Twirl What Ya Mama Gave Ya: 15 Reasons Why It’s Cool To Embrace Your Natural Curls

April 1, 2013 ‐ By Kelly Franklin


Source: AP

Source: AP

Sistahs who rock naturals are just as easy, breezy, and beautiful as the models on CoverGirl commercials. Why, you may ask? It’s because they realized the beauty of the hair that sprouts from their scalp. Strands that for no reason have been persecuted by chemical relaxers, whipping them into straight submission. No more! Tresses are breaking the cycle of chains, free to be kinky, curly, plain-ol’-me coils. Listen in on some reasons to rock your natural and free yourself once and for all.

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  • Sharon

    there may have be (15) reasons to “twirl what your mama gave ya” but there appears to be only (1) mama. and she is light-skinned with curly hair. I feel betrayed by a misrepresented title. pardon my naiveté.


  • Rochelle89

    I have to say, I had a few issues with this article. The assumptions about women who are not natural and how they feel about themselves bothers me. I love being natural and have been for 12 years and no that I will never put another relaxer or texturizer in my hair. But I don’t assume that the relaxed woman next to me has issues with who she is, physically, culturally, psychologically, socially, or emotionally. And the whole getting in touch with your roots? Please, black slaves were using lye and potato skin mixtures to straighten and dye their hair. The reasons, of course, were rooted in things and lifestyles that we, today, do not have to deal with and can never truely appreciate because they are not apart of our lives, but the fact of the matter is, those are “our” roots as well. Natural or straight, do you, Boo!v

  • MacingFacing

    Her hair is beautiful and course. I wish my hair was heavy. My can be soft as cotton and hard to control, but all and all I still love rocking my hair. The only time I go “Western” is when I need a wash and set. Support the black beauty. The best beauty.

  • CriticXtreme

    Here is the number one reason to be natural with no fake hair is this – the Koreans who sold you this ish are filthy rich while you look like a fool!

  • chanela

    hell, i wish i DID have the “curly” hair that the people in these pictures have. i only have “curls” when i get out the shower.i’d embrace my hair too if my hair was in loose curls.

  • Natasha T

    I went natural 10 years ago after 7 years of the creamy crack and my family is still on my case about my big hair which is past my shoulders now, I tell them hey, my hair, my scalp, my choice, go b*tch about more important things like the rampant gang violence going on here in Chicago. My hair grows faster, not afraid to get water in it or break a sweat when I go to the gym and my husband loves playing with it. At first he was against my decision to do the BC but seeing me in my natural beauty, he told me I better not put that creamy crack in my hair again, my natural hair is swexyier!

  • Dal Whitmore

    The cover image is quite possibly the coolets/most chic natural style I have seen to date, luv!

  • maggie

    Now if we can teach black man and boys to actually be attracted to naturals as well. Not just ‘appreciate’ it.

  • rzakia

    I would give almost anything to have my hair styled like that lady on the opening slide. I LOVE that style I just can’t get my hair to cooperate.

  • Kellz

    Currently im natural and when i wear weave im natural underneath. Anywho it kills me how people claim your not true to yourself if you have a weave, despite how healthy your hair may be. Which is what really matters. I like being natural but i hate how (most) natural people judge others for their hair

    • Thisis me

      Thank you. It’s about having HEALTHY hair

    • Thanl for that statement!I’ve been saying that for years.

  • johnaya

    I loved this article….ive been natural for close to three years but ive always wore a weave to hide it. I recently took the weave out because i felt my hair wasnt getting the care it needed under the sew ins. The strange thing is ive never been more in love with my hair. Its literally an adventure everyday getting to know my hair and figuring out different styles and what my hair likes and dislikes. A plus for me is def washing my hair however many times a week i want to being that natural hair loves water….No hate for the women that still choose to relax. Thats a personal choice but the fact of the matter is i would never touch another relaxer for as long as i live.