Where Are They Now? The Former Harlem Shaking, Diddy Boppin’ 10 Obscure Faces Of Bad Boy (We Found ‘Em!)

March 8, 2013  |  
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Well, make that most of them at least. Not too long ago we did a slideshow about Bad Boy artists under Diddy who were dope, but whose talents couldn’t fully flourish with him. Listening to some Bad Boy classics earlier, we were moved to try and figure out what the hell happened to some of these artists, more specifically, the ones who fell off the face of the earth. We know where Shyne is (NOT in the U.S., but talking crap about everybody who is), we know what Mase is doing, we know Carl Thomas is back on the road, we know Dawn Richard is making it, and Faith Evans got away from Puff just in time. But hey, where’s Black Rob? Loon? The ladies from Total? We have a clue. Take a peek and be ready to click!

G. Dep

It’s been a long time since we saw kids REALLY Harlem Shaking in this guy’s video for the song “Let’s Get It” in 2001, and since then, things have been pretty tough for Trevell Coleman, better known as G. Dep. After meeting Diddy (Puffy back then) in ’98, getting signed and having success with his album, Child of the Ghetto, it didn’t move B.I.G. or Mase numbers, and Coleman was dropped. He went on to make an independent album with former Bad Boy artist Loon in 2007, suffered with PCP addiction, and soon enough found himself in trouble with the law. In 2010, Coleman made the huge step of turning himself in for a murder he committed in ’93 while trying to pull off a robbery. He was recently sentenced to second-degree murder and sentenced to 15 years in prison. Daaaaamn.

Black Rob

Blowing up literally around the same time as G. Dep, Black Rob’s song “Whoa” is still a must-sing-that-chorus jam in the club. Since releasing the critically acclaimed album Life Story and then struggling to stay relevant in 2005 with The Black Rob Report, he also found himself in legal trouble. Black Rob, or Robert Ross, wound up going to jail from 2006 to 2010 after attempting to fight grand larceny charges. He was released in 2010 and wound up parting from Bad Boy, but got back to music by releasing the album Game Tested, Streets Approved in 2011. He recently announced that in 2013 he wants to do a Life Story 2.

Craig Mack

Now Craig Mack, he’s a bit more elusive. Mack’s best years in the industry were in the mid-90s, and honestly, his biggest hit, “Flava in Ya Ear” (or better yet, the remix) was huge because of all the guest appearances. When his debut album, Project: Funk Da World didn’t sell as planned, there was no sophomore effort under Bad Boy, Puff was basically done with him. By ’97 he tried to drop Operation: Get Down with another label, which flopped, and he’s been in hiding for the most part ever since. Word on the street though is that he resides in South Carolina, and no, I can’t confirm or deny if the man is or was involved in some form of cult (which was a big rumor recently for some reason…). This is what dude looked like a few years back…


Loon, or Chauncey Hawkins…or, now Amir Muhadith, was hot in the early new Millennium thanks to hopping on one of Diddy’s biggest hits: “I Need A Girl Pt. 1.” He tried to capitalize on the notoriety he received off of that feature (and his good looks) and released Loon in 2003, which basically went nooooowhere. He “parted ways” with Bad Boy and tried to release two more albums on two different record labels that didn’t make waves. So when that didn’t make work out, Hawkins converted to Islam, changed his name, ended his career in rap and tried to change his life. But unfortunately for him, a past crime he may have committed (drug trafficking) got him arrested and he wound up in Belgian prison for a while. Last time we checked, he was awaiting extradition to the US for those charges, and only his lawyers have really been able to get in touch with him…hope you’re doing okay, man!

Keisha & Omar Courtesy of Apega/WENN.com


They weren’t an SWV or anything like that in the vocal department, but Total, that is, Kima, Keisha and Pam (or in the order above, Keisha, Pam and Kima), had jams for days. They had a good run making said jams under Puff and Bad Boy, including the albums, Total and Kima, Keisha, and Pam in ’96 and ’98, but by the late ’90s, things were slowing down for the girls and the group split in 2001. Kima and Keisha went on to marry and start families, but Pam says that the ladies are back in the studio from time to time trying to recreate magic. In the meantime though, she seems to be the only one out here doing solo work. If they can get it together and get back to making music–cool. But if not, hey, it was fun while it lasted!

