Siovaughn Funches-Wade Tells Dr. Phil The Judge Who Ruled In Dwyane Wade Custody Case Wasn’t ‘A Fan of Justice’

March 13, 2013  |  

When the ex-wife of Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade is mentioned, negativity almost always follows. She’s been accused of everything from attacking her ex-husband to slashing his tires, all of which she denies. At one point, she even attempted to bring a lawsuit against Dwyane’s current girlfriend Gabrielle Union, claiming that Union is a homewrecker and a negative influence on her children. The case was eventually dismissed. After a grueling custody battle with her ex-husband,  Siovaughn Funches-Wade lost custody of her children and was only granted alternate weekend visits by the courts. In a recent interview with Dr. Phil, Funches-Wade opened up about the battle and discussed why she believes her ex-husband was given preferential treatment by the courts. Here’s some of what she had to say.

On losing the custody battle:

“Well a lot of it had to do with Mr. Wade’s celebrity and a lot of it had to do with his money. But I’ve seen the court system in a way that I’ve never seen it before. I went into that place hoping to get help for my children and I, but I found judges in the courtroom quoting statistics for Mr. Wade. They would speak about him as if they were introducing the starting lineup for a basketball game. “

“One time we were doing scheduling and we were asking when would Mr. Wade come in and testify. And she was saying, ‘Oh, I know when he’ll be in Chicago. They play the Bulls and right now they’re in Philadelphia.’ She knew all of these things and she’d say all of the time, ‘I’m a huge basketball fan.’ I was sort of hoping she’d be a fan of justice, but I found otherwise.”

On having a “volatile” and “over the top” reputation:

“Well, my ex-husband had a publicist. And as far as the records reveal, it [Wade’s publicist’s retainer fee] may have been approximately $20,000 per month. When you’re able to pay someone that amount of money a month to plant your stories… “

 On mistakes she’s made:

“I’ll say this: I’m not perfect. There’s no perfect parent. As far as being intentionally absent or intentionally harmful to my children, I won’t take that because that would be incorrect.”


Click here for footage of Siovaughn’s interview with Dr. Phil.

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  • gellie

    What people are forgetting is that SioVaughn originally HAD custody. Dwyane Wade had no intention of taking those kids from her. But she left him no choice. They were in and out of court for TWO YEARS just trying to get her to comply with the visitation agreement. And she just simply refused. Finally, the judge had enough of her blowing off court dates and the various judgements. I get it. As a woman, I get it. He hurt her, badly. But ladies, we are in a new day. Fathers are asserting their rights, and these family courts are tired of being used as vehicles of revenge. They are showing more and more willingness to give the kids to the dad if we act up and don’t comply with the judgements. As for SioVaughn, it wasn’t Dwyane’s PR people who lost her custody. It was her unwillingness to co-parent.

  • shame on you

    ‘i feel sorry for her,,,alway’s take you’r part in the down fallof a marriage gone bad…blaming other’s is never and answer but blaming others is alway’s easy…

  • amother

    If you don’t think the courts will rule according to their own personal feelings or preference, it happens. I had a child while married that was conceived during a separation and born after reconciliation at which time I disclosed the truth. It was his decision to raise and love this child as his own and also that he wanted it to remain something only between us and didn’t want it to be a subject that ever needed to be talked about again. I had no problem openly acknowledgeing the truth but aggreed with his wishes. We divorced when my son turned one. He was a very loving and good father but the problem between us were not resolved and we divorced on very good terms. Living in Hawaii, I returned home to the mainland. After two years I felt it was time to file papers for a legal divorce, at which time he told me he would protest any documented legal child support on the grounds of paternity. I accepted on the grounds that I didn’t want my son or family to go through the public humiliation in a small conservative town. After years of very little contact and my remarriage with twomore children, my husband wanted to adopt him and terminate parental rights and visitation which hadn’t been exercised for years. Toy shock he filed a protest on the day before the adoption was to be granted. when he came to court from Hawaii, the judge was so impressed, you would have thought he flew in from mars. he would ask Jim questions about Hawaii and what it was like in the middle of proceedings. it did not matter to the judge that he had not had paid support, not exercised visitation and had more or less blackmailed me to prevent having any legal obligations and that the child was not his, he sided with him and denied the adoption. so when I turned around and petitioned for child support based on his very lofty income, he relinquished his parental rights AND THE JUDGE STILL GRANTED HIM VISITATION MONTHLY AND TWO WEEKS EVERY SUMMER!! He never once exercised his awarded visitation. as a parent, nothing is more disturbing than to have the courts abuse their power when it is at your child’s expense. My father told the judge in the courtroom, if he was so impressed with Hawaii, he would buy him a ticket. I lost all faith in the court system and Dr Phil has no clue or right to assume that any claim of unfair treatment and personally biased decisions by the courts is a lie or constitutes oneust be crazy. he needs to do his homework.

  • I say give up the fight. As long as she gets to spend time with her boys and their Father is doing a good job raising them I do not understand the beef. If it is truly about the kids I think in the case of Divorce boys should be with their Father. She knew he was a basketball player when she married him, she knew he would always have more than she would that is a chance she took. We can always say as women it is because of his/her fame or money or position but I do not think in a court system that would matter when it comes to children, because there are too many Mothers out here that have children but famous people and retained primary custody. The fact that she is still crying to anyone that will listen is a prime example of women who lose custody. Thirsty. Just like in the case of Usher. Tameka is still crying too. Move on, stop crying cause you lost. Be the best Mother you can be with the hand you were dealt.

