NeNe Leakes On Porsha Stewart’s Marriage: ‘It Appears That Kordell Is Speaking To His Daughter, Not His Wife’

March 12, 2013  |  

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After only a handful of episodes, it was very apparent that Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Porsha Stewart held the thoughts, feelings and opinions of her former NFL player hubby, Kordell Stewart in high regard. It was also quite obvious that Kordell was very protective of his wife and had no qualms with intervening on her behalf. While some took their behavior as a husband simply being his wife’s shield and confidant, others perceived the relationship to be a tad bit controlling, including some of Porsha’s co-stars. During this week’s episode, the ladies got a bit annoyed with Porsha for her refusal to go to the strip club during their Vegas trip and began hinting that Porsha was allowing her husband to control her. In her latest Bravo TV blog entry, Nene Leakes chose to expound on her thoughts regarding Porsha and Kordell’s relationship. An excerpt extracted from her post reads:

“Let me break it down to you this way — I have been to strip clubs and worked in one when I was in my early twenties. Now I have moved on too much bigger and better things! I really like Porsha, and even feel like a big sister to her. If Porsha didn’t want to go to the strip club herself, that’s fine! The message I think we all were trying to send to her was to use your own brain and let this be your decision. We’ve all been around her and heard her say things that sound like she’s being controlled. Maybe Kordell feels the need to control her, because he knows what he’s working with.

Maybe Kordell thought she would dance like a “professional dancer,”, because we’ve all seen that too. I have been in a relationship with the same man longer than any of these ladies have been in their relationships. I don’t want to judge Porsha’s relationship, because I obviously don’t live with them. I can only tell you what these eyes and ears hear and see. I watch the show just like you do, so based off everything I’ve seen and heard myself, it appears that Kordell is talking to his daughter and not his wife! Porsha can’t seem to do much without getting permission from Kordell. This is not my relationship, so if Porsha likes it, I love it, and I really don’t give a sh– what Porsha and Kordell do! I’m entitled to my opinion!

I personally view a marriage as an equal partnership. I think you should treat each other with respect, consider each other’s needs, and support one another’s dreams and goals and work together as a team. This is NeNe’s point of view, and I’m sure you have your own opinion too! Being on a television show is not the place to say “don’t judge me,” because we are all putting ourselves out there to be judged! I have stated my opinions, and none of them are facts. I will never talk to Porsha about her relationship again, but if she ever wants to talk to me, I’m here!”

While we’re on the subject of Porsha’s marriage, during this week’s episode, Kandi Burruss made a comment where she sort of mocked Porsha’s decision to sit out on the strip club outing.

“Okay, you scared your man gonna be mad because you went to the strip club or something?” Kandi said.

The newly engaged “Prayed Up” singer expressed that she found fault in the comments she made about her co-star’s marriage and offered an apology.

“Sometimes I look back at an episode and disagree with my own self about things I may have said. This episode is one of them. I felt bad as I looked back at how we were questioning Porsha about her marriage. So let me say, Porsha, I apologize. My mom always says you’re not supposed to speak about other people’s marriage unless they ask you to. Porsha did not ask me for advice, nor should she. I am not married YET, therefore I can’t say what Porsha should or should not do. I respect the fact she stood her ground,” she wrote in her most recent Bravo TV blog post.

It was very big of Kandi to come back and apologize.

Peep footage of the debate below. What do you think? Does Porsha allow Kordell to control her?

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  • scandalous7

    uhgreeeeed with Nene

  • Jud Jud

    Yes. Kordell controls her. Is he her father or her husband ? But honestly, I hope they work it out though I don’t want them to get a divorce.

  • Debbie Lynn

    I feel that these women need to stay in their lane and let Porsha and Kordell handle their marriage. As long as no one is being abused their relationship is off limits…

  • kickash

    I think the bigger problem here is that Kordell is gay yet he is married to a woman. Everybody’s been thinking it, so I’m saying it. He has queen-like tendencies.

  • Meyaka

    he probably feels he knows better than her due to the age difference, but that is no way to speak to the woman you love,i hope he rectify that behavior.

  • Herm Cain

    Nene needs to shut her mouth why do women take relationship advice from other women and in this case she doesn’t have her home together

  • bluekissess

    Kordell: “You need to handle that.”
    Porsha: “I did…”
    Kordell: “Did you hear what I just said? You need to handle that.” That put a pit in my stomach. It was a gAy rumor about Kordell years ago. Maybe he’s trying to prove something to the public. He’s only doing what she allows. I think when men talk about a “traditional marriage” is a trap to keep her around.

