A Distraught Kim Kardashian Reportedly Rushed To The Hospital Following Miscarriage Scare

March 7, 2013  |  

Source: WENN

Kim Kardashian doesn’t appear to have missed a beat since it was announced that she is expecting her first child with rapper boyfriend, Kanye West and for a moment, the 32-year-old reality star believed  that her overly ambitious ways had finally caught up to her.

A source revealed to the New York Post that Kim was rushed to a Los Angeles hospital on Tuesday night because she feared that she was suffering a miscarriage. The way the story is being told, the Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor star began feeling sick on a flight back from Paris, where she made a few appearances for Paris Fashion Week.

“Kim started feeling ill on the plane from Paris, and called friends as soon as she landed. She was rushed to her doctor Tuesday night in tears. She thought she was having a miscarriage,” the insider told the Post.

She is said to have been sent home a little after midnight, once doctors assured her that both she and the baby were okay. Doctors also reportedly gave Kim a warning that there may be consequences to pay if she doesn’t slow down.

“Kim’s not respecting her pregnancy. She’s running around, working out seven days a week. She’s working with two different trainers to control her weight, including Tracy Anderson and a pregnancy trainer,” the informant revealed.

The source also claimed that the manner in which the public continues to scrutinize Kim’s pregnant figure is having a major impact on her.

“She’s scared that her a** is as big as a couch and is going south. But she is having a very rough pregnancy, and doctors have ordered her to slow down.”

While Kim hasn’t confirmed whether or not the incident actually occurred, her sister Khloe did address the scare on her blog.

“A lot of you have expressed concern in the recent hours about Kim, and I just wanted to let you all know that mommy and baby are doing fine and just taking it easy right now. Thank you so much to all of our wonderful fans and loved ones for your concern and support. We love you!”

With 5 months left in her pregnancy, Kim may want to take it easy.

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  • Yah

    She looks like an angry whale.

  • L-Boogie

    I hope she is okay. Get better, Kimmy and baby.

  • I wonder how pregnancy works out for a person who’s so shallow and vain. Does she not realize weight gain comes with the package? She’s more worried about her appearance rather than her health and that of her unborn child. smh

  • sammi_lu

    She is not going to carry that baby weight well..the biggest mistake a lot of women make with weight gain is not changing the way they dress, she is one of them. If she is so concerned about her weight and people’s opinions then stop trying to squeeze into tight clothes that are no longer flattering.

    • pretty1908

      exactly a loose fitting blouse or dress can still be chic and posh….i hate society is so sexed up

  • pretty1908

    Pregnancy should be a time of relaxtion and preparation for the little one. I am with the other readers, what’s wrong with light workouts( walking, gym bike, or light jogging) ? Don’t get me wrong , I don’t want to blow up either, but at some she needs to accept the fat that she is pregnant and let nature do its work. I am old school when it comes to pregnancy… tight clothing and heels are no- no- , maybe a wedge shoe for special occasions. kim wants to be known for being and curvy and in shape, but when you buy curves they don’t sustain weight gain or lost

  • NG

    why can’t Kim just slow down, for goodness sake!!! she is a millionaire she owns her own business so what’s driving her to be a workaholic even when she is pregnant?! sometimes no matter how you try you can’t have it both ways and you can’t change anything!

  • scandalous7

    kim! literally sit down damn. Your “work” (if thats what you call it) is not more important than that life your carrying. Get your priorities straight.

  • bluekissess

    I am so sick of this heffa and her crazy BD. It’s a handful of people who don’t like her. Why is this site pushing Kim Hoedashian down our throats. She isn’t the first to get pregnant.

  • FromUR2UB


  • TK

    I bet she was afraid she’d lose Kanye’s money-I mean baby…Here is a thought, stay your azz at home and take it easy like most women who have their first baby. It’s good to keep up with that every you were generally doing before but you can’t throw anything extra in the mix or you risk losing the baby. I wish her the best but she is absolutely do the freaking most! Ugh!

  • Thaygirl2003

    She was “rushed to her doctorl” because she was “feeling sick?” Umm…isn’t she in her first trimester? Dramatic maybe? Gtfohwtbs

  • Sagittarius81

    When I was pregnant with my daughter 6 years ago and I did yoga, walking 1 mile and gained only 30 pounds of baby weight. All Kim has to do is watch what she eats and after the baby is born, breastfeeding helps a lot. Just take care of yourself and your unborn baby.

  • Guest360

    I don’t like Kim but I wish her and her baby the best. I’m never one to wish bad things on people, even if I don’t like them. I’m all for being healthy but when you’re working with TWO trainers during your pregnancy, maybe you need to chill out for awhile. You’re pregnant. Weight gain is to be expected. No sense in trying to stop it, especially at the bequest of a few random strangers. Go home. Relax. And for heavens sake stay away from media/media attention. It’ll be better for the baby/for you (and everyone sick of seeing you) at the end of the day.

  • Reese

    I can understand wanting to stay in shape while pregnant I went to the gym a couple of times a week while I was pregnant but I just did light stuff. But Kim K’s vain self is taking it to a whole ‘nother level. Your baby should be your number one priority during your pregnancy not your outward physical appearance.

    • Rosetta’s Stoned

      Thank You. I thought I was the only person who noticed this as well.

  • Yvette

    Kim needs to understand that weight gain is gonna happen during pregnancy. It is normal. She also needs to understand that when you are pregnant that means you MUST take care of yourself and the unborn baby. Flying to Paris for fashion week is not a priority. It’s not like she was walking the runway, she was there for nothing more than to be seen. I am glad that her baby is fine and hope she listens to her doctors and have several seats and take it easy, but we know how that family gets down. This will become the top story of the day and Kim’s pimp oops I mean mother will milk the hell out this scare. I wish Kim nothing but the best and hopefully we won’t see her for a while.

    • bigdede

      That weight gain is really getting to her. I don’t think she was having a miscarriage scare, I think mentally she wish this pregnancy would go away because of all the weight she’s going to gain. Look at her frame, you can tell she will get huge. That butt won’t be how it use to be and that’s where her money comes from.

  • TallMichelle

    When her pregnancy first was announced, someone on a post I read believed she was in fact not pregnant and that Kim was gonna conjure up a miscarriage to make women more sympathetic & identify with her so she could shake that “video” past of hers. I thought it was crazy at the time, now I’m perplexed…

  • kierah

    There is no fear like the fear of losing a child. I hope Kim and her baby are doing better. We have seen so many pics of Kim while pregnant and I really can’t recall seeing a water bottle in any of them. My water bottle was a constant companion.

  • Jolene

    Stop with the KK press. I”m sick of hearing about her.

  • Sunny

    “Working”? Okay. One of the many reasons I cannot stand that family is their insistence that they work so hard. Allowing cameras to follow you around while you act like an idiot is not work. And maybe I’m cynical, but I think this is just a ploy to try to get the media sympathy she didn’t get when she claimed that she had fertility issues and thought she couldn’t even get pregnant. Whatever, Kim. Your being on bed rest is great news for me as I hope that will keep your name, mug, and ridiculous clothes off of every dang blog–especially the Black ones–for at least a little while.

    • Yvette

      Me too, but you know we will hear about this “scare” for many many weeks to come just like that sham of marriage and subsequent breakup/divorce of hers.


    I havent fully reguritated the last kim story as yet….gimme a break…any press is good press I guess