The Hunger Games: Celebs Who Went From Star Status To Starving Artist

March 8, 2013  |  
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The rise to fame is exhilarating. Stars are bombarded by fans, photographed by paparazzi, and suited and booted to be red-carpet ready, which all come with the territory of being a celeb. And so does the millions of dollars rolling in for starring in a new blockbuster film or creating a sultry new song. But it’s maintaining fame that proves to be quite difficult for some stars. Ironically, many wash-uped celebrities find their way to quirky reality TV shows that exploit them just to make a quick buck. To you we say, give it a rest. Embrace your has-been, or in some cases, never-should-have-been status. These are the people we’re talking to.

Arsenio Hall is known for his roles in Coming to America and Harlem Nights, but he also had a talk show  that was axed in 1994 after five years. Arsenio made a recent cameo appearance on the Dave Chappell show in March 2004, but he also recently filed for bankruptcy, listing $765 in assets and debts in excess of $190,000. That joker-grin and signature finger-wagging can only get you so far.

Songbird Toni Braxton earned a grammy for her song “Unbreak My Heart,” but she had the misfortune of filing for bankruptcy twice — once in 1998 and again in the year 2012. Per Braxton’s rep, she will continue to perform despite being in financial ruin, charging between $150 and $250 thousand per gig. If only Braxton could get her pocketbook together, because sister-girl has pipes.

Kevin Federline made his claim to fame through former wife, Britney Spears. As her former back-up dancer, he pop-locked his way into her heart. He has added actor, rapper and fashion model to his list of accomplishments, earning the high price of $300,000 per performance. Now that his relationship with Britney has come to an end, so has his career.

Bobby Brown’s prerogative caused him to lead a crazy life of drugs and alcohol. Brown has had more than his fair share of run-ins with the police too. Known for his fly moves and 1980’s swag, he was recently arrested for driving under the influence. Brown had all the ladies swooning at one time. Now he’s just a hot, ashy mess viewers cluck their tongue at and shake their heads.

Lindsay Lohan needs to bring a sleeping bag to the courthouse she’s there so much. Lohan grew up on TV as the freckle-faced, red-head with a raspy voice. She starred on Another World, followed by a string of Disney films. Lohan grew up too fast though, and a life of partying and drinking has hit the celeb full on in the face and wallet, leaving other celebs like Charlie Sheen to pick up her bills.

Tara Reid’s presence on the big screen includes American Pie and the TV series Scrubs. But the celeb will always be known for her dress malfunction, falling to reveal her left breast at P. Diddy’s 35th birthday party, and Paparazzi relentlessly capturing her in a drunken state.

Kate Gosslelin made her claim to fame with her hit reality series, Jon and Kate Plus 8. The show chronicled the day to day hectic life of a super-huge family. All was good until Kate’s marriage dissolved, and along with it, eventually, the show. Recently, she appeared on Celebrity Wife Swap. Tsk. Tsk. Still trying to make a come back – give it a rest and focus on family now.

As the ever-annoying nerd with huge glasses, pants hiked up to his neck, and signature suspenders, Jaleel White wowed viewers with his knee-slapping funny one-liners. He was the hit of the 1990’s series, Family Matters. And as an adult, White has acted in a handful of movies, but none too significant to recollect. Unfortunately, he’s been typecast as Urkel and it seems he will always be that brainiac dweeb.

Robin Givens is most famous for her rocky relationship with Mike Tyson, her role in Head of the Class, and posing for playboy. As of late, she’s been focused on her Christianity, penning a book on her faith. And though she recently landed a small part in Tyler Perry’s “A Family That Preys,” not many are checking for her in the spotlight these days. But that might not be a bad thing considering her beginnig days in the industry alongside Mike Tyson.


Todd Bridges is best known for his big brother role in A Different Strokes. He was pulled into a life of drugs and crime and was no stranger to jail. He has since shook those demons, and has appeared on a couple of reality TV shows such as Fear Factor and Skating with the Stars. He also books public speaking appearances, teaching kids about the dangers of drugs.


It was all about fly hammer pants and super fast flying feet when M.C. Hammer came out. His iconic pop rapping style landed him many record deals. Unfortunately, he spent up all his money, winding up totally broke. He filed for bankruptcy in 1996 and appeared on “The Surreal Life” in 2003. Now, Hammer is a self-professed techie, working on a new search engine called WireDoo.

Flava Flav wore signature clock chains and rapped with group Public Enemy in the 90s. Today, he’s known for his over-the-top reality show, Flava of Love, where we watched, horrified, as he swapped spit with some suspect looking women. He is definitely not the flava of the month.


Lil Kim resembles a twisted, life-size barbie doll, she’s has so much work done. Gifted with lyrical lingo, Lil Kim rapped with the best of them, including Biggie Smalls. She recently started some beef with Nicki Minaj over who rocked the mike best and the green-eyed monster has certainly come out on this one. Kim, let’s keep it real, your rap game flow has dried up.


227’s Jackee Harry kept us in stitches with her witty one liners and stylish swag. She has played in a string of movies and sitcoms, including The Women of Brewster’s Place, and the mom of twin daughters on Sister, Sister. Recently, she joined a crew on the reality show, Celebrity Ghost Stories.

Carmen Electra signed a contract with Prince’s company, Paisley Park Records, in 1994. She’s also known for posing nude in Playboy Magazine. In 2000, she appeared in a spoof of Scary Movie. Fast forward to 2011, and the highlight of her career is undergoing plastic surgery for a bigger pair of boobs.


Best known for her movies, Two Can Play That Game and Kill Bill, Vivica A. Fox played her roles well. The events of her life though, not so much. We all raised an eyebrow with her rumored engagement to rapper 50 cents. Ok, we’ve heard opposites attract, but that? Nahh. Next, she was caught driving drunk and smacked with a DUI. In 2008, she hosted her own reality TV show called Glam God, which lasted no more than a hot second. And now she simply needs to stay away from plastic surgeons. Period.

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