‘Dirty Little Pig:’ Kenya Moore Has a Few Choice Words for Co-star Phaedra Parks

March 8, 2013  |  

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The competition is pretty fierce between Real Housewives of Altanta stars Phaedra Parks and Kenya Moore when it comes to their fitness DVD drama. Just yesterday we told you that Moore’s newly released workout video dwarfed the sales of Parks’s previously released videos in a matter of hours. Both ladies have attacked the credibility of one another’s videos by insulting the opposing parties physique. Kenya recently took to her Bravo TV blog to address allegations made by Phaedra that her butt isn’t real. The portion of her most recent blog post, which was humorously titled, “Dirty Little Pig” reads:

“Seeing Phaedra in her interviews throwing dirty, cruel, and disgusting below the belt jabs about me only confirmed for me and the viewers that she is a jealous, fake, evil, and most of all a hypocritical villain.”

“My body is natural. I clearly work hard for it. She hopes to affect my video sales, but people see through her conniving ways. With that said, there are unspeakable names you never call a woman! She is intent to malign me in any way she can with unfounded and disrespectful slurs. I have never called her a ho when she obviously got pregnant by a man fresh out of prison without using protection and lied about it to the world.”

“I have learned from our irretrievably broken so-called friendship that if you roll around in the mud with a little pig, all you do is get dirty and the pig loves it.”

Ouch. In my opinion, both ladies appear to be dirty-fighting mudslingers. Has Phaedra really done anything to Kenya that Kenya hasn’t done to her?  Something tells me that the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion show is going to be rather interesting.

What do you think of Kenya’s reaction to Phaedra?

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  • Im starting to like Kenya and I dont like that 🙁

  • Janae

    I just……can’t

  • Katzy

    I am still trying to figure out why Kenya feels the need to play victim all the time. Who cares what people think…especially people you don’t like…I would not give a hot damn what any of them women thought of me and I sure wouldn’t take to the media and feel the need to defend myself…girl bye…I think she should have left the prison part out and just stuck with the deception part…Phaedra and her “class” is not above saying what she needs to, to make a situation work for her…I
    Don’t know why Kenya would try and out talk a lawyer…

  • kandikane

    Kenya needs to have several seats because it’s clear to me that Kenya is the REAL hater. She took Phaedra’s idea to do a workout video then Kenya does one. That was stank to me; not to mention the fact that she flirted with Apollo brazenly in front of Phaedra.

  • StephLuv

    Phadrea started this whole mess by calling Kenya bi-polar and a alcoholic. I’m riding with Kenya on this one, Just wish Phadrea started acting more professional and enough with all the sexual en-undoes already. Your suppose to be a lawyer, right?

    • yeppers

      I will admit Phaedra gets on my nerves talking about Sex all the dang time…I think she should be the owner of Bedroom kandi and not Kandi hell she seem the most excited about it… SMH. ITs just over the top sometimes.

  • Aaliyah Noelle

    Kenya stfu!!!!!! Annoying bastard…

  • frommymouthtoyourears

    This is a other case of black women not being able to happy for one other. Why must we hate on what others are doing? Cant you do you and leave people to do themselves?

  • SheBe

    Her body is “all natural”? Maybe I was mishearing this but didn’t the doctor in the biopsy episode say there was “scar tissue” in her breast she was trying to get around? Her breasts look natural but that statement thew me off. i could be wrong.

    • Fit821

      Doesn’t mean she had plastic surgery. She could have had breast cyst removed.

  • Anonymous

    If somebody called me a hoe I would come for them as well. The gloves are off at this point and I hope Kenya isn’t the only person at the reunion who calls Phaedra out. Cynthia should too because remember the butt dial episode? C’mon folks. Stop making excuses for this huzzy. Kenya is not perfect, but NONE of those hoes are. I have heard dirt about all of them except Cynthia.

    • bigdede

      Did you not see Kenya during all the episodes at the start of the season? While they were in Anguilla, Kenya flirted with the married man who owned that house, she put her behind all up in Cynthia’s house junk and she had the NERVE to ask Phaedra who she would give her husband to for a birthday present! She flirted with Apollo like crazy. Apparently she forgot that we saw all that. I’m surprised Phaedra even continued to speak to Kenya after the way Kenya behaved toward Apollo.

      • Babydoll 70

        I think Kenya is just inappropriate, intentional or not, I’m not sure but I truly believe it stems from unresolved childhood issues.

  • Cookie

    I dont like this hussy. I dont care how many videos she sold. That does not negate the fact that she went after someones husband, and when that hooka move didnt work, she tried being vicious to that woman. All she saw was dollar signs and quality time with that womans husband, and did not realize that that woman was onto her game and handled her has been a s s. She is phony, catty, and nasty…Now she is trying to talk mess about who this woman got pregnant by? Her HUSBAND. It all goes back to her being jealous of Phaedra. Why is she mentioning Phaedras pregnancy or Phaedras marriage anyway..Wasnt this suppose to be about competing videos?

  • YES gAWD

    Wait a minute….isnt the man Phaedra got pregnant by WHETHER HE WAS OUT OF PRISON OR NOT….HER HUSBAND NOW??? Kenya Where is your Husband?? You up here trying to trap walter who didnt even want to marry you or have your child and he aint never been to prison. IS she trying to say Phaedra shouldnt have married or had a family with apollo because he was out of prison?? Wow….I really cant see what that statement had to do with anything they were fighting about, Kenya always out of left field with her insults i stay with this face O_o …whenever she call herself mad in them confessionals….chile bye. How do that make Phaedra a hoe…. her and apollo were apparently carrying on a relationship while he was in and once he got out…I dont see nothing wrong with that.

    • Anonymous

      Phaedra only married Apollo so he couldn’t testify against her behind because they were involved in a LOT of criminal activity. Get your facts straight.

      • YES gAWD

        Im not concerned with Why Phaedra Married apollo, I aint livin in they house. All I know is they are MARRIED, STILL MARRIED, AND NOW HAVING 2 KIDS. They are a family and the details of them getting together are none of your business as well as mine. So Kenya calling her a Ho for that was ignorant and out of line since they relationship in his prison days what none of her business either. I DONT NEED TO GET ANY FACTS STRAIGHT. Kenya need to stay out of the dam business of other people relationships when she cant get one of her own together.

        • Babydoll 70

          But yet you’re in Kenya’s business, right?

          • yes GAWD

            Kenya and Phaedra BOTH are on a reality television show…KENYA is obviously chronicling her SEARCH FOR LOVE on said REALITY SHOW. Phaedra has never shared with you the details of meeting and marrying Apollo NOR ANY CRIMINAL ACTIVITY SO THIS IS CLEARLY HEARSAY BY ANONYMOUS, so why are you or Anonymous concerned with her details that none of us know are TRUE?? Ill wait….

      • Cookie

        And you KNOW this how? Just asking…Because this is not an opinion, you are stating this as fact.

  • voiceofreason

    I can not stand Kenya! She is a complete Skank!

    • yeppers

      Right!!! Apollo aint good enough to have a Baby/family by according to Kenya but her skank behind was sure ALL UP ON this Ex CON when they was in Anguilla asking Phaedra could they have some fun, but now Phaedra a hoe for being with him….O Ok Kenya, do she read these blogs entries before she post them, apparently not….SMH.