Ken McCoy / WENN

Yung Joc

Joc!? What happened??? “It’s Goin Down”? “Buy You a Drank” with T-Pain? “I Know You See It”? He had a few heavy hits, but things slowed down dramatically by his second album, Hustlenomics. Before we knew it, he faded in the background with many other rappers and even found himself in the midst of a lawsuit with Bad Boy due to some “contractual discrepancies” he didn’t feel Diddy was trying to figure out. In the end, he’s still rapping and doing events, but his star is definitely not as bright as it used to be…and his face is a little fuller am I right?


Donnie Klang

Out of all the people from the whole Making The Band shabang, I felt pretty bad for Donnie Klang. On the show, even though Diddy felt his talent was so much so that he could receive a solo contract, he could barely get Diddy’s attention after the fact, let alone some serious time in the studio. He went on to release the album Just A Rolling Stone in 2008, which did…aight, but when it didn’t do aight enough, he split with Bad Boy by 2010. He’s signed with independent labels since then, and even tried to start his own, releasing mixtapes to keep his name out there. But let’s be honest, we all know the struggle is real post-Bad Boy.

Kalenna Harper

While Dawn Richard has hustled especially hard since Diddy Dirty Money collapsed and found some success with her music released via independent efforts and still managing to move units, her former sista girl from the group, Kalenna Harper, has been a little bit more MIA. The singer, who has some dope pipes, continued her writing expertise, penning a joint for Christina Aguilera on her Bionic album, and then tried to find shine on her own as a solo artist. She released a mixtape last February with the single “Go To Work” and it had some buzz, but we’re definitely waiting to see what else Harper has to offer musically.

Slim From 112

Who didn’t have a crush on at least one member of 112? And way back when, for me, I was loving me some Slim. Maybe it was the whiny voice, but whatever it was, I was a huge fan. Unfortunately, Slim decided to go the solo route, and 112 broke up in the mid 2000s, allegedly because SOMEBODY within the group was on some thievery stuff. He had some success with his solo effort, 2008’s Love’s Crazy. But he’s not stopping. He’s released a mixtape called Cruising The City Mixtape Vol.1 and he’s in the studio hoping to release a new album soon enough.

*Update: Good news folks! 112 is back together (the four original members) and they’re currently touring, selling out dates, and they even have shows with Jagged Edge. While I’m not sure if this will equate to new music or if they’re just touring for the sake of making that money, it’s nice to know things are okay with them again…for now at least.

Johnny Louis/WENN.com

Qwanell Mosley from Day 26

While I felt kind of sad for Donnie Klang in Making The Band 4, Mosley was probably the person in the house who annoyed me the most. He made the show somewhat entertaining because every week he was arguing or trying to fight somebody, or he was licking all up on Dawn Richard’s face as the two were an item back then (2008). But Que has had to deal with a few break ups since the show ended. He was asked to leave Day 26 (that group is no longer with Bad Boy by the way), and after cheating on Richard, the couple broke up as well. But that hasn’t stopped Que. He’s released two mixtapes, has signed with a new record label, and will release a new album in 2013. He’s like the K. Michelle of the male R&B game, and just like her, he’s getting a second shot! And he looks pretty healthy (aka, meaty) these days too!

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  • MsNisha

    I never have understood why black people talk $hit about Diddy. A record company – or any business for that matter – is in the business of making money. Why the hell would I keep investing money into a person who isn’t going to pan out any returns!!! That’s like investing in Enron stock or Paris Hilton’s music career – for WHAT!!?!?!? Diddy is a business man and at the end of the day if it don’t work out it’s up to those artists to make sure they have squared their business away and ensured that the contracts are up to par. My issue has always been why don’t people talk greasy about Missy – because nobody who was ever on her record label did anything, or DTP (Ludacris) label, or any other label (J. Records, Epic, etc.) when they drop talented people for lackluster sales. This isn’t anything new and it seems unfair for Diddy to always take the hit! Especially when some of this falling off is the artists’ doing too!!