    • pretty1908

      I have heard of the gay rumors as well… most DL men are prominent men… and very controlling

  • TeahMonae

    I am married to a successful businessman who is kind, loving and allows me to be my own person. I don’t pay any bills (although I do have a job for my own “pocket money”) but him being the breadwinner doesn’t mean that my opinion doesn’t matter in decision making or that I have to get his permission to do anything. I may ask for his advice or point of view, “Honey, what do you think about…..” I take his feelings and thoughts into consideration before I make a major decision, “Babe, how would you feel if I……”. I think that is what the difference is, it’s normal in a relationship to ask your spouse’s advice, opinion, and point of view and to take their feelings into consideration before you do something, but to have to ask permission is a bit much in my opinion. I can not imagine having to go to my husband like a child and asking “Can I go on a trip with the girls, Will you LET me go?” I know a lot is edited in these shows but Kordell come across as disrespectful and demeaning in the way he speaks to his wife. I don’t know if its the fact that he controls the money or the fact that he is so much older than here, but he does seem to treat her like his child instead of his partner.

    • OSHH

      Some men do just want bird brain beards as a spouse, something easy to control and manipulate, because it’s all them and their image.

  • Yay!

    Maybe NeNe and the rest are not qualified to speak on Porsha’s relationship, but who doesn’t get uncomfortable watching scenes with Porsha and Kordell? NeNe is only saying what people feel. I’m not going to comment on what Porsha’s relationship should or should not be, but something in the milk ain’t clean with them and I hope Prosha and Kordell see themselves and make adjustments for the better.


      I do hope that…I mean they have both never been in front of cameras like this, so maybe the way they are coming off is harsh because they are over acting the situations/drama for TV….it just seems to me like to me they are a sweet couple minus the questionable commentary we have seen.

    • Dani

      I believe kordell doesn’t want Porsche making a fool and getting all worked over women who isn’t your friend outside the cameras. Because Porsche come off as really trying to be friends with these women. Women who are use to being the “man” in their relationship (not trying to be a hater/jerk)

  • kay

    Here is the things. Every marriage is different.I respect Porsche for not allowing the other ladies to “push” her into doing something she did not want to do. #1. No married women should ever be questioned about her marriage or her relationship by any woman. It is her affair. If she is not being abused or harmed then leave her alone. #2 For any of those women who have not been married or do not have successful marriages are on 2nd marriages or are not married past 10 years please be quiet.Just because you are older and have more “experience” does not give you the right to pour your bitter and bias and non working advice on someone else. #3. Porsche respects her husband as women should. If she knows her husband would not be pleased with her going to a strip club why is that controlling. Just like us women well normal women would not want our men going to a strip club with naked women all over them. Why cant a husband ask for the same respect. When Phaedra attacked Porsche for saying she was a Christian and not wanting to go to the strip club……Phaedra needs to have several seats. She should have supported Porshe but she knew she was wrong for going herself. I thought Porsche was a little dippy but I am proud of her for sticking to her convictions and having respect for not only her husband but herself.

    • I agree with you on the Phaedra thing. I saw that she got Really defensive when porsha made the point about being a Christian and not wanting to be in a strip club.

      • yeppers

        Phaedra does alot of QUESTIONABLE things on this show….she kind of straddles the fence on what is decent and not, and Porsha called a spade a spade. “I DONT support women objectifying themselves and being treated like trash PERIOD Im not going in there”. I stood up and clapped for Porsha, Its about time that someone stood up for what was right and didnt fall to peer pressure. Its some sort of trend now for women celebrities to go in strip clubs and let naked women dance all over them so they can “be like the guys” but why?? that aint sexy/cute to me. Im sorry ITs NOT! I agreed wholeheartedly with Porsha, I wouldnt set foot in a strip club either. Now if you would, then thats you. EVERYONE DOESNT HAVE TO ACCEPT THE SAME THINGS OR DOESNT VIEW EVERYTHING THE SAME. Nene obviously knew that was a questionable career, which is why she spoke of is as being a last resort and means to pay bills and was embarassed to tell a man she worked there. She in a better place now, so she should understand someones inclination to not accept that lifestyle.