    • wveronica7

      Thirsty? I have to disagree. She should be thirsty for her children, I wish all mothers would be thirsty maybe there would be less neglect. Her family took D. Wade in when he was 16 because of his family problems. I would agree she married him as a basketball player if she had met him while he was a professional athlete but that is not their story. Their story ended with his success. Unfortunately, when some people get on they begin to act brand new. Neither on of them could handle his fame. Their story is sad and I sympathize with her. How could any mother move on, especially when they live in different states?

      • Meek

        The same way he was trying to do when she HAD CUSTODy AND STARTED PLAYING GAMES WITH HIS TIME WITH HIS BOYS. She dont care about getting her boys back because she still trying to make wade, look bad, all the while she is the one looking batshit crazy everytime he does smthing positive, here she come trying to put him down. Judges have to know where they are at n why he wasnt at court. Some of you, mostly women will feel sorry for her, but when she had the kids, I DIDNT READ NOTHING HURTFUL AND NEGATIVE BOUT HER WHEN HER GAMES OF TURNING THE BOYS AGAINST HIM. SHE SEES THE BOYS MORE THAN HE DID, SHE JUST WANT MONEY, THATS WHY ALL THE BOGUS INTERVIEWS.

  • Sit your azz down and fix those things that caused the court to rule against you and petition the court for custody again and again and again. She is bitter and not altogether for no reason. However, she took the typical baby momma/baby daddy route and got spanked because Wade has the money and prestige to hire the best lawyers in the country.

    Stop functioning off emotion and bitterness and use logic and commonsense to prevail. You need a cool head to play the game correctly you can’t pull the slashing tires and showing up cursing swearing and swinging at his job schtick with someone who has powerful people (corporate sponsors, NBA league) standing behind him willing to extend resources to ensure that their star money maker suffers as little image damage as possible.

    Wisen up, clean up your image and parlay this into a lucrative career that will afford your a better life and give you the means to fight for a joint partnership in the rearing of your children.

    • Yvette

      Say it!

  • Money talk simple as that. He doesnt listen to nothing the courts say. He was ordered to pay her 25% of his salary you thing he’s paid her this money nope. He wants to make life a living hell for her, and I dont understand why. Oh and lets not forget Mr.Fist. He has a publicist that can throw anything out there about this lady. Im glad she is speaking up. one of the judges were connected to his lawyer, and she didnt even know it.

    • wveronica7

      I agree. When it comes to your children you should not stop speaking up.

  • truth

    We all know some of the things this woman is saying is the truth. D Wade is a celebrity and we all know they get away with many things because of their status and money. It’s true. Like she said, she’s not perfect, none of us is. She has my sympathy.

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  • Yvette

    I am so tired of hearing about this. I know SioVaughn is hurt and angry that she lost custody of her sons. I have 2 children and I can’t even begin to imagine what that must feel like. I can understand that she wants to clean up the horrible image that has been painted of her. However, the ruling has been made and I just wish she would concentrate on getting herself together so that one day she CAN get better custody arrangements. SioVaughn has constantly said that the judge showed her ex-husband preferential treatment because of who he is and that his publi. That is more than likely true, but SioVaugn made it so easy for that to take place by showing her natural behind at every turn. It has been at least 2 or 3 years and she is STILL going on and on about how she was wronged. That marriage broke down because of them BOTH. At this point, it doesn’t matter who did what to who. It is high time for SioVaughn to take ownership of her part in all of this and dare I say it…….move on with her life!

    • Yvette

      **publicist is to blame**.

    • wveronica7

      I’m not a mother but I believe if I had two kids taken away from me and I felt that it was unjustly done, I would not stop either. It’s instinctive. It’s been a year since he won custody so enough time has passed for her to continue knocking on doors. He is on the road 4 days out of the week, the judge knows his work schedule, and he has a publicist, she at an unfair advantage regardless of her actions. I may not get my kids back but I will continue to fight for them that way the know I have not given up the fight

      • Yvette

        I’m not saying give up on the fight. That’s what I meant by saying she needs to get herself together. She makes her situation worse by constantly talking about it and bashing her ex, the judge and whoever else in the media. She is clearly still not over her ex and needs extensive counseling because she can not keep playing the victim here. She should just be quiet, work on herself and when the next round of court dates come up, she can show the judge a new and improved SioVaughn. I want to see this lady get the help she so obviously needs so that she can get her babies back!

      • You are saying nothing but the truth. However judge’s cannot just arbitrarily make decisions just because they are in awe of his star power. They have to follow the letter of the law and if even half of the things said about her actions and conduct are true then absolutely those kids are better off raised primarily with their nannies.

        She acted straight up ignant! Now had this been Dewayne Wade local garbage hauler, she probably would have gotten primary custody but he had people and darn good attorneys who exposed every crazy, erratic, and stupid thing she ever did and presented it to the court.

        • Yvette

          Thank you @cheekee baby. This is all I’m trying convey as well. Once she takes responsibility for her actions in this and stop making it all about D.Wade she can heal and get down to business of getting her boys back.