects the CSR to know exactly who they are and why they’re calling! Please don’t assume your information automatically populates, or that the reason for your call is known without you stating so! Last but not least, it’s rude to assume you’ll be helped if you start out cussing and fussing…only a button stands between you and that CSR lol. You may have an ongoing issue, but that doesn’t mean that CSR is familiar with your struggle, give them a chance to help you. That goes for anytime you call or walk into a place of business; compose yourself first instead of kicking @zz right out the gate!

  • York

    Just went to sams club the other day for the first time in a long time….folks was knocking kids down for the fried shrimp samples! I’m like, dayum, you could pay for that expensive membership but can’t buy you a box??

    • chanela

      YES! i’ve seen kids get literally pushed out the way for the samples! smh i had kool aid.. some damn KOOL AID and people were acting a fool.

      it makes me so mad when people are like ” how long is this gonna take?” “why don’t you work faster?” ” you need to hurry up, i have things to do” BISH WAHT!?? the people are so impatient its not even funny! this man wanted some shrimp SO badly that he put his hands in a hot oil filled skillet to take one out…. all they have to do is wait till the ish is done and they act like its impossible! SMH then when they get uncooked food then they wanna get mad!

      this lady’s 4 year old child was putting his hands towards a hot skillet (he couldnt see over the cart) and my coworker’s mommy instinct kicked in… she said ” no no! its hot! be careful” and the mom suddenly comes over and screams at my coworker and tells her ” how dare you! you don’t tell my child no! who do you think you are? let him do what he wants” SMH

      lawd hammercy i can’t no more!

  • Brittany

    eating food without offering isn’t rude to me

  • Jenna

    why are all people in the pictures black? like black people are rude….!?

  • anonymous

    I like the dog one. I do have to admit i’m bad at offering my food. I don’t know how I feel about that rule though. If I know you’ve been hungry for a while I would. Other than that, I don’t know how I feel about another person expecting me to give them some of my food.if you didn’t pay for it why should you have that expectation? Next time bring money so you can buy whatever it is you want to eat.

  • thejones

    Um…MN. Speaking another language in front of someone is not rude. Maybe they are too sensitive? Also, If I brought enough food for me, I don’t have any obligations to offer you any if I don’t know you like that.

    • It’s rude if the three of you are having a conversation, then another person comes along and starts speaking to the others in the group in another language without even acknowledging you’re there.

    • Guest360

      I’m sorry but if you’re talking to a group of people and switch to a different language, knowing not everyone in the circle speaks that language, it’s rude. I’ve had to ream my best friends out for stuff like that when they switch to Hindi right in front of me as if I’m not there. I was always taught you don’t talk over people’s heads or purposefully leave them out of the discussion. If it really pains you so much to speak in a language everyone can understand you in, save the convo for another time when you can do what feels natural to you.

  • Ladydi82

    This list has some great points but here are some more… People who do not open/ hold the door for the elderly if they are RIGHT behind them, cashiers/waiter who do not greet their customers ( good morning/evening), cell phone ringing but the person has decided to not take the call so the phone rings and rings and rings, bad parking( stay within the white lines), parents who let their children run wild in a store and is nowhere to be found. I think that’s it. #deepbreath

  • SterlingArcher

    Eating while talking, ik, not all NYers are insensitive carcasses. I am guilty of putting money on the counter, but I do that when I’m gathering the rest of my money/ change and sometimes the cashiers act like they don’t want to touch the money or your hand. I am not going to drop money in your hands. Banks tellers check cashers, and movie cashiers don’t put money in your hands.

  • britchick91

    Can’t lie I have been guilty of eating in front of people and not offering any.Sometimes it’s too good to share lol



  • Trini Girl

    What I hate is people putting their hands in my hair asking me what hair products I use. You can ask me that without invading my private space. What I also hate is people coming up to my twin daughters and touching them. I don’t know where your hands were!

