She’s Not Playing With You Anymore: Lil Kim Drags Wendy Williams For Talking About Her Face

March 12, 2013  |  

You know Wendy Williams. She never shies away from throwing shade at any celebrity she can. It’s all for the ratings boo. The latest celeb to come under attack is none other than the Queen B, Lil Kim.  In promotion of her Hot Topics segment, Wendy tweeted a video of her talking about Lil Kim’s dramatic transformation, through what she claims is plastic surgery. Here’s the picture. And it’s not a flattering one.

Source: Wendy Williams


Well, naturally she @ mentioned Lil Kim. And she did not appreciate it. She had this to say to Wendy in response.

Source: Twitter

This is the picture Lil Kim put up as evidence that Wendy toyed with her image for ratings. Perhaps Lil Kim has not seen the thousands of other “photoshopped” pics of her floating around the net…but I digress.

Source: Twitter

Then Lil Kim went for the jugular, exposing a bit of personal information about the talk show host.

Source: Twitter

Whoop! Messy.

Apparently, Lil Kim is not playing with Wendy anymore.

Source: Twitter

Well dang!

Though Wendy has yet to respond to Lil Kim, it’ll be interesting to see whether or not she addresses Lil Kim’s accusation on her show tomorrow. What do you think about the one-sided beef between Wendy and Kim?


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  • Elle

    The pot calling the Kettle black? I dont take anyone serious who look like Big Foot so BYE WENDY…it amazes me how she still has a talk show trying to down others and she look like that…bad weave wearing self smh Lil Kim is fed up with everywhere she turn people having something to say WHEW!! Im wore out just thinking about all the people that actually care what the next is looking like

  • ummmm…I watched that episode the other day & I specifically remember Wendy saying “I am with Kim on this one” (in reference to blogs photoshopping Kim’s image to ruin her) Kim, I love you but ur thirst is showing 🙁

  • bluekissess

    Wendy doesn’t have time to argue with plastic

  • linda

    Wendy Williams can’t talk about anybody she looks just like a man


    I guess Lil/Big Kim expected Wendy to say she looks good. World and country knows what Wendy does…this is why is is where she is.

  • you madd

    MN whats up with my deleted comment…there was not a censored word what so ever! What i was saying was, I dont believe Kim for 1 minute…those side by side pics look bogus. That What she claims is an original photo looks PHOTOSHOPPED to da Gods! SHE AINT LOOKED LIKE THAT IN YEARS!!! She looks like she dam near 30 in that photo…chile please, Show me another Pic Kim where you looked like that “unphotoshopped” picture… O OK. Do anyone else believe this….I didnt think so. So she telling us that EVERY photographer who takes a picture of her photoshops it to look like a little old chinese lady before publishing it??? So now all she wants to release are these computer generated photos of herself lookin like she DONT LOOK IN PERSON. She finally seeing she look like a fool and getting mad about it huh.

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  • I watched the show and I’m sorry but I’m on Wendy’s side on this. Wendy clearly stated that the picture was just taken at a bad angle and the picture came from someone else not Wendy. Wendy even posted a better picture of Kim from that same night to prove her point. What sense would it make for Wendy to post a bad picture of Kim only to show a better picture right next to it. If Wendy wanted to put Kim in a bad light she would have left the bad picture up and blamed it on all of that plastic surgery.

  • CoCo Lee

    Now Kim u know u look horrid… and u know Wendy Say wtf she wants…. U must felt some type of way afterwards… lmao

  • Gretchen

    Little Kim is ignorant.

  • Just saying!!

    I honestly feel bad for Kim and am tired of people talking about her appearance. I’ll be the first to admit she looks a hot mess but she’s had these procedures done a WHILE AGO and there’s NOTHING SHE CAN DO ABOUT IT. Even if she wanted to reverse it she can’t. The fact that people keep BADGERING her about it years later is to me, disgusting. I couldn’t imagine people taunting me about my image all the time. She messed up…now move on and leave her alone. …and as bad as Kim looks, I really don’t feel that Wendy should be discussing anyone’s appearance. Kim is just trying to do her own thing and I personally believe everyone should be able to feel beautiful (although I prefer people to appreciate what they already have). Now that it’s done…get over it and let her live with the decisions she has made.

    • Im tired of her FACE! Im just saying.

