‘At Least I’m The Same Race As Chilli!” Keke Palmer Is Still Shaking Off TLC Biopic Hate

March 7, 2013  |  
Source: WENN

From EurWeb

Keke Palmer is gearing up to portray Rozanda “Chilli” Thomas in the VH1 TLC biopic.

Many fans of the famous girl group were not happy with the director’s decision to cast KeKe and they let her know it on twitter, facebook and several blogs.

EURweb associate Cherise “CNikky” Nicole (CNikky), spoke to KeKe about the role and the controversy that came along with it, during the 2013 Essence Black Women In Hollywood Luncheon. KeKe was very open to expressing her feelings and give us the scoop on filming the biopic.

See what she had to say on EurWeb.com.

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  • Treacle234

    weren’t people complaining about the light skinned lady playing Nina Simone or something. Keke ignore those people and just do the role justice.

  • Babydoll 70

    I’m glad I’m not a part of the Twitter foolishness. I think Keke will do excellent in the role of Chilli.

  • pretty1908

    Be quiet little girl ! Don’t mess up any opportunties catering to your ego and responding to negativities. Gosh, I miss the days when actors and musician were cordial, well spoken, and used a filter when speaking on public issues. Just play the part and we will see the results…do your job and hush

  • I think the greatest biopic casting I’ve ever seen was for The Temptations… ALL of those guys looked like who they were playing, and they all did a wonderful job! But seriously, like someone else mentioned, Angela Bassett SLAYED that Tina Turner role, and Laurence Fishburne played Ike so well, I hated him for a while after seeing that movie. And he looked NOTHING like Ike, who was dark skin while he was a lighter complexion. Denzel played Malcolm X, and the only similarities they had was Denzel’s red hair that was dyed for the movie, but he still did a phenomenal job. If the actor can embody the person they’re portraying, then looks shouldn’t be an issue. Period point blank.

  • Dichu eba realy lub mehSteebie

    I wish people would just give the girl a chance. Even if she does overact. Im more for her playing Chili than I am for Zoe Saldana playing one of my hero’s, Nina Simone

  • zina

    Sounds like KeKe is throwing shade on Zoe with that comment. If she isn’t feeling the backlash, maybe she shouldn’t be bringing up a Latin American playing Nina Simone. On another note, I’m not feeling KeKe, Drew, or especially Lil Mama in the roles but I ain’t writing any letters. Just think they are all bad choices and yes I have a right to my onions. Hopefully they can change my mind.

    • zina


    • Dichu eba realy lub mehSteebie

      Im glad she did throw shade at that foolishness. Zoe definitely shouldn’t be playing Nina Simone

      • Yah

        please. zoe can play any Black woman she wants, sine she’s Black.

        • Dichu eba realy lub mehSteebie

          Yep. All you have to have is a drop of black in you to be considered for a “black role” even if the person they are portraying is black as night and completely opposite to their skin tone. So ya, I guess she’ll do

  • adanie12

    Why do we always have to pick apart our own people?! Its stupid. Just let them do the movie and judge them based on the performances. Does anyone remember that Angela Basset played Tina Turner??? Hello…Tina is super high yellow and Angela Basset has darker colored skin, but she NAILED Tina because she embodied her. Can we PLEASE stop harrassing our OWN people about EVERYTHING?!?! Especially other BLACK WOMEN. Nobody else gives a damn about us, so can we just be supportive? We blow everything, and I do mean everything, having to do with us, out of porportion. If you do like the look of the actesses, just say you don’t like who they chose, but you still hope they kill the performance. It doesn’t need to be a “Black Community Debate.”

    • adanie12


    • Dichu eba realy lub mehSteebie


    • NG

      you are dead right on this! It baffles me why we as black people have to continuously bring ourselves down, no unity and support! damn shame!

    • Yah

      Tina Turner is super high yellow?????? Really???? Ummmm..OK.

  • Forget about the haters and just do you

  • keeptit100

    First of all Keke needs to stop responding to haters and focus on making the damn movie.. at first I was OK with keke playing chilli but she seems like she’s letting the negative comments get to her

  • Beejcee

    KeKe is going to have to slim down considerably. Not that she is fat but she is much bigger than Chilli, height and weight, she can’t shrink but she can slim down. Before I get slammed, actors lose or gain weight or even muscle up (Angela Bassett/Tina Turner) all of the time.

    • Dichu eba realy lub mehSteebie

      I actually thought there body proportions were very similar

  • jjac401

    Well, KeKe is the same race if she means the human race. But Chili is a mixed-race woman of African American and Eastern Indian descent.

    • Yah

      Chili is not part East Indian. Her dad is Black with a muslim name. i saw the show where she finally met her dad – i think it was on Jennie Jones, you can see it on youtube.

      • Krys

        Yah, you are wrong. I did see previously and no her father is not black! He is Arab/Indian of darker complexion

  • FAMURattler85

    Drew Sidora as T Boz???? Ooookayyy. Should be interesting to see how they make that work.