  • tonia

    G dep looks like an octopus

  • slim had a solo album? glad I never heard it. his voice was nauseating. only put up with him because 112’s music was awesome. some people just aren’t solo artists. diddy sells dreams to the desperate, yet talented naïve artists. he’s a shameless self promoting narcissist who got rich of the talent of others. he’s no better than don king, clive davis, jimmy iovine, dr dre…etc. KMA

  • Nigel Johnson

    Real talk. What would have happened to Biggy, had he stayed alive and under bad boy?

  • dee

    dang surpised about loon. LOVE LOVE LOVE me some 112. Oh i miss them! would like to know what happened to cheri dennis

  • Ladydi82

    Bossip you forgot Babs bunny from “making the band” she host QOTR. Babs is definitely doing her thing. there is life and success after bad boy they just have to work harder than other artists because diddy ain’t spit.

  • Nick

    2013 and still listening to 112.

  • Trouble

    It’s about making that paper and I get it from Diddy’s point of view and I see how he is able to get that paper off these artists cause they are not that smart or talented. I was able to see G-dep perform at a hotel party..a hotel party when I graduated from high school in 2001 and all I could think of was homeboy is on drugs or was just some random guy he pick up and dust off from the streets. Pam is know in New Jersey and is known around my neighborhood, she likes to stay low key. Diddy is a manipulator, if anyone is serious about their business Diddy is not the guy to help.

  • R!-Goddamn-Diculous

    everyone on diddy’s label ended up dropping him……..enough said…….

  • WhoMe

    What about carl thomas, cheri dennis, dream, b5 (lmfao), that white dude that rapped on dream’s single “this is me”? Puffy is a CROOK!!!

  • LaylaAjmine

    Killing careers combs

  • G’Dyss

    forgot about his pop girl-band effort with Dream

  • cellyb2000

    With a face like Craig Mack, how is it possible to be so elusive?

  • Greeneyez0712

    P Diddy, Puff Daddy, Sean John, Sean Puffy Combs kills Careers!!! Why do ppl keep signing with this dude?!?!? New Edition too Dang!!!

  • Donnie Klang is looking good!!!!!! YUM!

  • kierah

    Bad Boy was the soundtrack to my college years. Even then I knew, (with the exception of Biggie) I wasn’t listening to the finest voices of our time. It was fun party music. The label had a solid 5 year run, but the talent really wasn’t there.

  • Nikkita Michelle

    Diddy is making so much money with his Sean John brand that music is only a hobby to him now. If you’re trying to be a serious artist you need someone who wants to work with you and for you, not be some after thought hobby. Artists of the world, RUN FROM BAD BOY!!

  • Can’t believe you didn’t add Cheri Dennis. :/

    • Yes, she was the bomb! I loved her song “So Complete”

      • Her album wash hot. “Waiting” was my jam. So Complete was great too!

  • When Faith left, I was through with Bad Boy… but I can’t even deny that during their hey day, Diddy gave us some of the best music of the 90s!!

  • bigdede

    If you didn’t make him money or make sure his face was in the press 24/7, he dumped you. Sad. Too bad he wasn’t like Russell Simmons and actually cared about hip hop otherwise Bad Boy could be a huge hip hop label right now. Instead all it does is sell Biggie greatest hits songs every year

  • clove8canela

    I am still mourning the loss of 112. I loved every single album they released. 🙁

    • BAPS

      112 is opening for TGT – Tyrese, Ginuwine, Tank for a few shows

  • Marguerite

    Diddy is quite self centered, but I think he would be even richer had he actually properly supervised these peoples’ careers. Most of them were extremely talented.

  • Lulu012

    Puff sold his soul man…

  • CoCo Lee

    Lol Craig Mack does live in SC… Saw him at the corner store the other day wearing sum shorts with chick flip flops and dem ashy Behind feet… oh the struggle… Dang u Diddy lmaooo

  • Aaliyah Noelle

    People should know not to sign to Bad Boy if you want stability…
    Puff forgets his artists when ish isnt going well.

  • forgot abt poor donnie..

    • Chey