    • Trisha_B

      It looks like she had got a bad face job & over the years have tried to correct it w/ more & more surgery. This wasn’t no while ago, i’ll say not more than 2 years ago lol b/c it just keeps looking worse than before

  • HOW long has Big been dead? And umm.. didn’t he kinda do the same thing to Kim?She should be so ashamed of what she’s done to her body. She’s coming
    off too desperate beefin with people with anyone who mentions her
    terrible looks.Black women looking for white men??? black
    women loving white men???_______blackwhiteplanet.c0m_______ is the #1 black
    women white men dating site. No one night stand. serious relationship

  • she still looks a hot mess. photoshop or not.

  • Sagittarius81

    Photoshopped my butt! Kim, you messed your face up and Wendy has her right to voice her opinion.

  • wanda armstrong

    I feel very sorry for kim she has really messed up her face, as for Wendy well she’s jus being Wendy,

    • Hazel

      Let’s stop with the excuse that “Wendy is just being Wendy” that woman is 49 years old it’s time for her to act like an adult.

  • Perhaps Kim didn’t watch the show and is only going on hearsay, cause Wendy did show side by side ( top and bottom) pics of Kim, and Wendy was defending Kim in agreeing that those pics all over the web were indeed photo-shopped. Much ado about nothing!

    • bigdede

      Exactly. Kim didn’t watch the show. She’s making herself look stupid. Wendy showed another pic to prove that the photo was just a bad shot of Kim. Wendy was on Kim’s side. Wendy won’t address it because why should she. Kim is no relevant anymore especially with that face.

    • kierah

      Obviously silicon fillers affect the hearing because Kim didn’t catch the rest of the message. Wendy was giving her pass.

    • Hazel

      No Wendy was not defending Kim she said that photo was taken at the exact same time Kim was on the verge of a gigantic burp.

  • Kevin

    I think Wendi is going to keep her mouth closed on the subject of Kim from now on She doesn’t want the low down dirty secrets exposed.

  • KeishaB.

    Lil Kim looks horrible photoshopped or not,,,,she messed herself up

  • I don’t like either one. Lil Kim needs a new moniker. No grown a** woman needs to refer to herself as “Lil” ANYTHING! She needs to sit down somewhere. She’s ruined herself; her career is OVER!! WW won’t address the d*ck thing. She likes to drag everyone else through the mud, but gossip that pertains to her, she ignores. Dirty, gossiping b*tch!

  • boo

    Wendy wants to bumble wit the bee! Bzzzz!

  • Yay!

    Kim needs to take a page from most female MCs of her time and have a seat somewhere. She looks like a clown. She should be so ashamed of what she’s done to her body. She’s coming off too desperate beefin with people with anyone who mentions her terrible looks.

  • Wow, it got ugly. Wendy ought to stop.

    • IllyPhilly

      They been’s been ugly.

  • Eve

    HOW long has Big been dead? And umm.. didn’t he kinda do the same thing to Kim?

    • MissRealuminatti

      Right! Kim will always be known as Big’s side chick. lol

      • IllyPhilly

        She was the chick that’s behind the side chick behind his wife.

    • Dee

      LOL.. I just said the same thing and shaking my head at the same time..

  • yeppers


  • Rodriguez

    I bet she got some juicy stories about that donkey in a weave Wendy.

  • Rodriguez

    I bet Kim has so many juicy stories to tell about Wendy I hear she was a hot mess for years and so desperate for fame she would regularly get down on all fours to please any Rapper who showed her the least attention.

    • MissRealuminatti

      Who is your source? The Easter Bunny? Tooth Fairy?

      • Joyce

        Hello Mrs. Williams, I’m sure you didn’t mean to but you raised one of the most insecure, cattiest woman I have ever seen. Wendy hates herself and she hates other successful black women and I am not talking about Little Kim. Wendy will praise, compliment and endorse any other women for a job over a black woman. She seems very bitter about the long years she threw away on drugs and trying to fit into the bling lifestyle and is using her show as a means to get even. She dogged Whitney for years and now she has started in on Beyonce a woman nearly twenty years her junior. Eventually, all of this hate is going to come back around to her and when it does I would not want to be in her position.

        • MissRealuminatti

          “How you doing?”

  • Chey

    Zaaaaayyum Wendy!! Biggie got the dome though??