    • bullheadedtaurus

      What is shown on television looks like Porsche is being controlled, imo. Everytime she and her husband are on screen together, I turn the channel. He overtalks her, tells her what SHE thinks, and seems to disregard her thoughts at times. I am married and absolutely take into consideration my husband’s thoughts and feelings, so I get Porsche on that, but in the end I make the decision. He does the same. I do agree that if she keeps doing what her husband want and not what she wants, she will resent him later on.

  • yeppers

    I think Porsha enjoys being kept and having the lifestyle she has…She doesnt have to work, she gets WHATEVER she wants and her man clearly LOVES her. I dont see the problem.. He aint whoopin on her, cussin her out etc. I think they came to a compromise in their relationship that Porsha was going to be this type of wife to live the life she lives and she agreed to it. I dont think its right for these women to want to shake the foundation of what they have built. If thats how yall marriages/relationships run thats fine. But Porsha/Kordell have decided they run they marriage like THIS. and she is HAPPY. Porsha only sees the freedom that the others “seem” to have and it makes her seem like she doesnt have that…but in the scenes with her and Kordell she seems like she is over the moon to me. So whatever.

    • ieshapatterson

      True,porsha has the life she wants and likes it that way.but her husband is a tad bit controlling,he should easy up a bit.but nene needs to shut up.just because she’s on a tv show,that doesn’t mean her opinion is worth anything.

      • Erica

        Nene never said her opinion was law, she said that its her opinion and everyone has one; you know like arseholes

  • Lola

    Nene is an arrogant, self-absorbed moose who needs to keep her mouth shut and stay out of other peoples business. These are supposedly grown women picking on a young woman for not going to strip club. That is utterly ridiculous and a sad commentary on the world we live in. I applaud Porsha for standing her ground and not going. The rest of those dreadful hags need to have several seats.

    • Married for Years

      It is not about the club, but how she doesn’t have an opinion. When she talks he always stop and tells her what she means. I think he is mental abusing her. My opinion also

  • pretty1908

    while NeNe shouldve minded her business, she did bring some thing to light… look at how Cordell speaks to her or to other women in general. Let’s go back to his party where he publicallly berated both porshca and cynthia for not hashing their issues out. He does seem controlling , I have noticed that from jump. And porscha, you get hand claps for respecting your husband, but don’t all prudeish because it wasn’t that long ago that you were shaking your butt in the latest video. Yes, a man/husband is the king of his castle but not the ruler over you. Nene had a good message but went about it the wrong way. I am sorry but Cordell and porscha seem like daughter and father to me.

    • ieshapatterson

      True.that whole situation with Cynthia was a Daddy,daughter moment.cordell is a bit controlling and everybody knows it.

  • Tudbee

    Much as I don’t particularly like Porsha, or any of the ladies at that, its none of their business what goes on in her marriage. She has every right to decline going to the strip club if her hubby won’t like it. None of these women are in the position to offer any marriage advice. Not Nene, Kandi or Kenya (she should be the last to talk). Only two of them are married and being married doesn’t automatically qualify them. Let someone with quality marriage speak……when or if she asks. I’m beginning to think they’re jealous of her. All of them are being very disrespectful especially Kandi and am glad she knows it now. If it works for her and she’s not complaining, they need to back the f* up.

    • hollyw

      …but at some point, it should become someone else’s business, shouldn’t it? Like, when someone’s involved in an abusive relationship? Historically, folks don’t get involved, then when the woman ends up dead, or kills her spouse, it’s already too late to speak up. I’m not saying that Porscha’s being abused currently, but I fear how much more controlling Cordell will become once she has his child. She needs perspective.

  • kelz

    I need Ne-Ne to shut up and stay out of Porsha’s marrige!! She respects her husbands wishes like a Godly wife should. But Ne-Ne wouldn’t understand that at all. Many of these women are just jealous of her blessings. I’m not saying Porsha is the brightest but she did get this right. Thanks u Porsha for respecting your husband not following the crowd!!!

    • Eggy

      Thank you!

    • kierah

      Yes, a Godly wife does respect her husband. However a Godly wife is also competent, hard-working, successful in business, is strong, honorable, and speaks wisdom. That kind of Proverbs 31 wife can be trusted to make decisions. Being a Godly wife is not solely about being submissive.

      NeNe and the rest of us can have opinions. Like she said, when you put yourself on TV, you can’t reverse and say stay out of my marriage. Your marriage is on TV! You invited us in.

      • ERICA

        as Nene would say… WOMP.. ROFL