  • Sagittarius81

    Man, this morning on my way to work, this woman in her 40s was rapping Chief Keef’s “Love Sosa” and then kept saying “All I want for my birthday is a big booty girl” at 7:45 in the morning and the rest of us was quiet, sleeping and reading and she got mad when people stared at her. Then she got on her phone and talked loudly and called all of us snobs and squares and said we are just like white people afraid of ghetto folk. Sorry, but some of us have parents that taught us how to carry ourselves in public. And yes I can’t stand it when people blast music from their cell phones and talk too loudly, some people shouldn’t be allowed to have cell phones at all.

    • thejones

      Oh no that is not cute.

  • chanela

    i HATE when people smoke while standing in a long line. wtf! another thing that’s rude is when people are on their goddamn cellphone when they’re at a cash register. someone is trying to talk to you so that they can complete your transaction you self important prick!! i’ve had this happen to me before when i worked in customer service. i also hate how teenagers don’t know how to talk. you tell them “have a nice day” or good morning” and they answer back with ” uhh yeah….”

  • Guest

    Ever been at a stoplight and smelled someone’s cigarette smoke? Especially not welcome when it’s accompanied by music you find distateful.

  • shirell marie

    What pisses me off is when ppl say “he doesnt bite” (talking about their dog). Dammit he has teerh right? Then he bites!! Im like dogs. But i dont like dogs i dont kno jumping on me in the street. i treat dogs like humans. if ur a stranger dnt touch me!

    • hollyw

      LOL @ “if ur a stranger dnt touch me!” I’m also concerned w/ dogs off a leash, and I looove dogs. I don’t like it, one, b/c it’s blatantly against the law. so these folks are openly defiant and not to be trusted. Two, no matter how trained or non-doglike a person thinks their pet is, it will still run into the street for a rat, cat, or bird. Now that’s just careless parenting!

    • Kahekili

      I don’t like when people say that either and am sure to remind the owner that all dogs bite.

  • iystisc

    yea, and putting money on the counter instead of handing it to the cashier!
    you’d be salty if they slid your change back to you.


    Growing up my parents and community placed a lot of emphasis on manners and behavior. They will say “Manners and behavior will get you far”. Unfortunately, I came to NYC and see that is not the case. A lot of rude, unethical, dishonest thugs are CEOs in corporate America. Sad state of affairs!!!

    • thejones

      I’m from NYC born and raised and frankly I hate it here so much.

  • pashunfruit

    there’s a few other things missing….not saying excusing me when 2 ppl are talking to each & just interrupting by talking. Dropping your cash at the register instead putting it in the person’s hand, talking at someone instead of talking to me….oh the list goes….I deal w/ ppl daily & I experience it everyday

    • DC’s Finest

      I agree, not putting my change or my charge card in my hand is a BIG pet peeve of mine!

      • hollyw

        I concur! It’s bad etiquette to do so in case some thief comes along and SWIPES it! B/c please believe they’ll be the first ones to claim non-liability, then I’mma have to bust up e’erything IN that piece!!

    • So So Sad

      You said it!! It seems like no one has manners anymore.

  • olivia

    People already know these are rude behaviors, they just don’t care.

    You forgot to add: Chewing with your mouth open.

    • Kels

      That drives me nuts. Trying to teach my 8 yr old son that now. My bet friend is 29 and she still smacks she eats. It’s disgusting

    • sam

      Actually, you should never chew gum in public. Especially ladies. It’s crass.

    • Nigel Johnson

      Mouth open chewing…makes my blood boil.

  • sabrina

    Too bad this is all typical NYC behavior.

    • TRUTH IS

      NYCers are a selfish, rude, obnoxious bunch….dont believe me go to penn station @ rush hr. They will push you down then say “excuse me”…wait what the word is sorry!! I can’t!!

    • Ms_Mara

      No, it’s typical RUDE behavior. I know lots of people in NYC who don’t behave that way. When you know better, you do better.

      • sabrina

        It is indeed rude behavior, but I still stand by what I said…it’s typical NYC behavior because New Yorkers are generally rude…and some just don’t care. Being born and raised here, I’ve seen some of these things done more often than not. I’m actually polite and well-mannered and thus, people never believe I’ve actually lived here all my life. (Granted, I did go out of state for school.) You, me, and those folks you know may not be rude, but we are in the minority.